Stalker in the Shadows

Stalker in the Shadows

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by Camy Tang

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"Consider this a warning."

Lately, nurse Monica Grant feels she's being watched. Followed. And then she receives a threatening letter—accompanied by a dead snake. If she doesn't stop her plans to open a free children's clinic, she'll end up dead, too. Terrified, Monica turns to former lawman Shaun


"Consider this a warning."

Lately, nurse Monica Grant feels she's being watched. Followed. And then she receives a threatening letter—accompanied by a dead snake. If she doesn't stop her plans to open a free children's clinic, she'll end up dead, too. Terrified, Monica turns to former lawman Shaun O'Neill—who believes the same madman murdered his own sister five years before. She understands how much it means to the handsome, heart-guarding man to save her—and her dream. Even if he has to lure a deadly stalker out of the shadows—straight toward himself.

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Someone was watching her.

Monica Grant glanced around the bustling central plaza in downtown Sonoma, California, and rubbed the back of her neck, but the ugly, prickly feeling wouldn't go away. She remembered the well-worn phrase from her Nancy Drew books—"the hair stood up on the back of her neck"—but she'd never realized how true it was. Until now.

She couldn't actually see anyone looking at her—there were tourists strolling around Sonoma City Hall and the fountain, cars driving slowly around the square, shoppers stepping in and out of the quaint shops. A few locals across the street noticed her looking at them and waved hello. She waved back with a smile, recognizing them as staff from a nearby restaurant. The Grant family's successful day spa, Joy Luck Life, had helped bring even more activity to the small tourist town, and all of her family was acquainted with most of the local business owners and staff.

But as she continued walking along the line of shops and historical buildings, the creepy feeling crawled up her shoulder blades. She whirled around suddenly, but didn't catch anyone in the act of staring at her, or ducking into a shop doorway to escape her notice.

It had been a silly thought, anyway. She wasn't a spy. She was probably imagining things.

She turned to enter Lorianne's Cafe, a popular new restaurant owned by one of her high school classmates, which served California fusion cuisine made exclusively with local produce. She thought the feeling of being watched would go away as soon as she entered the building, but an uncomfortable shaft of prickling shot down her spine. She turned to look out the restaurant's glass front doors, toward the green park area around Sonoma City Hall, but couldn't see anyone except a few tourists walking by.

"Monica Grant, are you stalking me?"

The voice, still betraying the slight Irish lilt of his homeland, made her turn. "Mr. O'Neill! I should say,you're stalking me."

Patrick O'Neill's light blue eyes creased deeply at the corners. "Seeing you at the Zoe International charity banquet last week wasn't enough. I had to get in more of your lovely company." He enfolded her in a hug that made her cheek rasp against his usual Hawaiian-print, button-down shirt. Quite a contrast to the tuxedo he'd worn at the annual dinner that Zoe International, an anti-human-slavery organization, had hosted to thank its donors.

"Are you here in Sonoma just for the day?" Monica asked. "Or are you staying overnight before you head back down to Marin?"

"I'm here for a few days, spending time with my new grandson."

"That's right, I heard about the new baby yesterday from Aunt Becca." At first Monica had been shocked because she'd thought the new baby was Shaun's son, but quickly realized her mistake—it was Brady's son, Shaun's nephew. She hoped Aunt Becca hadn't noticed her initial stunned reaction.

"What have you been up to in the seven whole days since I've seen you?" He tugged at a silver lock of hair on his wide forehead. It brought back an image of Shaun doing the same gesture.

She forced her mind away from his eldest son. "I'm still taking care of Dad since he had his stroke."

"He's doing better? Last week, we were interrupted before I could ask you about him."

"He still needs a live-in nurse, but I'm also taking him to physical therapy several times a week, and he's gaining mobility back. He doesn't need me quite as much, which is good, because my sister Naomi announced her engagement six weeks ago. She's planning her wedding, so sometimes when she has to take off work at the spa, I fill in as manager for her."

"Will she still be manager when she marries?"

