Sport Law for Sport Managers

Sport Law for Sport Managers

by Doyice J. Cotten, Doynice J. Cotten, T. Jesse Wilde

ISBN-10: 0787232289

ISBN-13: 9780787232283

Pub. Date: 01/28/1997

Publisher: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company

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Kendall Hunt Publishing Company
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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

1.00Introduction to Sport Law1
1.10The Legal System2
1.20Legal Research11
1.30Ethics and Law17
2.00Tort Law25
2.10Negligence Theory26
2.11Elements of Negligence26
2.12Which Parties Are Liable for Negligence?33
2.21Defenses for Negligence42
2.23Exculpatory Agreements or Waivers63
2.24Agreements to Participate70
2.30Sport Management Applications77
2.31Emergency Care77
2.33Conduct of the Activity94
2.34Safe Environment103
2.36Employment Torts122
2.37Products Liability134
2.40Intentional Torts146
2.41Assault and Battery146
2.43Other Intentional Torts: Invasion of Privacy, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, and Tortious Interference with Contract164
2.50Risk Management174
2.51Risk Management Process174
2.52Risk Identification and Reduction181
2.53Managing Risk Through Insurance190
3.00Contract Law199
3.10Contract Essentials200
3.20Sport Management Applications208
3.21Coaching Contracts208
3.22Letters of Intent and Scholarships218
3.23Game and Event-Related Contracts230
4.00Constitutional Law237
4.11Judicial Review, Standing, and Injunctions238
4.12State Action243
4.13Due Process254
4.14Equal Protection263
4.15Search and Seizure/Right to Privacy272
4.20Sport Management Applications283
4.21Voluntary Athletic Associations283
4.22Eligibility Issues290
4.23Conduct Issues301
4.24Gender Equity: Opportunities to Participate309
4.25Gender Equity: Coaching and Administration316
4.26Drug Testing328
4.27Disabled Athletes339
4.28Religious Issues349
4.29Private Clubs: Discriminatory Issues362
5.00Sport and Legislation375
5.10Criminal Law376
5.11Sport Violence376
5.12Criminal Law: Gambling, Ticket Scalping, Wire and Mail Fraud385
5.20Antitrust and Labor Law394
5.21Antitrust and Labor Law: Professional Sport Applications394
5.22Antitrust Law and Amateur Sports408
5.30Trademark Law423
5.31Trademark Law: General Principles423
5.32Sport Management Applications435
5.40Copyright Law444
5.50Tax Law453
5.51Tax Law: Professional Sport Issues453
5.52Tax Law: Amateur Sport Issues461
5.60Sport Agent Regulation471
5.70Workmen's Compensation Legislation483
5.80Employment Law492
5.81Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964492
5.82The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)508
5.83Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act517
5.84Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972525
5.85Equal Pay Act533
5.90Health and Fitness Club Issues540
Index of Selected Cases547
Subject Index553

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