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Spirits Of Glory

Spirits Of Glory

4.5 6
by Emily Devenport
One morning the people of the North woke up and the people of the South were gone. That’s the first thing every child learns on the colony world of Jigsaw. But for one girl, knowing about The Disappearance is not enough. Hawkeye wants to know why.

That's why she spent half her life researching The Disappearance. And that's also why eight Neighbors show up on her


One morning the people of the North woke up and the people of the South were gone. That’s the first thing every child learns on the colony world of Jigsaw. But for one girl, knowing about The Disappearance is not enough. Hawkeye wants to know why.

That's why she spent half her life researching The Disappearance. And that's also why eight Neighbors show up on her doorstep, demanding that she accompany them into the Forbidden Cities ruled by the Southern gods – to speak with the Spirits of Glory. Everyone thinks Hawkeye is an expert on Neighbors, these almost-humans who move, talk, and think as if they were born inside one of the Time Fractures. But she can't imagine what they want to ask the ghosts of their ancestors, or why they need her to go along. The Southern gods caused every human inhabitant of the Southern cities to disappear overnight - what else might they do?

But the Northern gods say Hawkeye should go – and her curiosity won't let her refuse, even though she's going into more danger than she can imagine. Pain and puzzlement wait along the broken interstate, along with scavengers who want to kill them all. Hawkeye's questions only generate more questions as they move farther and farther into the South, right into the heart of the Disappearance, until Hawkeye's questions have all been answered.

Even the ones she was afraid to ask.

Editorial Reviews

Jade Walker
The storyline was fantastic. I knew it was going to be different from page one, but it was so unique. I loved reading about the Neighbours, as well as discovering their secrets along with Hawkeye, I loved traveling to all these places which were fascinating and thrilling as well as damn right scary. The pace of the story was perfect and never let me get bored - and Devenport's writing is just magical, it literally took my breath away at places.
Ink Scratchers
Ella Press's Reviews
Spirits of Glory is a short but well crafted novel, with a lot of elements to put together in the end, keeping you hooked to the story. I really liked how Emily built this new world -Jigsaw- and how she presented us with its history and background, little by little, making us want more.
Cubicle Blindness Reviews
[Hawkeye] is one of the strongest and most admirable female lead characters I have read about. There is no way that anybody could figure out what was going to happen next in this one, no way you can guess the ending. There is magic, time fractures, intelligent animals, ghosts, Gods and the mystery that they have set out to solve. I can tell you right now you have never and will never read a story like this one out there. I dare you to try to find one. Then come back and tell me about it!
Rebecca McKinnon Reviews
The story is very well-written, and I was thrilled to find my expectations shattered repeatedly. Every time I thought I knew where the story was taking me, I was whipped around a blind curve in a completely unexpected direction. I love it when that happens!

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Meet the Author

Emily Devenport has been published in the U.S., the U.K., Italy, and Israel under three pen names (including Maggy Thomas and Lee Hogan). She now writes exclusively as Emily Devenport.

Her novels are SHADE, LARISSA, SCORPIANNE, EGGHEADS, THE KRONOS CONDITION, GODHEADS, BROKEN TIME (which was nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award), BELARUS, and ENEMIES. Look for her Nookbooks, THE NIGHT SHIFTERS and SPIRITS OF GLORY, on Barnes & Noble. Check out her blog on www.emsjoiedeweird.com.