"No, she's going to start her own private massage therapy business in the city, closer to her future husband's office. We're trying to hire someone to take over when she leaves, but until then.. " She had to stifle a small sigh. Because she still took care of her dad, filling in for Naomi stole precious free time that she didn't have. The spa needed to hire someone soon.

"From nurse to manager." His blue eyes were more piercing than his son's. "It doesn't sit with you well?"

His insight startled her. "I loved being an Emergency Room nurse," she said, "but I have to admit I don't regret quitting my job at Good Samaritan Hospital when Dad needed me. What I'd really like to do is run a free children's clinic for Sonoma and Napa counties."

Unlike Monica's father, Mr. O'Neill didn't roll his eyes at her. Instead, he nodded gravely. "Then you should do it, my girl. You only have one life to love."

His phrasing touched her on a deeper level, stirred up things she had left collecting on the bottom. She shifted uncomfortably, then changed gears, giving him a teasing look. "So who are you meeting for lunch? Yet another struggling hotel owner whose hotel you're going to buy and then turn into a raging success?"

"No, I'm just here having lunch with my son." He gestured behind him.

Brady, his second eldest son, lived only a few miles from Sonoma in Geyserville. Monica's gaze flickered over Mr. O'Neill's shoulder, past the hostess waiting patiently behind the desk, toward the restaurant's bar…and she froze.

Shaun O'Neill stared right back at her. Her breath stopped in her throat and seemed to hum there. She recognized the strange sensation, something she had only felt twice before in her life—at her first sight of a cherry red Lamborghini, and the very first time she'd met Shaun O'Neill, ten years ago at a Zoe International banquet.

Her heart started racing as he rose from his seat at the bar and walked toward them. His expression was unfathomable. Was he happy to see her? Indifferent? Something about the way he held his eyes made her think he felt the same rush of intensity she did.

No, she had to find a way to smother the electricity zinging through her veins. Shaun was a cop, and she would never, ever date anyone in law enforcement. In the E.R., she had seen what that profession did to the families left behind, had tried to heal the unhealable pain of losing a fine man to a criminal's gunshot. She knew her heart wouldn't be able to handle it.

She also knew she wouldn't be able to handle him.

As he approached, his scent wrapped around her—a thread of well-tooled leather, a hint of pine, a deep note of musk—a combination uniquely Shaun's. "Hi, Shaun." She gave a polite smile that hopefully masked the way he made her feel so…alive.

"Hi, Monica." The deep voice had a slight gravelly edge to it, promising danger and excitement. "It's been a long time."

"I didn't know you were back in Sonoma."

"I quit the border patrol," he said softly.

"What?" Surprised, she looked up at him and immediately drowned in the cerulean blue sea of his straightforward gaze. Shaun had always been aggressive with his stance, with his looks—and he was that way now, standing a little too close to her, staring a little too intently. "I.. " She cleared her throat. "I thought you loved the border patrol. The last time we met, you were so enthusiastic about it."

"I'm back to spend time with my family. I'm thinking of applying for the Sonoma Police Department."

"Not as exciting as the border patrol," she remarked, looking for his reaction.

He shrugged.

How strange. He still had that bad-boy air about him, but there was something that reminded her of a wounded dog. No, a wolf. A wounded wolf. She wanted to reach out to him, to help him if she could.

Wounded wolves still bite. She had to remind herself that he wasn't her type. She had to stop now so she wouldn't go any deeper. She wouldn't submit herself to the kind of pain she'd seen in the Emergency Room. She shook off the memory of a cop's widow's shaking shoulders and forced her mind back to the present.

Then something invisible raking along her spine made her jerk. She turned to look out again through the glass of the restaurant doors but only saw the same view of Sonoma City Hall, made of local quarried stone that looked more flint-gray today under the overcast skies. Different tourists from the last time she'd looked walked around the grounds now.

She was being paranoid. She had to get a hold of herself.

She turned back to Mr. O'Neill. "The last time we talked, you mentioned how you were going to sell the Fontana Hotel in Marin and do consulting work rather than buy another hotel. Do you know when that's going to happen?"

Mr. O'Neill smiled at her. "Does your question have anything to do with the rumors I heard that your father's going to expand the spa and add a hotel?"

