Speaking in Queer Tongues: Globalization and Gay Language

Speaking in Queer Tongues: Globalization and Gay Language

by William L. Leap

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University of Illinois Press
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New Edition
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Introduction: Globalization and "New" Articulations of Same-Sex Desire1
1Vague English Creole: (Gay English) Cooperative Discourse in the French Gay Press23
2Qwir-English Code-Mixing in Germany: Constructing a Rainbow of Identities46
3French, English, and the Idea of Gay Language in Montreal72
4Dancing on the Needle's Edge: Gay Lingo in an Israeli Disco105
5Language, Belonging, and (Homo)sexual Citizenship in Cape Town, South Africa134
6Takatapui, Gay, or Just Ho-mo-sexual, Darling? Maori Language, Sexual Terminology, and Identity in Aotearoa/New Zealand163
7"Authentic, of Course!": Gay Language in Indonesia and Cultures of Belonging181
8Gay Adaptation, Tom-Dee Resistance, and Kathoey Indifference: Thailand's Gender/Sex Minorities and the Episodic Allure of Queer English202
9Pajaration and Transculturation: Language and Meaning in Miami's Cuban American Gay Worlds231
10Mother Knows Best: Black Gay Vernacular and Transgressive Domestic Space251

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