Spinal Instrumentation: Surgical Techniques

Spinal Instrumentation: Surgical Techniques

by Daniel H. Kim, Alexander R. Vaccaro, Richard G. Fessler

ISBN-10: 313141331X

ISBN-13: 9783131413314

Pub. Date: 03/28/2005

Publisher: Thieme Medical Publishers, Incorporated

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Thieme Medical Publishers, Incorporated
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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Surgical approaches to the craniovertebral junction3
Ch. 2Dorsal occipitocervical fusion : rod and wiring techniques14
Ch. 3Occipitocervical fixation : summit SI OCT system20
Ch. 4Occipitocervical vertex fixation32
Ch. 5Occipitocervical fixation36
Ch. 6Craniocervical fixation with a contoured plate : the OctaFix system42
Ch. 7OASYS occipito-cervico-thoracic system50
Ch. 8Anterior surgical anatomy and approaches to the cervical spine59
Ch. 9Odontoid screw fixation70
Ch. 10C1-C2 cervical transarticular screw fixation81
Ch. 11C1-C2 anterior plate fixation86
Ch. 12The Codman anterior cervical plate system90
Ch. 13Caspar plate system99
Ch. 14Cervical spine locking plate105
Ch. 15Atlantis anterior cervical fixation system111
Ch. 16Orion anterior cervical plate system116
Ch. 17Premier anterior cervical plate123
Ch. 18Zephir anterior cervical plate131
Ch. 19ABC dynamic cervical plate141
Ch. 20DOC ventral cervical spine system151
Ch. 21PEAK polyaxial anterior cervical plate157
Ch. 22SLIM-LOC anterior cervical system163
Ch. 23Trinica anterior cervical plating system172
Ch. 24C[superscript 3] anterior cervical plate system178
Ch. 25VueLock anterior cervical plate system184
Ch. 26EBI SpineLink anterior cervical system191
Ch. 27SC-AcuFix anterior cervical plate system197
Ch. 28SC-AcuFix/ThinLine cervical plate202
Ch. 29Ant-Cer dynamic plate208
Ch. 30C-Tek anterior cervical plate system214
Ch. 31TPS-C telescopic plate spacer221
Ch. 32Reflex anterior cervical plate226
Ch. 33BAK/C interbody fusion system : a threaded cylindrical cage for cervical fusion232
Ch. 34Cervical carbon fiber interbody fusion cage : Bengal system240
Ch. 35The poly-ether-ether-ketone (PEEK) spacer246
Ch. 36Cornerstone-SR250
Ch. 37Bioabsorbable plates for anterior cervical fusion254
Ch. 38Affinity anterior cervical cage system258
Ch. 39Posterior cervical anatomy and surgical approaches267
Ch. 40Laminar, facet, and spinous process wiring techniques with the Songer cable instrumentation275
Ch. 41Atlas cable fixation for the cervical spine : biomechanics and surgical techniques286
Ch. 42Posterior C1 and C2 screw fixation292
Ch. 43C1-C2 fixation using the universal cannulated screw system299
Ch. 44Posterior C and C2 transarticular screw fixation307
Ch. 45Posterior cervical fixation with the axis system315
Ch. 46Vertex reconstruction system321
Ch. 47Summit system324
Ch. 48Posterior cervical fixation : CerviFix/StarLock system331
Ch. 49Posterior instrumentation of the cervical spine using the Concepts Unison system336
Ch. 50CFix posterior cervical system341
Ch. 51Nex-Link posterior cervical fixation system343
Ch. 52Altius occipital-cervico thoracic posterior fixation351
Ch. 53ApoFix interlaminar clamp system357
Ch. 54Laminoplasty techniques and fixations362
Ch. 55Surgical anatomy and approaches to the cervicothoracic junction369
Ch. 56Anterior stabilization of the cervicothoracic junction379
Ch. 57Treatment of cervicothoracic junction pathology using the Summit system385
Ch. 58Posterior stabilization to the cervicothoracic junction395
