Sports Physiology (Cloth Verison) / Edition 3

Sports Physiology (Cloth Verison) / Edition 3

by Richard Bowers

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McGraw-Hill Higher Education
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3rd ed
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7.62(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.95(d)

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Table of Contents

1Energy - The Name of the Game2
2The Energy Systems12
3Sports Activities and the Energy Continuum38
4The Fuel for Exercise54
5The Recovery Process74
6Neuromuscular Concepts Applied to Sports102
7Weight-Resistance Training: Methods and Effects142
8The Oxygen Transport System: Respiration and Circulation184
9Sprint and Endurance Training: Methods and Effects224
10Nutrition and Sports Performance282
11Body Composition and Weight Control312
12Dehydration, Heat Problems, and Prevention of Heat Illness346
13Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Sports Performance and Physiology368
Appendix A: Journal Abbreviations and Titles390
Appendix B: Symbols and Abbreviations392
Appendix C: Description of Weight-Lifting Exercises394
Appendix D: Examples of Basic Eight-Week-Long Aerobic and Anaerobic Interval-Training Programs410
Appendix E: Some Suggested Stretching Exercises415
Appendix F: Units of Measure421
Author Index433
Subject Index437

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