Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

by David Drez, Jr.

A comprehensive review covering diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for the most common sports-related conditions.See more details below


A comprehensive review covering diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for the most common sports-related conditions.

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Cambridge Pocket Clinicians Series
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1. Achilles tendonitis (tendonitis, achilles); 2. Achilles tendon rupture; 3. Acromioclavicular separation; 4. Acute cartilage injuries of the knee (cartilage injuries of the knee, acute); 5. Acute compartment syndrome (compartment syndrome, acute); 6. Acute fractures of the fifth metatarsal (fifth metatarsal, acute fractures of); 7. Acute navicular fracture (navicular fracture, acute); 8. Anterior cruciate ligament injury (ACL injury); 9. Anterior knee pain (knee pain, anterior); 10. Athletic pubalgia (pubalgia, athletic); 11. Axillary vein thrombosis (thrombosis, axillary vein); 12. Bipartite patella (patella, bipartite); 13. Boxer's fracture; 14. Brachial neuropathy (Parsonage-Turner syndrome); 15. Brachial plexus injuries; 16. Calcaneal stress fractures (stress fractures, calcaneal); 17. Capitellar fractures; 18. Cervical disk disease; 19. Cervical fractures; 20. Cervical sprains or strains; 21. Chilblains; 22. Chronic exertional compartment syndrome (compartment syndrome, chronic exertional); 23. Clavicle fractures; 24. Concussions; 25. Congenital cervical spine stenosis (spine stenosis, congenital cervical); 26. Coracoid fractures; 27. Cubital tunnel syndrome; 28. Digital dislocations; 29. Discoid meniscus (meniscus, discoid); 30. Distal biceps tendon ruptures (biceps tendon ruptures, distal); 31. Distal quadriceps tendonitis (quadriceps tendonitis, distal); 32. Elbow dislocation; 33. Epiphyseal fractures medial clavicle; 34. Exercise associated muscle cramping (heat cramps, muscle cramping, exercise associated); 35. Exercise exhaustion (heat exhaustion, exhaustion, exercise, exhaustion, heat); 36. Exertional heat stroke (heat stroke, exertional); 37. Exertional hyperthermia (hyperthermia, exertional); 38. Exertional hyponatremia (hyponatremia, exertional); 39. Femoral neck stress fractures (stress fractures, femoral neck); 40. Fibula stress fractures (stress fractures, fibula); 41. Flexor profundus avulsion (jersey finger); 42. Frostbite; 43. Gamekeeper's thumb (aka Skier's thumb); 44. Groin muscle strain; 45. Groin pain; 46. Hamstring strain; 47. Hip dislocations; 48. Hip flexor (rectus) strains; 49. Hip pointers; 50. Hook of hamate fractures; 51. Hypothermia; 52. Iliotibial band syndrome; 53. Intersection syndrome; 54. Knee arthritis; 55. Knee dislocations and combined knee ligament injuries; 56. Labral tears of the hip (tears of the hip, labral); 57. Lateral ankle sprains (ankle sprains, lateral); 58. Lateral clavicle fractures (clavicle fractures, lateral); 59. Lateral clavicle periosteal sleeve fractures (periosteal sleeve fractures, lateral clavicle); 60. Lateral elbow injuries (elbow injuries, lateral); 61. Lateral epicondylitis (epicondylitis, lateral); 62. Lateral ligament injuries (ligament injuries, lateral); 63. Lateral meniscal tears (meniscal tears, lateral); 64. Lisfranc injuries; 65. Little league elbow; 66. Little leaguer's shoulder (proximal epiphysitis); 67. Long thoracic nerve injury; 68. Lumbar disk herniation; 69. Lumbar fractures; 70. Lumbar spondylolisthesis (spondylolisthesis, lumbar); 71. Lumbar spondylolysis (spondylolysis, lumbar); 72. Lumbar strain; 73. Mallet finger; 74. Medial ankle sprains (ankle sprains, medial); 75. Medial elbow injuries (elbow injuries, medial); 76. Medial epicondylitis (epicondylitis, medial); 77. Medial knee ligament injury (MCL, knee ligament injury, medial); 78. Medial meniscal tears (meniscal tears, medial); 79. Meralgia paresthetica; 80. Metacarpal fractures; 81. Metatarsal stress fractures (stress fractures, metatarsal); 82. Multidirectional instability; 83. Myositis ossificans; 84. Nailbed injuries; 85. Navicular stress fractures (stress fractures, navicular); 86. Olecranon bursitis (bursitis, olecranon); 87. Osgood-Schlatter disease; 88. Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) of the knee; 89. Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) of the patella; 90. Osteochondritis

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