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Spirit Faces: Truth About the Afterlife

Spirit Faces: Truth About the Afterlife

by Mark Macy

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Spirit Faces is a visionary book about the afterlife based on Mark Macy�s fifteen years of research, with special emphasis on a growing collection of unique photographs in which he captures clear faces of nonphysical beings�spirits. These photographs and other results of his research provide some of the first solid evidence, and verifiable proof, that life continues


Spirit Faces is a visionary book about the afterlife based on Mark Macy�s fifteen years of research, with special emphasis on a growing collection of unique photographs in which he captures clear faces of nonphysical beings�spirits. These photographs and other results of his research provide some of the first solid evidence, and verifiable proof, that life continues after death of the physical body.

Macy weaves his groundbreaking information into a clear picture of life on the other side. He explains in easily digestible terms how loved ones, ancestors, angels, and ghosts all play a part in the affairs of our world, and how we humans can attract the supportive and loving spiritual influences that we desire.

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Spirit Faces


By Mark Macy

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC

Copyright © 2006 Mark Macy
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60925-575-6



Colon cancer nearly killed me in 1988. Until that point I was agnostic; I didn't believe in God or ghosts or an afterlife. But with death staring me in the face, and suddenly gripped by fear, I gradually became consumed by the question of what really happens to us after we die. At some level I knew that the answer was the only thing that would alleviate my fears.

Over nearly two decades answers came to me in a most amazing way, and that's what this book is about: the truth about other-worldly reality as I found it—a truth based not on faith or belief, but on objective evidence. Not that there's anything wrong with faith. It's just that I was born with a curious mind that has always needed proof. What I share with you in this book is the fruit of my search—a glimpse into a much grander, much more exciting and wonderful reality than most of us on earth would normally imagine—a more profound existence than we could ever hope to understand or experience while wearing our physical bodies. It is an existence we can't know until we begin to explore beyond the limits of these bodies through such means as meditation, esoteric teachings, and ITC research. This book is all about breaking through our limitations.

There's a lot I don't yet fully understand about spiritual existence, but I do know this:

The part of reality that we perceive with our senses and sciences is like a grain of sand on a beach. Most of reality is imperceptible to us.

• Our understanding of the bigger picture begins where our earthly lives end. The larger truth is summed up in what we sometimes call the afterlife.

• Our physical body is like a shroud over our mind, severely limiting the mind's view. When the physical body dies, our mind lives on with a view of far greater depth and clarity.

• Still, many of the patterns we've established on earth—patterns of thinking, patterns of behaving—we bring many of these with us to the next life, so that in many ways "life goes on" as usual after we die.

I know these things because since 1992 I have been immersed in a form of high-tech spiritual research called ITC, the use of technology to get in touch directly with the worlds of spirit. I've talked on the phone with people who died years earlier. I've heard their voices come through radios. I have colleagues in Europe who leave for work in the morning, making sure that everything at home is turned off, but sometimes they get home in the evening to find a computer running and new files planted on the disk by invisible hands. The files might contain text, or they might contain images—pictures of actual faces and places in the spirit worlds. I have other colleagues who capture spirit faces flashing across their TV screens. I have an audiocassette containing a long message, in English, from an ethereal being describing our ancient heritage, which began long before recorded history.

This book focuses on a small but important subset of ITC—the images I receive in the presence of a luminator—but it also weaves in many of the other-worldly insights I've gained over the years through the broader field of ITC research. In my other writing, especially on my original Web site, I explore the diverse field of ITC in more depth. When I started www.worlditc.org in 1998, I had no idea that it would evolve into the vast treasure chest of spiritual information that it has become thanks mostly to my good friend Rolf Ehrhardt of Ratingen, Germany, who joined forces with me in 2002. The most compelling ITC results have come out of Europe, and most of it was documented in German. Since retiring from applied physics, Rolf spends much of his time tirelessly researching ITC. He has gathered good ITC information from researchers around the world, arranged for much of the best European ITC literature to be translated into English, and posted it all on our Web site.

The coming chapters take a close look at the images of people from invisible worlds, describe those worlds and their inhabitants in some detail, and offer tips on how to invite mostly positive, loving spiritual influences into our lives and into our world.

One of the first pictures I received in the presence of the luminator contained faces of Blair Macy (my father) and Willis Harman (president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences). Both men had died a few years earlier and were especially intrigued by my research.

In the fall of 1999, my friend and colleague Jack Stucki was visiting my experimental team as we met in my lab soliciting radio contacts. We took two breaks for photos. When Jack took a picture of me, the face in the resulting photo looked vaguely familiar to me as I studied it with a magnifying glass (photos 3 and 4, Mark).

One member of our team, Judy, asked, "Is it your father?"

