Spiritual Clearings: Sacred Practices to Release Negative Energy and Harmonize Your Life

Spiritual Clearings: Sacred Practices to Release Negative Energy and Harmonize Your Life

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by Diana Burney

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A blend of spiritual and practical material, Spiritual Clearings offers a comprehensive checklist of situations that may require a personal, home, property, or business clearing, from confronting illness or feeling “stuck” in life, to having trouble selling a home, to high employee turnover. In addition to describing energetic blockages, such as

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A blend of spiritual and practical material, Spiritual Clearings offers a comprehensive checklist of situations that may require a personal, home, property, or business clearing, from confronting illness or feeling “stuck” in life, to having trouble selling a home, to high employee turnover. In addition to describing energetic blockages, such as negative thought forms, author Diana Burney also discusses different categories of energy, its presence in the invisible world, and the unseen influences or beings that may be drawn to discordant energy. Through spiritual clearings, Burney proposes, we can release our own negativity as well as guide unseen negative forces toward the light. The book’s clearing rituals include prayers that invoke the assistance of higher beings such as archangels and Ascended Masters, incantations and chants from different spiritual traditions, the visualization of divine light and the violet flame, and the expression of gratitude. Additional meditation and visualization exercises, descriptions of divine beings, and a summary of the universal laws provide readers with a clear path to fulfilling their potential and creating a personal environment of confidence, creativity, love, and acceptance.

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"What a horn of plenty is Diana Burney's Spiritual Clearings, as well a gift for therapists and clients alike. Replete with the knowledge of many years of experience and research, Diana has found her own wonderful way of being helpful to so many. Introducing us to the spiritual world that we may find our own perspective, and providing a plethora of tools to keep at our fingertips, ... Diana shares the underpinnings of multiple disciplines, and gives techniques for cleansing, healing, and clearing across time and space. Thank you Diana for sharing your wisdom and life experiences."

—Judith Baldwin, author of From My Heart to Yours: A Transformational Guide to Unlocking the Power of Love

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Diana Burney has over thirty-five years of experience in management, counseling, marketing, and education. A certified hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/teacher, and Magnified Healing Practitioner, she is also an ordained minister of the Order of Melchizadek from the Sanctuary of the Beloved in Conesus, NY. The President of Earth Release since 1999, she lives in Ann Arbor, MI.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

