Speed Bumps: A Student Friendly Guide to Qualitative Research / Edition 1

Speed Bumps: A Student Friendly Guide to Qualitative Research / Edition 1

by Lois Weis

ISBN-10: 0807739669

ISBN-13: 9780807739662

Pub. Date: 08/07/2000

Publisher: Teachers College Press

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Teachers College Press
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New Edition
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6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.36(d)

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Cops, Crime, and Violence3
Crime and Poverty3
Demographic Stories7
Violence in Poor Communities21
A Note on Blame23
Concluding Thoughts24
Ch. 2A Note on Methods26
Ch. 3Qualitative Research, Representations, and Social Responsibilities32
Flexing Our Reflexivities34
The Textual Subject35
On Framing the Work37
Inform(ing) and Consent: Who's Informed and Who's Consenting?41
Then, the Stories45
On "Safe Spaces"57
On Responsibilities59
Ch. 4Reflections on the Politics and Methods of Qualitative Work67
Looking in the Mirror: Danger - Objects May Be Closer Than They Appear68
You're Breaking My Heart, But I Must Edit Your Life; My Work, My Road, My Bumps69
On Freckles and Access70
Sexually Harassing Bumps72
(Re-)Locating Paradise73
(Dis)Regarding Race77
Ethics Committees: On the Dangers of "Protection"80
(De)Facing the Institutional Review Board: Wrangling the Fear and Fantasy of Ethical Dilemmas and Research on "At-Risk" Youth80
Put on Your Hazard Lights83
Getting My Nails Done84
Insider/Outsider: On What Side of the Sidewalk Does Your Shadow Fall?88
Critical Implications of the Mundane90
Theorizing Silences, Erasures. What Is Not Said93
Muertos: The Dead Signal Us to Remember94
"El problema del cual no puedo hablar" (The Problem About Which I Cannot Speak)96
Interviewing New Mothers98
In Whose Voice Shall I Write?101
Across Dialects102
The After-Interview105
Fitful Narratives: The Textual Consequences of Abuse108
About the Authors133

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