Spy Wednesday

Spy Wednesday

by William Hood

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
While no burn-out, Alan Trosper has nevertheless resigned from the CIA after years of perilous and often fruitless spying. But a new director reactivates him and asks him to unravel the mysteries of Phoenix, an intrigue with whose components Trosper had become familiar years before. From New York to Vienna to Budapest to Zurich, he evaluates the intelligence and the pseudo-intelligence offered for sale by agents and double agents, defectors and opportunists. Phoenix ultimately involves the most important KGB defection in years, but to spirit this spymaster from East to West, Trosper must jeopardize not only his own life but those of old friends and an innocent young woman. Spi-fi devotees will feel satisfied by the actions and insider's parlance of the professionals, the authentic quality of which derives from Hood's (Mole) 30 years' experience in the CIA. Foreign rights: Harold Ober. January 27
Library Journal - Library Journal
When the recruitment of a KGB officer failed, the Vienna-based case man, Alan Trosper, resigned from ``the Firm.'' But two years later, when an unknown Russian tells a contact from that ``unstuck'' operation that he wants a meeting, Trosper agrees to head a team to assess the man's value. In an attempt to reassure the Firm, the Russian states that a recent defector is controlled by Moscow Center. The Firm's director rejects the idea, and dismantles Trosper's operation. However, believing the informant, Trosper travels behind the Iron Curtain to become deeply but unofficially involved. Straining credulity only at the denouement, Hood, with 30 years' CIA experience, weaves a satisfyingly tangled web. The reader is left hoping that Trosper, a likable and well-developed character, will appear in future books. V. Lousie Saylor, Eastern Washington Univ. Lib., Cheney

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