Monica grinned. "Guilty as charged. I have a lunch appointment in a few minutes, but do you have time today to talk about possibly consulting for him?"

He gave her a sharp look. "Have you talked to Augustus about this yet?"

Heat like a sunburn crept up her neck. "Uh…Dad mentioned yesterday how he needed help now that he's actually decided to go forward with the hotel."

Mr. O'Neill smiled. "I do have time this afternoon." He turned to Shaun. "Did you want to come with me or pick me up later?"

"I'll come with you." His voice was light, but his blue eyes flickered to Monica.

She had to remind herself that she wanted to speak with his father, not with him. "Great. Thanks, Mr. O'Neill. Three o'clock at our house?"

"Sounds good. Who are you meeting for lunch, by the way?"

"It's a potential investor for my free children's clinic. Phillip Bromley."

Shaun's jaw suddenly tightened and his eyes became shards of ice. "The son of the CEO of Lowther Station Bank in San Francisco?"

She nodded. "His brother's a medical missionary in Kenya. I've known Phillip for a few months, but last week at the Zoe banquet, he expressed interest in my clinic and mentioned that his brother might be willing to donate his time to the clinic when he returns to the States this summer."

But Shaun was shaking his head. "You should stay away from Bromley."

"Shaun.. " Mr. O'Neill said gently.

"Why?" Monica said. "Phillip has always been perfectly civil to me." Whereas Shaun's wildness seemed to exude from him, only barely restrained by his conservative white cotton shirt and jeans.

There was also anger underlying that wildness as he answered, "It's just a mask. It's not the real him."

A mask? Monica hadn't seen that at all, and she prided herself on being able to read people rather well. She didn't particularly like Phillip—there was something about his manner that seemed too self-focused and self-serving—but she hadn't detected anything deceptive during the times they spoke to each other.

"He's dangerous," Shaun growled. "You need to stay away from him."

Shaun's commanding tone grated down her spine, and she lifted her chin to glare at his set face. "How is he dangerous?" Shaun's lips tightened briefly. "He just is. You don't know him."

"And you do?"

"Better than you do."

"Children," Mr. O'Neill said in a long-suffering voice, "play nice."

Monica backed down. Mr. O'Neill was right, she was being childish. The same fiery temper that got her into arguments with her dad was now picking fights with a man who only wanted to…what? Warn her? Protect her? She wasn't used to men like Shaun, whose life work was protecting people. Her ex-boyfriends had mostly been artists and playboys, who all seemed "soft" now compared with Shaun's solid presence.

She had to admit that his presence made her feel less uneasy, less vulnerable to the eyes that might—or might not—be watching her. She couldn't stop herself from glancing outside again, but saw no one lurking or looking at her.

At that moment, her cell phone rang, and the caller ID said it was Phillip.

"I'll talk to you later," Mr. O'Neill said quickly, giving her a peck on the cheek before letting the hovering hostess seat him and Shaun at a table.

She answered the call. "Hi, Phillip." Were his ears burning because they'd been talking about him?

"Hi, Monica. I'm sorry, but there's an overturned construction truck here on highway 121. I'll be about twenty minutes late."

"No problem. I'll be waiting."

She had the hostess seat her at a table, but stopped when she saw it was right in the center of the large windows at the front of the restaurant. She glanced out at the tourists and pedestrians on the street. No one was even looking in her direction, but she felt as if a cold hand gripped her around the throat.

"Could I get a table near the back?" she asked, and the hostess nodded and seated her at a small table at the back of the restaurant.

However, it was close to where Shaun and his father were seated. She didn't want to request another change so she sat, but it was hard for her to keep her head averted with Shaun only a few feet away to her right.

At least the horrible feeling of being watched was gone. She spent a few minutes checking her email on her phone, but then the restaurant's owner and chef, Lorianne, approached her table with a long white florist's box and a huge grin on her face. "Hey, Monica. I happened to be up front just now when this was delivered for you." Excitement radiated from her bright eyes as she sat down across from her. "Who's it from? You didn't mention a new boyfriend when I talked to you a couple weeks ago."

