Spirit Of The Wolf

Spirit Of The Wolf

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by Otis Ritch
There is a place just out of Stigler Oklahoma called Mudlark. It is bottomland with rolling hills the folks there call mountains. Thirty miles east of Mudlark across the Canadian River is Ft.Smith Arkansas. When this country was just a territory called the Indian Nations Judge Parker would send his marshals into Oklahoma to hunt down outlaws. All the outlaws when


There is a place just out of Stigler Oklahoma called Mudlark. It is bottomland with rolling hills the folks there call mountains. Thirty miles east of Mudlark across the Canadian River is Ft.Smith Arkansas. When this country was just a territory called the Indian Nations Judge Parker would send his marshals into Oklahoma to hunt down outlaws. All the outlaws when running from the law would cross the river and come through the Mudlark bottoms. Some of the more well know were the James brothers, Jessie and Frank, as well at Bell Star and the Daltons. There were plenty of others that were not so well publicized but were meaner. There are thick woods and creeks with plenty of natural cover for wildlife. The farmers and ranchers who live there like the peace and quite of a country atmosphere. In the past you could find them sitting on their porch with their feet dangling while resting up from their labors in the fields. There were usually a few old coonhounds laying around in the yard or under the house in the shade. The old timers who are still around can tell you some hair-raising stories of things that they have seen and done in this country. This is a country that grew men who were all man with the bark still on and a yard wide.They didn’t have much to say to any city slicker who happened to pass by. It was advisable for any city slicker who happened to stop to walk softly and speak politely. Old John Wier raised a few good crops of corn on his old home place in these bottoms but after harvest he generally sold his crops in the liquid form. This is the country where the McCasslin twins Buster and Leman, the Hays boys, Doc and Preacher Harrell, and Earl Ritch grew up.There was no backup in any of those boys. If anyone tried to push them it would be skull busting, tooth and claw, and the devil take the hindermost. There were impromptu dances at different folk’s homes in those days. There would be fiddles, banjos, and open box guitars to play some foot stomping, leg slapping, get down music while everyone would be doing some foot stomping, clogging jigs and swinging the ladies. There was usually a jug or two of moonshine to take a pull on out in the shadows. One of my grandfathers was a full blood Choctaw Indian and he was a town marshal for several small towns in South-Eastern Oklahoma at one time or another. The last lawman's job he had was in a small town named McCurtain. The towns people I talked to there all said that he was an excellent lawman and did a good job of keeping the peace. Some of the fellows who hung out in the pool hall did say that he was reputed to have a penchant for wild women and good whisky. I can’t seem to fault him for that though as I have been accused of that a few times myself when I was younger. The bottoms and hill country there is still a wild and wooly country and there are a few wolves and panthers that still call it home.There are deer, opossums, raccoons, armadillos, terrapins, and skunks, as well as some wild Indians and wild Okies. This is truly Gods Country that is inspiring and uplifting to your soul. It is a place of serene beauty that appeals to one’s spiritual nature. There are becoming less and less places where one can go to see the natural beauty of country that is still unsullied by unthinking man. There is a need in this world today for people to seek out a quiet setting in which to soothe their soul and relax and commune with The Spirit Father of us all. A few such places still exist but you sometimes have to search diligently to find them.
This story is the second book in the Johnny SkyHawk series and is set around Stigler Oklahoma and the Mudlark bottom country as well as the Oklahoma Panhandle and is a fast paced story as was my book “Where Eagles Soar.” So sit back folks and get ready for a ripsnorter of a tale. In this story Johnny SkyHawk and his wife Lena are called upon to track down and help capture a gang of cattle rustlers that stole a little fat Choctaw Indian widow woman’s calves. Johnny has his work cut out for him and has to use his sharp mind to unravel the trail of the thieves. Throughout this story things will happen at different times to trigger a memory of some spiritual truth that his grandfather told him when he was a small boy. In this story Johnny Introduces his wife Lena to a family of wolves and teaches her about the spirit of the wolves that permeate their territory and how they are good neigbors and not the vicious killers that most people think them to be. This is a very fast paced story filled with mystery, intrigue, humor, action packed adventure, and shows a heart warming and touching love between a man and woman who follow a path of truth, beauty, and goodness. Throughout the nine book series the grandfather teachings are an integral part of the stories.

