The Spirit Of Life

The Spirit Of Life

by Jurgen Moltman

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ISBN-10: 0800634241

ISBN-13: 9780800634247

Pub. Date: 01/01/1992

Publisher: Augsburg Fortress, Publishers

Moltmann, "the foremost Protestant theologian in the world" (Church Times), brings his characteristic audacity to this traditional topic and cuts to the heart of the matter with a simple identification: What we experience every day as the spirit of life is the spirit of God. Such considerations give Moltmann's treatment of the different aspects of life in the


Moltmann, "the foremost Protestant theologian in the world" (Church Times), brings his characteristic audacity to this traditional topic and cuts to the heart of the matter with a simple identification: What we experience every day as the spirit of life is the spirit of God. Such considerations give Moltmann's treatment of the different aspects of life in the Spirit a verve and vitality that are concrete and existential.

Veteran readers will find here a rich and subtle extension of Moltmann's trinitarian and christological works, even as he makes bold use of key insights from feminist and ecological theologies, from recent attention to embodiment, and from charismatic movements. Newcomers will find a fascinating entrée into the heart of his work: the transformative potential of the future.
"Moltmann develops a theology of the Holy Spirit that links the Christian community's experience of the Spirit to the sanctification and liberation of life. He brilliantly displays the ecological and political significance of Christian belief in the Trinity."
—Francis Schüssler Fiorenza, Harvard Divinity School

Author Biography:
Jürgen Moltmann is Professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Tübingen, Germany. Among his other works: The Trinity and the Kingdom of God (1981), God in Creation (1985), The Way of Jesus Christ (1990), and The Coming of God (1996).

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Table of Contents

Translator's Notexv
Introduction: Approaches in Pneumatology Today1
1.The Ecumenical and Pentecostal Invitation to the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit3
2.Overcoming the False Alternative between Divine Revelation and Human Experience of the Holy Spirit5
3.The Discovery of the Cosmic Breadth of the Divine Spirit8
4.The Question about the Personhood of the Holy Spirit10
Part 1Experiences of the Spirit
IExperience of Life--Experience of God17
[section]1Dimensions of Experience18
[section]2Experience Subjectified and Methodologized in Modern Times: God in the Determining Subject28
[section]3Immanent Transcendence: God in All Things31
IIHistorical Experience of the Spirit39
[section]1Spirit--the Divine Energy of Life40
[section]2God's Presence in the Spirit Among His People43
[section]3God's Spirit and His Shekinah47
[section]4Messianic Expectations of the Spirit51
1.The Messiah of the Spirit53
2.The Rebirth of the Messianic People from the Spirit54
IIITrinitarian Experience of the Spirit58
1The Christ of the Spirit: the Spirituality of Jesus60
2The Spirit of Christ: the Spirituality of the Community of his People65
3Trinitarian Mutuality between God's Spirit and His Son71
4The Expectation of the Spirit in Hoping and Lamenting73
1.The Positive Dimension74
2.The Negative Dimension75
Part 2Life in the Spirit
IVThe Spirit of Life83
1Spirituality or Vitality?83
2The Conflict between the 'Spirit' and the 'Flesh'86
3The Gnostic Misunderstanding of the Apocalyptic Conflict89
4New Vitality: Life against Death94
VThe Liberation for Life99
1Experience of God as Experience of Liberation: Exodus and Resurrection99
2The Modern Alternative: God or Freedom?105
1.The Revolutionary Principle of Freedom106
2.Latin American Liberation Theology109
3Spirit that Liberates for Life114
1.Liberating Faith: Freedom as Subjectivity114
2.Liberating Love: Freedom as Sociality117
3.Liberating Hope: Freedom as Future119
4The Experience of Freedom as Experience of God: The Lord is the Spirit120
VIThe Justification of Life123
1The Justification of Sinners: General or Specific?124
2The Righteousness and Justice of God which Creates Justice for Victims129
3The Justifying Righteousness and Justice of God for the Perpetrators132
4The Rectifying Righteousness and Justice of God for Structures138
5The Spirit as Judge142
VIIThe Rebirth to Life144
1Biblical Interpretations145
2The Discussion in Systematic Theology147
1.Regeneration Complements Justification147
2.Justification is Regeneration149
3.The Regeneration of Men and Women took place on Golgatha150
4.Those Who Have Been Born Again Live From What Comes to Meet Them151
5.Regeneration makes Christ's Resurrection Present and is the Opening of Eternal Life152
3Personal Experience in Regeneration: incipit vita nova153
4The Experience of God in Regeneration: the Spirit as the Mother of Life157
VIIIThe Sanctification of Life161
1Justification and Sanctification in Luther and Wesley163
2Sanctification Today171
3The Sanctifying God174
4The Holy Life175
5The Holy Spirit as the Power of Life and the Space for Living177
IXThe Charismatic Powers of Life180
1The Charismatic Vitality of the New Life181
2Speaking with Tongues185
3The Awakening of Charismatic Experience186
4The Healing of the Sick188
5The Charisma of the Handicapped Life192
6Everyone according to his Abilities, Everyone according to his Needs193
7The Holy Spirit as Source of Energy and Field of Force195
XTheology of Mystical Experience198
1Action and Meditation199
2Meditation and Contemplation202
3Contemplation and Mysticism205
4Mysticism and Martyrdom208
5The Vision of the World in God211
Part 3The Fellowship and Person of the Spirit
XIThe Fellowship of the Spirit217
1Experience of the Spirit--Experience of Fellowship217
1.The Trinitarian Concept of Fellowship217
2.The Unitarian Concept of Fellowship221
3.Fellowship as Process225
4.The Spirit of Life and the Consciousness228
2Christianity in the Fellowship of the Spirit229
1.Spirit and Word230
2.The Community of the Generations236
3.Community between Women and Men239
4.Action Groups241
5.Self-Help Groups243
6.Social Forms of the Church245
3The Theology of the Social Experience of God248
1.Neighbourly Love and Self-Love in the Love of God248
2.Ego-mania and Self-Dispersion in Society251
3.Open Friendship254
4.Experiences of Love259
5.The Body Language of Social Experience of God263
XIIThe Personhood of the Spirit268
1Metaphors for the Experience of the Spirit269
1.Personal Metaphors: Lord--Mother--Judge270
2.Formative Metaphors: Energy--Space--Gestalt274
3.Movement Metaphors: Tempest--Fire--Love278
4.Mystical Metaphors: Light--Water--Fertility281
2The Streaming Personhood of the Divine Spirit285
3The Trinitarian Personhood of the Holy Spirit289
1.The Monarchical Concept of the Trinity290
2.The Historical Concept of the Trinity295
3.The Eucharistic Concept of the Trinity298
4.The Trinitarian Doxology301
5.Is the Filioque Addition to the Nicene Creed Necessary or Superfluous?306
Veni Creator Spiritus310
Index of Names347
Index of Confessions, Creeds and other Documents354
Index of Biblical References355

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