"I still don't have a boyfriend. Your guess is as good as mine." Monica didn't look at Shaun, but could sense him glancing at her at Lorianne's words. Really, what business was it of his? She wished she weren't so close to their table.

"Ooh, a secret admirer," Lorianne said. "Well, as owner of this fine establishment, I am entitled to view any and all flowers delivered." She winked at Monica.

A part of her was flattered by the gift. Who wouldn't be? But another part of her was wary. Who gave flowers to a woman through a delivery and not personally? Then it occurred to her that maybe Phillip had them delivered in advance of their meeting. He had seemed a bit friendly last week at the Zoe banquet, but she'd been careful not to encourage anything more than a business relationship. She hoped he didn't misinterpret her body language.

Well, she knew who it wasn't from. She tried to angle her body away from Shaun as she lifted the lid. An odd cigarette smell made her eyes burn, and she blinked away sudden tears.

In the box, nestled among white tissue paper, lay a huge dead snake.

Monica gasped and dropped the box onto the table, making the silverware rattle.

"Oh, my gosh." Lorianne's eyes were huge.

The ugliness of the gift seemed to stifle her, and Monica fought to breathe. Who would send her something so hateful, so horrible?

Meet the Author

Camy Tang writes romance with a kick of wasabi. She used to be a biologist, but now she is a staff worker for her church youth group and leads a worship team for Sunday service. On her blog, she ponders frivolous things like knitting, dumb dogs (namely, hers), coffee-geek husbands, the writing journey, Asiana, and anything else that comes to mind. And on her Facebook page, the silliness is unleashed. Join her online!