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Spirits Of Glory 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
mzserena More than 1 year ago
<i>I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review</i> Let me be up front with everyone - when I received this review request, I wasn't quire sure if I was going to accept it or not. I wasn't quite sure that it was in my wheel-house, but I decided that I would give it a shot. I'm REALLY glad I chose to give it a shot. Hawkeye and her two intelligent assistance animals are minding their business at home in Jigsaw when the Neighbors come visiting. Hawkeye has spent her life learning about the Disappearance, the day the North woke up and the South was ...gone..., now she gets an opportunity to see what's left of the South and try to unravel the mysteries of the Disappearance. One thing that Hawkeye has learned in her studies is to not ask Neighbors questions. They don't answer them often, especially when the question is a &quot;why&quot;. The journey that Hawkeye, the Neighbors and the Scavengers take is not an easy one, but it's definitely an interesting one. There are a lot of plot twists, a lot of unexpected happenings and it keeps the book moving in directions the reader doesn't expect. Just when you think you've got things figured out, Devenport throws something completely unexpected your way. Read the blurb. If it sounds even slightly intriguing to you, read it. You won't regret it. I sure don't.
CharlotteBooks More than 1 year ago
How lovely to read about a girl who isn't tall, beautiful, and stunning in every which way. Far from it, Amber (Hawkeye) is a cripple though she does describe herself as 'a prettiness that surprised her'. She's clever and smart but unique. The first thing I'll say is that if you don't like Sci-Fi then this book isn't for you. Personally I LOVE Sci-Fi and this author's attention to detail is so far advanced that many inferior writers can never match it. The blend of sentences and words wisping around to create this magical word of Jigsaw is very unique, almost akin to classic Sci-Fi more than modern but among those words and sentences is a story that will grab you in so you don't want to let go. While I read it chapter by chapter I formed various ideas in my head as to what would happen at the end of the journey, and what twist Devenport would spring on us but I was wrong in each idea. The characters are all crisp and well formed. I particularly liked the assistance animals and how much they helped Hawkeye, with the soft touch of her reading them 1001 Arabian Nights to go to sleep. There isn't much dialogue in the story, and only a hint of romance near the end although Bertie does play a prominent part in Hawkeye's perception of things. But this is about the growth of one girl and how her world changes on her last journey. A thoroughly wonderful read, I beg anyone to read it and enjoy.
KellyTheBookscapeReport More than 1 year ago
Spirits of Glory is short, but there is a lot going on in this novel. I loved the journey the characters went on. It was interesting. It kept me wanting to know more about Jigsaw and what was going to happen to Hawkeye, Boss, Wolfy, and Brat. I have no idea how Devenport managed to create an entire world in just 113 pages. She did a really good job with it. The descriptions were great; I could really imagine the landscape, the different cities, and the different libraries. I couldn't just imagine them; I could feel a sort of gloom or misery hanging over those places. Sometimes, Jigsaw also felt somewhat creepy. It's awesome that I felt the atmosphere of the world. I loved it that Hawkeye was a librarian, since I'm getting my MLIS right now. I also loved it that I didn't think she was a stereotypical librarian in literature. As much as I liked Hawkeye, though, my favorite character was Wolfy. I adored Wolfy! Every time he did something or said something, my thoughts when something like this: "Omg aljsdfklsjlkfjljsdf he's so cute!!! I want one!" Wolfy actually reminded me of my favorite character from Stephen King's Dark Tower series, a billy bumbler named Oy (a billy bumbler is a cross between a raccoon and a terrier). Oy could talk, too, much in the same way that Wolfy talks. I was really excited, as a result, to have Wolfy in the story. His relationship with Daisy was so freaking adorable. The only thing I wish is that this book had been longer. I would have loved to spend more time in the world Devenport created, and to see the characters and Jigsaw fleshed out even more. She did a great job with this book, though. No scene is unimportant, no character is unimportant, and we aren't left at the end with any loose threads. Spirits of Glory is a fun fantasy, and if you're looking for something that's more of a light read, definitely check it out.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I started this book, I did so without any expectation, Science Fiction is not usually the type of book that I would pick for a read, but when I was offered the chance to read this books, I knew if I said no, I was going to make the biggest mistake ever; you know what? I was right!!!!!!! Spirits of Glory is a magnificent piece of art. Through the whole book we accompany Hawkeye on a journey she wasn&#180;t prepared to take, we watch her grow comfortable under her own skin. What I liked the most about this book was the strength the female character has; it&#180;s something very unusual in YA literature. Hawkeye is an intellectual, caring compassionate woman, whose thirst of knowledge drives her to take part on a trip that will change her life forever. This book is an unusual ride into a unique science Fiction YA, the intricate plot makes you thought everything at least twice before continuing reading cause every sentence has significance, every words is full with symbolism, every single detail counts. I&#180;m usually very good at figuring where the story is going and even thou I took several guesses at where this book was headed I got to say that half my suspicions where wrong and when the truth of truths was finally on display it was so obvious; Emily Devenport made a flawless job at webbing this story with so intricate detail that even thou all the signs where there, cause she did left signs as to where the story was headed ; you are so absorbed on the story that you can&#180;t help but to miss them. I loved this book is one of the best reads I¿ve had on 2011, you guys should be looking this book ASAP.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago