Speeding Bullet: The Life and Bizarre Death of George Reeves

Speeding Bullet: The Life and Bizarre Death of George Reeves

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by Jan Alan Henderson

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Bifulco, Michael
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Speeding Bullet: The Life and Bizarre Death of George Reeves 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I feel this book as well as other written opinions whathaveyou, and with the fact my best friends mother was personal friends with Leonore (Lenore) Lemm as she was known to close friends, she is nothing like portrayed in the movie 'Hollywoodland,' as this woman was refined, well travelled and well read. People just naturally hovered around her when she would be in restaurants, bars etc as she had a most magnificent prescence and wonderful sense of humor. It is true she was an alcoholic as well as was George Reeves but that didn't take anything away from her personna. As fo Speeding Bullet the writer though he collected information from whoever survived the time period that George Reeves was alive and was around him the fact remains that the writer as well as many others did not know anything personally about these 2 individuals. And with the fact that the main people involved in the tragedy are now long gone how accurate is their interviews - are they projecting possibilities from little known facts? The thing is that that night the people present in the household were all drunk. There is the factor that once George was found dead that the people present took anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to call the police to report the death, murder, suicide whathaveyou but the plain fact of the matter is that everyone in that household was drunk so how accurate could have been their stories whether collaborated or not? Speculation is ridiculous/motive was that the possibility that Lenore was jilted by George that that was a possibility for her to go off and murder him making the death look like a suicide. Another possible motive was the fact that George jilted Toni for Lenore and that the hubby not wanting to see his beloved hurt arranged the murder and had it look like suicide and there was the possibility that the people present were threatened by mob connections through Toni's husband? The thing is everything was distorted because the people present were intoxicated - and there is the possibility that the so called suicide wasn't suicide at all but just a plain accident? To this day Jack Larson feels that there was no murder that George committed suicide - but many others feel it was murder... The thing is that the case was originally closed with determination being suicide... The world may never know...
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jan Alan Henderson's 'Speeding Bullett' is a first-rate, page-turning murder mystery who-done-it, on the life and strange sudden death of TV Superman George Reeves. Fans of the 1950's television classic 'The Adventures Of Superman' and mystery buffs in general will not want to miss this well-documented and often astonishing case. Do not waste your money or time, on 'Hollywood Kryptonite', Jan Henderson's 'Speeding Bullett' gets to the bottom of who killed Superman. This absorbing book also covers the life and career of a talented actor, who was loved by his friends and fans alike.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I just received the book and found it to be full of photos. I do not believe in photographing people in their coffins and found the publishing of such a photo equally objectionable.