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Stalker in the Shadows 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
crystal_fulcher More than 1 year ago
If you like suspense and romance in a quick-to-read format then this is just the book for you. Stalker in the Shadows packs quite a punch for a short 200 page novel. Camy Tang knows how to pace the novel well for this format so that things move quickly but never too quickly and so that my attention never waned. I loved Stalker in the Shadows and I will now make sure I go back and read the first two books in this series. Not because I needed to for this book to make sense, but because I liked Ms. Tang's writing and also because I liked the setting and the family. I want to know more about them. Stalker in the Shadows was a nice stand alone with characters from the earlier novels and I think there were mentions of things that happened, but nothing that gave away what happened in the books (except the couple outcomes, but the reader knows those going in anyway). Monica was a great main character. She was strong, but she had her faults that she needed to work through. It was something I really didn't see coming, but understand fully as I deal with it as well. I think a lot of women will find Monica easy to relate to. She's a great character. I admired her strength. I also enjoyed Shaun who is a bit tortured. He has some things in his past he needs to work through, but in typical human fashion, he thinks he should hang onto that guilt. I liked watching him in the protector role in the book, it suited him. I also liked seeing him start to work through his issues. He was easy to relate to as well, as his issue was guilt and I think we all carry some form of guilt with us. The chemistry between Monica and Shaun was great as well. I was cheering for them through the book and at times wanted to hit both of them over the head, but that was what made the book interesting. There was a build up for their relationship and Ms. Tang did that very well. As I mentioned earlier, the plot is well-paced. It built up through the whole book and never felt rushed like the short format can sometimes do. It came to it's climax and resolved itself in a timely manner and then the book was over. I felt satisfied with the ending and surprised by the climax, and I was guessing through the whole book who was the stalker. Ms. Tang does an amazing job with the suspense element also. Stalker in the Shadows reminds me that the Love Inspired Suspense is s great line from Harlequin. Clean romances with a Christian focus, yet they don't pound you over the head with Christianity. Ms. Tang wrote a wonderful, suspenseful romance that had me on the edge of my seat and cheering for Monica and Shaun from the beginning to the end. It's a great book and I can't recommend it enough. I also can't wait to go back and read the first two in the series as well. Camy Tang is quickly becoming a must-read author for me.
Jaimn More than 1 year ago
After reading "Protection for Hire" (not a Love inspired, but still a Christian Romance/Mystery) I read Mrs. Tang's upcoming "Stalker in the Shadows", which IS a LI book. This book was a refreshing break from the demure LI books that I had read. There was actually a lot less "faith" in SITS, but what was there was quality. There was still adventure, but it seemed toned-down. So I guess that it just depends on how much adventure the reader wants! Both are good reads, both made me laugh out loud, both will be shared with others. For me, SITS broke out of the Love Inspired box, yet still somehow managed to meet all the qualifications. There was a lot more action, a lot less "Faith speech", and just a lighter book. I can't call it less drama, but it didn't have the feel of the agonizing over the character's romance. There was struggle, but it felt appropriate, and not forced or annoying. Overall, I love mysteries, but can't figure out how to write one, and Mrs. Tang did a spot-on job. I was guessing the "whodunit" right to the end, then had to go back and re-read some scenes just to wrap my head around it. Very well done!!
mustlovetoread More than 1 year ago
Stalker in the Shadows By: Camy Tang Another great read by Camy Tang. I love her work! Monica Grant has a stalker that wants her to stop plans for the free children’s clinic she wants to open. Shaun O’Neill’s sister was killed and he believes it was the same man that is stalking Monica. As Monica’s bodyguard, now he can catch that killer and put him where he belongs. But will his preconceived notions be right on target, or get Monica killed? The suspense kept me turning the pages to see who the stalker was going to go after next. I laughed out loud, shivered, and cringed at some of the “gifts” Monica received from her stalker. If you receive a long, white florist box, and you don’t know who it is from, be careful opening it! But it’s all contained in this book, so you can read without danger, except to startle you as your read, and keep you reading late into the night to finish the book! Trying to read people is a hard craft to learn. Some people you can read right off; others take a little longer to figure out. Monica and Shaun are on opposing sides as they try to figure out who her stalker is. The same is true with trying to please someone. Monica wants to make her daddy proud, but her Heavenly Father is already proud of her just the way she is. As Aunt Becca states, “Jesus loves you, and His love makes you worthwhile. When you follow God’s will for you, you’re valued not because of what specifically you’re doing. You’re valued because you’re doing God’s work.” Monica has to learn to please God first. She can’t control how her father will feel about her, but she can live her life pleasing to God and that makes her valued in His eyes. If you love romantic suspense filled with unexpected twists and turns, you will love this book by Camy Tang!
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
