Spit in Your Ear

Spit in Your Ear

by Spitting Image

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Emi Gold Imports


  1. Spitting Image Signature Tune
  2. Ronnie and Maggie Goodbye  -  Spitting Image
  3. Royal Singalong  -  Spitting Image
  4. Weather Forecast  -  Spitting Image
  5. Coleman Peaks  -  Spitting Image
  6. We've Got Beards (ZZ Top)  -  Spitting Image
  7. Second Coming  -  Spitting Image
  8. Someone Famous Has Died  -  Spitting Image
  9. Tea at Johnnie's  -  Spitting Image
  10. Trendy Kinnock  -  Spitting Image
  11. Da Do Run Ron  -  Spitting Image
  12. Ronnie's Birthday  -  Spitting Image
  13. One Man and His Bitch  -  Spitting Image
  14. Special Relationships  -  Spitting Image
  15. Clean Rugby Songs  -  Spitting Image
  16. O'Toole's Night Out  -  Spitting Image
  17. Spock the Actor  -  Spitting Image
  18. Line of Celebrities  -  Spitting Image
  19. The Price Is Right  -  Spitting Image
  20. Botha Tells the Truth  -  Spitting Image
  21. I've Never Met a Nice South African  -  Spitting Image
  22. End Announcement  -  Spitting Image
  23. Andy and Fergie  -  Spitting Image
  24. Pete Townshend Appeals  -  Spitting Image
  25. Our Generation (The Who)  -  Spitting Image
  26. The Three Davids/Two Party System  -  Spitting Image
  27. Hello You Must Be Going (Phil Collins)  -  Spitting Image
  28. Naming the Royal Baby  -  Spitting Image
  29. Bruno and Ruthless  -  Spitting Image
  30. The South Bank Show On Ronnie Hazlehurst  -  Spitting Image
  31. Bernard Manning Newsflash  -  Spitting Image
  32. Juan Carlos Meets the Queen  -  Spitting Image
  33. The Chicken Song  -  Spitting Image
  34. Lawson Goes Bonkers  -  Spitting Image
  35. Talk Bollocks  -  Spitting Image
  36. Snooker Names  -  Spitting Image
  37. Good Old British Bloke  -  Spitting Image
  38. Black Moustache (Prince)  -  Spitting Image
  39. Uranus  -  Spitting Image
  40. Dennis Thatcher's Pacemaker  -  Spitting Image
  41. John And Tatum: The Young Marrieds  -  Spitting Image
  42. We're Scared of Bob  -  Spitting Image
  43. Trooping the Colour  -  Spitting Image
  44. Night Thoughts  -  Spitting Image

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Spitting Image   Primary Artist
Louise Gold   cast
Jessica Martin   cast
John Sessions   cast
Anthony Asbury   cast
Enn Reitel   cast
Harry Enfield   cast
Steve Nallon   cast
Joe Glover   cast
Alistair Fullarton   cast
Chris Barrie   cast
Jan Ravens   cast

Technical Credits

Hunter   Composer
John Picken   Engineer
Frank Walsh   Composer
Doug Taylor   Composer
Keith Strachan   Composer
Rob Grant   Composer
John Lloyd   Composer,Lyricist
Rowan Laxton   Engineer
Steve Bendelack   Art Direction
Philip Pope   Composer,Producer
Jon Blair   Executive Producer
Andrea Solomons   Composer
Geoffrey Perkins   Producer
Geoff Atkinson   Composer
Doug Naylor   Composer
Dennis Slade   Composer
David Kind   Composer
Christopher Burman   Composer
Phil Sellman   Engineer
Peter Keeper   Composer
Nigel Purton   Composer
Nick Newman   Composer
Moray Hunter   Composer
Katie Bee   Composer
John Docherty   Composer
John Clements   Engineer
Ian Hislop   Composer

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