Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation: A Sport-Specific Approach / Edition 1

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation: A Sport-Specific Approach / Edition 1

by Ralph M. Buschbacher

ISBN-10: 1560531339

ISBN-13: 9781560531333

Pub. Date: 08/28/1994

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

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Elsevier Health Sciences
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Table of Contents

1The Preparticipation Physical Examination1
2Tissue Injury and Healing: Using Medications, Modalities, and Exercise to Maximize Recovery19
3Strength Training and Flexibility31
4Rehabilitation of Throwing and Racquet Sport Injuries47
5Swimming Injuries: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Rehabilitation67
6Basketball Injuries and Rehabilitation95
7Evaluation and Treatment of Injuries in Competitive Divers111
8Rehabilitation of Running Injuries123
9Prevention and Treatment of Bicycle Injuries135
10Issues in Gymnastics and Dancers151
11Football and Other Contact Sport Injuries: Diagnosis and Treatment169
12Body-Building and Weight-Lifting: Special Issues in Rehabilitation183
13Alpine Skiing201
14Knee Bracing211
15Ankle Sprain Evaluation and Bracing221
16Pediatric Sports Issues241
17The Active Woman: Part I. Anatomy and Physiology251
18The Active Woman: Part II. Medical, Gynecologic, and Reproductive Concerns255
19The Wheelchair Athlete267
20Exercise and Sports in Persons with Medical Illness: Guidelines and Precautions275
21Exercise for Life: The Role of Sports in Preventing and Treating Medical Illness291
22Aqua Running for Athletic Rehabilitation299

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