Nurse Monica Grant wants to start a free children’s clinic. After helping a migrant workers son because they couldn’t afford a hospital visit, it has been her dream. Now that the dream is getting closer to reality she is getting threats to stop or else. By the tingling on her neck that makes her feel she’s being watched….they might be serious. But she is not a quitter and definitely not a victim. What would someone have against a clinic to help children? Shaun O’neill is back in Sonoma, feeling like a failure. He wasn’t able to save his sister, Clare, and he failed at protecting others while he was a border patrol agent. When he happens to be near Monica when she receives “a gift” and a note from the same person who murdered his sister….he knows nothing will stop him from protecting her and from catching the killer this time. Stalker has you searching right along with Shaun and Monica for the stalker. Camy had several shady characters to choose from and enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. The stalker also has a unique brand of “gifts” he likes to leave his intended victims. The book brings back friends and family from the first two books, Deadly Intent and Formula for Danger, the stories of Monica’s sisters; Naomi and Rachel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Stalker in the Shadows finishes off this suspense series by Camy Tang. It was my favorite of the three; I think simply because I enjoyed the characters more. I will say that her suspense books don't disappoint. I didn't know "who done it" till the end. I also think the romance was a little more realistic.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
grace_enough More than 1 year ago
There are some dark clouds on the horizon for nurse Monica Grant, the heroine of “Stalker in the Shadows.” Monica’s on a mission to open a children’s free clinic. She seeks support from investors and the community to make the dream a reality. But not everyone in the neighborhood welcomes the idea. Someone is trying to shut down the project at any cost. Monica knows someone is stalking her. The person wants her to know and to be afraid. Monica receives anonymous threats that are very real. Threatening letters accompanied by a dead snake, phone calls, and photos tracking every move she makes. Monica is resilient and persistent. She turns to former lawman Shaun O’Neill for help. Shaun takes the case personally. Five years ago his sister was murdered-and Shaun’s believes it was by the same madman who’s stalking Monica. Together the pair set up to save Monica’s dream and to catch a killer. Along the way both Monica and Shaun discover things about themselves and about each other. The dialog between the pair is a fun give-and-take, adding levity between the serious scenes. Tang subtly weaves in a believable spiritual subplot that can be digested by a non-believer or spiritually mature Christian. “Stalker in the Shadows” is my favorite book by Camy Tang. Okay, so I said that in my review about her last book “Protection for Hire” but it’s true. Tang’s writing continues to improve which each story. If you like romantic suspense, “Stalker in the Shadows” is a must have for your collection. But beyond the label of romantic suspense, “Stalker in the Shadows” is a book that breaks out of the genre mold and earns the label of a great read.
RachelJoy More than 1 year ago
Camy is one of my favorite authors, so I was very excited at the chance to review Stalker in the Shadows! As usual, the book is excellent. While Stalker in the Shadows is the 3rd book in a series, it stands alone quite well. In fact, if I hadn't read the previous two books, I would not have felt out of the loop in the least! Monica Grant's dream is to open a free medical clinic. But someone doesn't like that idea, and starts threatening her. When she bumps into Shaun O'Reilly, an ex-Border Patrol Agent haunted by his past, she badgers him into becoming her bodyguard! Neither is prepared for, nor do they welcome, the sparks that fly. As I read the book, I continually had an opinion as to who the stalker was. Camy managed to keep one step ahead of me, though! I was quite surprised at the end. As with all of Camy's books, there is just the right amount of romance. Also, I do feel I could meet any of the characters in real life! I feel Monica and I could be great friends. ;) (I was provided with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.)
sunnyislandbreezes More than 1 year ago
I’ve been wondering about the other sister. This family has certainly been in the midst of a lot of intrigue. The Joy Luck Life spa is a danger magnet. Monica, a nurse, who left her job to care for her father, never wanted to be part of the spa. Her father wants the entire family to be involved. While Monica is being stalked by a murderer, she is till dreaming of opening a free clinic. We watch her struggle to fulfill her dream while fighting not to fall in love with the handsome hunk she hires as a bodyguard. She’s trapped in a triangle, but not the traditional one. This is a triangle between Monica, her bodyguard and her father. This book is filled with adrenaline inducing mystery and adventure, love, heartache and family ties and clashes. As usual, Camy Tang did not fail to give me a book that I had to read in a single sitting. I don’t want to leave the Grant family behind. Maybe there’s a hidden sister somewhere. Or maybe Auntie and Detective Carter could be the focus.
jjthompson More than 1 year ago
Stalker in the Shadows is a suspenseful novel about a woman who wants to open a free clinic and runs into some very dangerous obstacles along the way. What I loved most about this novel was Camy Tang's wonderful deception to the reader. Just when you think you have figured out who the suspect is, something new occurs to make you question your judgement. This book was a fast and good read. I gave it four stars because I felt for a Christian book, there wasn't very much written relating to Christianity or religion. I was expecting more Christian relationships between the characters. Aside from that aspect, I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good suspense where the culprit isn't easily figured out.
Mimiladybug More than 1 year ago
