SRH Presents: Lose Your Illusions, Vol. 1

SRH Presents: Lose Your Illusions, Vol. 1


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Interscope Records


  1. Coffin Text  -  Unwritten Law
  2. Roll It Up  -  Kottonmouth Kings
  3. Priscilla  -  Sprung Monkey
  4. Shapely  -  Lucy's Fur Coat
  5. Elders  -  Offspring
  6. Break It Up  -  Rocket from the Crypt
  7. Fight Till You Die  -  Pennywise
  8. Shut Up  -  Upbeat
  9. Sucka Mc  -  Source
  10. The Poor Me Sob Story  -  Furious IV
  11. Bakers Dozen  -  Guttermouth
  12. Spies for Life  -  Youth Brigade
  13. Sour  -  Limp Bizkit
  14. Forget the World  -  Hippos
  15. The Secret  -  Hepcat
  16. B.M.T.P.  -  Slightly Stoopid
  17. Split  -  Buck-O-Nine
  18. White Lightening  -  Wank

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Pennywise   Track Performer
Rocket from the Crypt   Track Performer
Youth Brigade   Track Performer
Offspring   Track Performer
Hepcat   Track Performer
Lucy's Fur Coat   Track Performer
Unwritten Law   Track Performer
Guttermouth   Track Performer
Sprung Monkey   Track Performer
Buck-O-Nine   Track Performer
Limp Bizkit   Track Performer
Kottonmouth Kings   Track Performer
Wank   Track Performer
Slightly Stoopid   Track Performer
Stephen Levy-Mazin   Ambience
Upbeat   Track Performer
Furious IV   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Sam Rivers   Composer
DJ Lethal   Composer
Robert Vosgien   Mastering
Tom Whalley   Contributor
Guerra   Producer
Liam Ward   Art Direction
Kathy Angstadt   Contributor
Kevin Zinger   Producer
Ryan White   Executive Producer
David Thomson   Art Direction
Wes Borland   Composer
John Otto   Composer

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