Editorial Reviews

Barbara Foster
Otis Ritch has done it again with the second novel in his series. The SPIRIT OF THE WOLF brings Johnny Sky
Hawk and his new bride, Lena Sweetwater home to Oklahoma where they hope to settle and enjoy the peace and
quiet and to just be able to sit back and relax.

Johnny introduces Lena to the wolves who live near the home and he hopes she will become their friend as he
explains the life of the wolf and how men fear it for no reason.

It isn't long until the FBI is
Bonnie Crouse
Once again we see Johnny's Grandfather in-depth wisdom as Johnny recalls his teachings. Johnny was able to realize his potential as a Shaman from his fond memories of his Grandfather's guidance. Johnny comes to admire the quickness of Lena's ability to grasp the teaching of his wisdom and guidance. He appreciates her more each passing day as her partnership in his position as Shaman. But is it to be? This second book of this series is just as exciting as the first in the lives of Johnny and Lena
Ellen Seither
"Where Eagles Soar" & "Spirit Of The Wolf"
These books are both entertaining and insightful. Once you start, it's hard to stop as you follow the quest of Johnny SkyHawk in his search for spiritual peace. The writer has provided adventure and suspense. Throughout the book, the writer interjects early childhood lessons of good and evil that Johnny experienced. As you see how these teachings help Johnny on his quest, it also makes one reflect on their beliefs and place in the world. I enjoyed r

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Meet the Author

I am a wild Choctaw Indian from the Mudlark bottoms in Stigler Oklahoma.I grew up in the desert Southwest,in and around Casa Grande Arizona.I spent many happy hours roaming the desert and mountains learning about the animal and plant life there and why there are sea shells on the tops of the mountains.The desert can be a harsh teacher where death can come quickly to those not prepared for the constant dangers that exist.There are rattlesnakes and Gila monsters as well as coyotes,wolves,skunks,wild hogs,cougars,scorpions,and centipedes.The desert is also a beautiful place that is full of life and adventure.In the solitude one can take the time to meditate and contemplate on life and the reasons thereof. One can find the Great Spirit and seek guidance on ones life path in the desert.I learned much from the desert and also from the Indians of the desert there.As an adult I have traveled over half the United States. I have worked as a field hand, ginned cotton, worked cattle, worked on a core recovery drill rig, fry cook, service station attendant, pipe line construction, welded bridges, welding shop foreman, plowed land, irrigated crops, foreman on two farms, played music at honkytonks, sold everything from grand pianos to grandfather clocks, taught meditation classes, owned stores, etcetera.I am also a master boot maker and leather artist.I was born in 1942 and have been working since I was twelve years old and making my own way in the world since I was sixteen.I am self-educated and I like to meditate and spend time in natural surroundings. One can gain much soul growth by seeking out a quiet place to commune with the Great Spirit.
I have made a lifetime study of people, trying to learn what motivates them as they live out the drama of life. My two favorite pastimes are fishing and golfing--both of which I haven't had time for in ages. With fishing and golfing as hobbies you might guess how I learned to tell stories.One thing to keep in mind as you read my stories is that some of the things I write about may seem to be so fantastic that it must be pure fantasy--yet sometimes the truth is more fantastic than fiction. I have been up the creek and over the mountain.I have been to a goat roping and a county fair and I have even been to town and seen an elephant.I am currently living in Texas--you know, that little suburb of Oklahoma just South of the Red River.Texas is the original home of tall tales and long winded people so I feel right at home there.

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