As soon as she said it, I recognized Dad.

But when my wife Regina glanced at the picture, she said, "It looks like Willis Harman."

While Regina had seen pictures of Willis, she had never met him, so I discounted that possibility. But as I studied the picture I realized there were actually two half-faces making up the face—my father on the left and someone else on the right. I thought, "You know, that could be Willis Harman."

A few days later I delivered the photo to a photo studio and had several copies and reverse copies made. I cut one copy and one reverse in half down the middle of the face (photos 5 and 6, Mark), and I fit the two mirror images together to form two composite faces (photos 7 and 8, Mark) that bore a striking resemblance to the two men in lifetime (photos 9, Blair, and 10, Willis). My mother immediately recognized my father when I showed her that composite image (photo 7, Mark), and Willis's wife, Charlene, recognized her late husband the moment she saw the original image (photos 3 and 4, Mark).



This book is mostly about invisible people (spirits) who inhabit invisible worlds, who frequently move in and out of our world, and who become visible under the right conditions, such as the Polaroid pictures taken in the presence of the luminator. When they come to pose with us in our pictures, where do they come from?

A businessman moved his business across town, and he decided to throw an open house for his customers. On the big day, the wine, the cheese, and the flowers all arrived, but the flowers had a banner across the front that said, "Rest in Peace." Meanwhile, somewhere across town there was a funeral underway, and the banner on one immense bouquet said, "Good luck in your new location!"

After we die and move to a new location, where exactly are we? Oddly enough, we're just a breath away from our loved ones on earth, and at the same time worlds away, out of reach. Physical existence and spiritual existence together compose an enigma. It's like asking a traveler who's getting off the phone with his family, "How close are you to your family?" The traveler might reply that his wife and kids are thousands of miles away, or he might tap his chest and say, "They're right here." That's how it is with the afterlife.

Radio and TV signals fill the room we are in right now, and if our eyes and ears were built a little differently, we would actually be able to see and hear them, just the way we can see sunbeams stream through the window onto the furniture and the way we can hear the cat purring on our lap. If we could see and hear the radio and TV signals all around us, we would be overwhelmed by the many songs, the personalities, and the comedies, dramas, news programs, and action movies all competing for our attention. As it is, the radio and TV signals vary in vibration or frequency, so that each signal remains distinct even though they're all jumbled together in the same space. That way, the electronic circuits within a TV or radio can tune in to one signal, allowing us to hear only one program sent by only one station. The signals are separated from us and from each other by frequency, so they can't overwhelm us or get all mixed up with each other.

The room is also filled with countless subtle worlds beyond the physical world—all teeming with life. If our eyes and ears could see and hear those nonphysical realms, the room would be incomprehensibly crowded, and we would be completely overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of the many entities here among us. While the many worlds of spirit all inhabit the same space, each realm remains distinct by its vibration—again, like radio waves jumbled together in this room. In this case it is not a radio or TV frequency, but rather the vibration of consciousness that makes each realm of existence unique and discrete, so that the inhabitants and activities of that realm aren't disturbed by the many other beings inhabiting other realms, all teeming with life.

Some individuals are able to tune in with their minds to some of those other invisible worlds. Those who tune in to divine worlds of love and wisdom and receive impressions from ethereal beings are sometimes called inspired or genius or spiritual masters. Those who tune in to departed loved ones and wise beings and receive explicit messages from them are called psychics, channels, and mediums. Those who tune in to troubled beings stuck near the earth and receive malevolent messages and compulsions are called such names as schizophrenic and psychopathic. Spiritual interaction in our lives can result in experiences ranging from enlightenment to insanity. We shouldn't assume that only psychics, spiritualists, and schizophrenics can make contact with the spirit realms. We all tune in to some of those realms in our dreams, when the conscious, day-to-day mind switches off and the five physical senses close down for the night. Our finer senses, which transcend time and space, are activated when our physical body goes to sleep, and our spirit body ventures out to explore and experience those other realities. Those journeys provide the substance for most of our dreams, daydreams, and intuitive flashes.

We can also learn to tune in to some of those many realms through meditation, in which case we learn to adjust the vibration of our consciousness. Meditative states are like sleep states and dream states, except that we usually maintain some degree of conscious awareness. Our experiences in other realms don't get washed away like a dream when we retum from a meditative state. There are technologies, such as the Monroe Institute's Hemi-Sync, that send alternating pulses of sound to the left and right hemispheres of the brain, moving it into the dream state or the sleep state to get our conscious mind in touch with other realms of existence. These technologies open mental communications with the spirit worlds, accomplishing in a matter of days, or even minutes, techniques of altering consciousness that would traditionally take spiritual adepts years to master.