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Spiritual Clearings: Sacred Practices to Release Negative Energy and Harmonize Your Life 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Spiritual Clearings by Dr. Diana Burney is the most incredible, amazing book I have ever read for finding peace and higher meaning to my life.  This book has become an incredible tool for assisting me to getting in touch with sacred practices that can assist seekers to releasing negative energies and obtain a harmonized life.  I first came across Diana Burney from a friend, as I was seeking to have some peace in my life.  As an educator, times are changing in our schools and teachers are struggling to find more and more ways to reach the ever growing number of despondent children.  I was recommended this book by a good friend,  and immediately purchased this magnificent book.  From the first few pages of reading, I knew that I was on a life-altering path that would provide me what I was seeking.  As I read through her personal message to her readers, I could feel a peace moving through my soul. Dr. Burney expresses true gratitude to many sacred beings across many religions.   This is a spiritual book, not a specific religious denominational book, and thus is appealing across many segments of our population.  Her book is very well written, and user friendly.  Unlike many self-help books, she speaks to her reader using normal, every-day words with nine well written chapters, offers excellent interpretation and explanation into what a Spiritual Clearing is, along with the many aspects of what is involved.  Her tone of writing is very peaceful and calming.  For a novice, such as myself, I like that she incorporates the method of how you can go through this process by using this guidebook.  She includes exercises to develop your skills and continue your spiritual growth, includes an excellent glossary, and tells us about herself. Many self-help spiritual books are very confusing, difficult to read and unclear; however, Spiritual Clearings stands alone and is different on the many levels I discussed above.   This book is kept by my bedside and daily I refer to the book.  I have never encountered such a piece of Literature and I highly recommend that everyone needs this book.  You will not regret this purchase and will definitely find peace  and remove negativity from your life if you read this book.  Best of all, Dr. Burney shares numerous references with us and it is clear that she has done excellent research.   Spiritual Clearings has won the USA Book News Best Book Award Finalist Award.  
0017 More than 1 year ago
I highly recommend this book for any one who understands the importance of keeping their energy clean. It is well written and gives clear instructions on how to clear your self and your property. I went line by line thru the clearing process and my finances have increased. That had been a real challenge for me. Well worth the money spent. Very interesting book. Don't walk run and share it with others.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Spiriyual Clearings by Diana Burney will transfigure your personal reality. As a student of "A Course In Miracles" for over 10 years I was sure I had learned the important lesson in forgiveness. The lesson in forgiveness was presented to me again was presented during the break up of my  35 year marriage. At that time I really needed a miracle to see things differently. During my prayers and meditations I became aware of a presence in my mind blocking my intentions for peace. This book came into my life with perfect timing, being the miracle I had asked for. It contained everything I needed to know about energetic blocks, the tool needed to removed them and how to use them, all explained in an easy to follow format' After the cleansing I felt a sense of relief as if a heavy weight had been removed from my back and shoulders. I became non-reactive to my circumstances and was able to watch them unfold without judgement. Spiritual clearings are now a part of my daily practices. I acknowledge Diana Burney for making available such an important body of technology . 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've been doing lots of clearing and was looking for an exceptional reference guide which would propel into even better feelings with more ease than other readings. The bookseller recommended this book. I immediately began reading and trying to put down saying to myself I didn't need yet another book. I even told my friend I would put back on the shelf yet there was something which kept me turning and reading various sections of the book. Instead of driving directly home I went a different way and began applying the clearings from the book dowsing as I drove. I felt as though the book was speaking directly to me. I put under my pillow and feel more refreshed in the morning. My personal clearings have done a quantum leap forward since purchasing and reading this book. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It sounds as though your book was written just for me! You seem to KNOW exactly what I am dealing with & WHAT TO DO WITH IT!!!! Your book is a beautiful divine creation that actually has valid substance & power which is rare, grounded authenticity with validity!!!! I've purchased every book on the market but YOUR BOOK IS THE FINEST COLLECTION OF CLEARINGS, HEALINGS & FULFILLMENT OF LIFE ON THE MARKET!!!!! It is beautiful…… THANK YOU FOR THE SINCERE INSPIRATION & WISDOM!!!!! Dr. Kaiser
MirtaAK More than 1 year ago
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK! IT IS LIFE CHANGING! Diana explain this concept in very simple terms for all of us to understand. I picked this book randomly in the store, and I cannot believe how much help has brought into my life and my family already by helping me change my focus and my view in life. By following one of her simple personal clearings I felt like load of a ton of bricks was taken from me. This is book is well written and it is a pleasure to read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've never written any reviews before however I'm writing it today. All the excercises are really easy to follow. By following the excercises I was able to release some of the very dark energies on my own that me & my family has been dealing it for a long time. If I can do it anyone can. Diana Burney has done extraoridinary job by giving her knowledge to the world. Amazingly well organized book.
Eli1031 More than 1 year ago
This is a great book that walks one step by step into the different ways on how one can take control of his or her own life's energy. The book teaches one how to become aware of unconscious behaviors in a positive aspect and also becoming independent on how to clear one's path with light and love. I specially enjoyed learning how to sorround myself with positive prayers and affirmations which leads me to a life of love and self healing. Please know this is a must read and a good book to add to ones journey in life's quest for self enhancement.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Super book! A must for all who work with energy. I have been working with energy for many years now and I still found more valuable information here. Diana Burney did a wonderful and comprehensive job. Not to be missed!
gcgGG More than 1 year ago
I have already been studying this information so I loved this book. It was easy to read and understand and I appreciate the lay out of information so that you can go back and use it. This is a book buy not borrow because you will want to continue to have it daily by your side and use it until alot of the practice releases are memorized. This information feels true and correct. Loved it and I want to share.