Ch. 59Posterior stabilization techniques for the cervicothoracic junction402
Ch. 60Anterior surgical anatomy and approaches to the lumbar spine and thoracolumbar junction413
Ch. 61Endoscopic anterior repair using the MACS TL/HMA screw system418
Ch. 62Frontier instrumentation424
Ch. 63Anterior instrumentation of the thoracic and thoracolumbar spine with the profile anterior plating system432
Ch. 64M-2 anterior plate system438
Ch. 65Anterior scoliosis surgery using the KASS (Kaneda anterior scoliosis system)445
Ch. 66Anterior MOSS MIAMI SI dual-rod instrumentation453
Ch. 67CD horizon eclipse464
Ch. 68CD horizon-antares478
Ch. 69VANTAGE anterior fixation system482
Ch. 70Instrumentation of the anterior thoracic and lumbar spine using the VentroFix system491
Ch. 71Xia anterior497
Ch. 72The use of Steinmann pin fixation in thoracic spinal instrumentation and fusion505
Ch. 73Surgical techniques for expandable cage (VBR) placement508
Ch. 74Reconstruction of the anterior thoracic and lumbar spine using the Synex expandable vertebral body replacement system518
Ch. 75Anterior thoracolumbar locking plate system525
Ch. 76VERTE-SPAN vertebral body replacement device532
Ch. 77VERTE-STACK instrumentation for thoracic and lumbar vertebral reconstruction538
Ch. 78Stackable carbon fiber cages544
Ch. 79Harms titanium mesh550
Ch. 80Posterior surgical anatomy and posterior surgical approaches to the thoracic spine and thoracolumbar junction561
Ch. 81Luque rod and rectangle with wire fixation570
Ch. 82Texas Scottish Rite Hospital (TSRH) three-dimensional spinal system fixation576
Ch. 83Cotrel-Dubousset horizon spinal instrumentation582
Ch. 84MOSS MIAMI instrumentation for treatment of thoracic scoliosis and kyphosis602
Ch. 85MONARCH spine system : posterior thoracic spine617
Ch. 86Variable screw placement/ISOLA627
Ch. 87Pediatric ISOLA (DePuy spine) instrumentation636
Ch. 88Zimmer ST360[degrees] spinal fixation system644
Ch. 89Optima spinal fixation system650
Ch. 90Pivot link universal system (PLUS)657
Ch. 91EBI SpineLink-II spinal fixation665
Ch. 92EBI Omega21 spinal fixation system (thoracolumbar)671
Ch. 93BacFix thoracolumbar system678
Ch. 94The synergy spinal system685
Ch. 95The universal spinal system : posterior thoracic and thoracolumbar junction693
Ch. 96The Colorado system : technique for surgical treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis701
Ch. 97Surgical anatomy and approaches to the anterior lumbar and lumbosacral spine706
Ch. 98Zimmer spine BAK/BP/proximity cages for anterior lumbar fusion712
Ch. 99Anterior lumbar interbody fusion with ray threaded fusion cage device and the Unite system721
Ch. 100Carbon fiber polymer cage for anterior lumbar interbody fusion734
Ch. 101Harms cage (DePuy spine)738
Ch. 102BowTi anterior buttress staple744
Ch. 103PYRAMID plate anterior lumbosacral fixation device751
Ch. 104XANTUS interbody fixation plate759
Ch. 105LT-CAGE lumbar tapered fusion device767
Ch. 106SynCage (synthes)773
Ch. 107Ionic anterior spacer system779
Ch. 108Anterior instrumentation of the lumbar spine with the InFix system785
Ch. 109Pyramesh792
Ch. 110The GEO oval795
Ch. 111Minimally invasive posterior lumbar spine surgery : an assessment of exposure techniques803
Ch. 112MONARCH spine system : posterior lumbar spine813
Ch. 113MOSS MIAMI system826
Ch. 114CD horizon sextant system831
Ch. 115CD TSRH-3D842
Ch. 116CD horizon legacy 5.5 spinal system850
Ch. 117Dynalok fixation system856
Ch. 118Aesculap shadow posterior segmental instrumentation system868

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