Theoretically, if we had the right technologies, as well as psychospiritual readiness, we could tune in to the various realms with radio-and TV-like devices and indulge in interpersonal, interworld, high-tech communication. We could call Aunt Margaret on the phone, regardless of whether she lives in the next city or in the next world.

That theory is starting to become reality. We are learning what kinds of technologies it will take to get in touch with those other realms, and one thing we're learning is that there will have to be a marriage of mind and machine in ways that today are only dreamed of. That's what ITC is all about.

As you might imagine, before developing such subtle technologies, it is helpful first to understand the nature of the various realms and who inhabits them. It's not an easy task, since the various worlds of existence are virtually infinite in number and variety As Jesus said, "My Father's house has many mansions." Through the centuries, different schools of esoteric thought and different religions have tried to classify the worlds of spirit in different ways. Hinduism, Judaism, Tibetan Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and more modern institutions such as Theosophy, Eckankar, and the Monroe Institute all have their own systems of classifying the various worlds of spirit. We'll look at a very basic model or roadmap of the spirit worlds that some ITC researchers use today, because it is reasonably compatible with all the more elaborate models. That model provides a good springboard for exploring the richly diverse worlds of spirit.

There are many worlds of spirit, all superimposed over our physical world. Entities in those worlds sometimes interact with our world, and we attract into our lives spirits who resonate with our disposition. As a rule, if we're happy and loving, so are the spirits who are close to us and affect our lives. If we're generally fearful or grumpy, then the spirits involved in our life will probably stir up those troubled feelings even more. That's an oversimplification of what is sometimes called the Law of Resonance, but it gives you an idea. Essentially, birds of a feather flock together, even when those birds are living in different dimensions from each other.

Armed with spiritual understanding and various psychospiritual techniques, we can learn to control the types of spiritual influences upon our lives.



The spirit worlds are right here, all around us, all jumbled together in the same space. This becomes strikingly clear in images I get with a Polaroid camera in the presence of the luminator. The invisible inhabitants of those worlds can become visible under the right conditions. They simply move into our personal space and superimpose their bodies over ours, in a way that seems strange to us in our world, but which is probably quite natural in their world, where time and space are illusory, and where beings are drawn to other beings of like disposition by the Law of Resonance.

The faces in these special Polaroid photographs are always superimposed, in part or in whole, over the human face. Apparently our spirit friends draw upon certain bodily substances of us humans in order to show themselves on film. That, I believe, is why the spirit faces are always superimposed over, never separate from and posing beside, the human face.

Sometimes the human face and spirit face are blended together as though the photo were a double exposure (see—photos 11, Aaron, and 12, Andy). In the photo of Aaron (photo 11), Aaron is the lower right face that's barely visible. The more prominent face above Aaron in that photo is an unidentified spirit, probably a member of my spirit group who was in my lab the evening I took this picture. (Everyone who gets involved in spirit communication gradually attracts a group of interested, supportive spirits around his or her work, and I'm sure that many faces that show up in my lab belong to those invisible friends of mine.)

Andy (photo 12) attended my seminar in Ohio in October 2002. As his photo developed, he felt the presence of his grandpa, Frank Trunzo, a kind-hearted, dapper man from southern Italy whose deep love of animals had rubbed off on Andy. There apparently is some soul connection between the two, as Andy has had several lucid dreams of his grandpa, in which he could feel Frank's stubble and smell the Brylcreem in his hair as they hugged. Andy recalls exclaiming, "Oh my God, Grandpa, you're alive." The face on the right could be Grandpa Frank, or it could be Andy's own astral body separating for a moment from the physical body. In any case, Andy was moved by the experience that evening and has since become a video ITC experimenter.

Sometimes the spirit face is looking off at a slight angle, offset from the human face (photo 13, Connie). This Pennsylvania woman (name changed by request) lost her son when he was only twenty-two years old, but the powerful heart connection remains, as evidenced in her picture, in which her late son poses at her throat chakra.

I've received swarthy spirit faces superimposed over light-skinned people (photo 14, Missy). Missy was photographed in Colorado Springs by Jack Stucki during my workshop at the Celebration Fair on April 19, 2002. That's Missy on the right, and the black fellow on the left resembles one of her husband's friends, who had died a few years earlier.

There have been male spirits superimposed over female subjects. Sometimes the male spirit face is offset from the woman's face, and sometimes it takes over the woman's face completely. Judith (photo 15) participated in a workshop that Jack Stucki and I held in Kansas City, and a male spirit face showed up, with his eyes at the level of her mouth. Lisa (photo 16) attended my workshop in New York in 2004, and her face was completely replaced by a male face.

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Excerpted from Spirit Faces by Mark Macy. Copyright © 2006 Mark Macy. Excerpted by permission of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.
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