This is the third book in this series and it doesn't disappoint. The book has all the elements of suspense yet still holds your interest and isn't formulaic. You will be guessing at the ending through most of the story. It's fast-paced yet still offers ample character development so that you feel invested in the outcome of the book because you've become enmeshed with the characters. Camy Tang does a great job with the storyline in this novel. It's a fast read yet it holds your attention. I think this book is stand alone, you don't need to have read the earlier books to enjoy this one. A good way to spend an evening relaxing is by reading this book.
DebbieCakez More than 1 year ago
The third book in the Sonoma Series is another great one! I couldn't put the book down from the time I picked the book up until the time I finished it. It was full of suspense and kept me guessing throughout. Just when I thought I had figured out the ending I got to the end and was completely wrong. Camy is a wonderful writer, and by reading any of her books including this one I can guarantee you won't be disappointed!
-Megan- More than 1 year ago
Stalker in the Shadows is a great suspense novel and while I don't read a lot of that genre I really enjoyed this book. I was never completely sure who the stalker was - as soon as I thought it was one person, the story would make it obvious that it couldn't be that person and then maybe it could be. I think that is what a good suspense book should do. This is a Love Inspired novel, so the length of the story is on the shorter side, allowing you to read it rather quickly! The only complaint I have is with the book (NOT the story). I have read many Love Inspired books and this is the first time I've ever felt the need to almost break the spine in order to read it - the printing was too close to the binding for comfort. A way to avoid this problem would be to purchase a copy of the e-book instead. Stalker in the Shadows is the third book in a series. I haven't read the first two books, but I don't feel that by reading this book first I was lacking any of the back story. Unlike other books that are part of a series, I don't think Stalker in the Shadows gave too much information about the previous stories - so I can read them without it being ruined for me. If you love reading suspense, you should love this book. ***I received a complimentary copy of this book to review. I was asked to give my honest opinion of the book - which I have done.***
phillipslisa More than 1 year ago
Tang's Love Inspired Suspense books are 3 in one series, following the Grant sisters. From the first (deadly intent) through the second (formula for danger) to this book, you can see clearly the author's growth as a writer. Stalker in the Shadows feels not so much like true romantic suspense, but more of a mystery style with a very strong 'whodunnit' thread. The bulk of the book is interviewing witnesses to discover the identity of Monica's stalker. I was really tired when I read this (:-P), and so because it wasn't super intense in a suspenseful way, it felt like it dragged its feet somewhat. Definitely a different style to Tang's other books (the sushi series and protection for hire), but not in a bad way. What I mean is that it follows the line of Love Inspired Suspense. If you enjoy LIS and mystery books, you'll surely enjoy this.
pwnmom More than 1 year ago
Stalker in the Shadows by Camy Tang is a Love Inspired Suspense novel. I have read many of her novels (most recently Protection for Hire), but this is only the second of the Love Inspired novels that I've read. I didn't realize when I started the book that it was Book 3 in the Sonoma Series, but it is the third in the set. Fortunately, reading them in order is not a prerequisite. Monica Grant is one of three daughters of Augustus Grant, owner of an upscale spa in Sonoma. Monica is also a nurse. She is taking care of her father after he experienced a stroke, but is working on raising support to open a Free Children's Clinic in the area. While meeting different potential sponsors, she finds that she is being stalked... someone doesn't want her to open the clinic. She hires Shaun O'Neill to protect her while she continues her efforts towards opening the clinic. Shaun O'Neill was a border patrol agent, until something happened on his watch. Before that, his sister was killed and he didn't save her... everyone that he should protect dies. Now, he has someone new to protect, Monica. Can he keep her from being killed? Can he solve his sister's death? As they work together to find the stalker, Shaun and Monica can feel the attraction, but they are both fighting it. Monica has no desire to be in a relationship with a police man, she knows the dangers he faces in the field and doesn't want to be the one left behind. Shaun struggles with his "inability" to protect those he cares about. Can they trust God and find love? Will they find the killer? Stalker in the Shadows was a quick and easy read. I really enjoyed reading it and the suspense it held. As I said earlier, you don't have to read the first two books (Deady Intent and Formula for Danger) to understand or enjoy Stalker in the Shadows.
Krismar More than 1 year ago
In Stalker in the Shadows, Camy Tang covers a variety of social issues, including health care (free clinic), US/Mexico border patrol, and migrant workers. With these issues, Tang appropriately handles them in regard to the book's storyline and gives them worth. Monica, another of Tang's strong, independent female characters, is planning to build a free children's clinic but runs into a roadblock as a stalker enters her life. Shaun teams up with Monica to attempt to sideline the stalker and continue with the clinic plans. The reader becomes anxious as the stalker invades Monica's daily life. She struggles with her broken relationship with her father at the same time. Tang's Christian theme of a relationship with God underlines the storyline and touches each character. Readers will immerse themselves in this mystery and will not be disappointed in it!
-Melanie- More than 1 year ago
Stalker in the Shadows is the third book in the Sonoma Series. I haven't read book one, Deadly Intent; but I have read book two, Formula for Danger, and that book was really good! The only other book I've read by Camy Tang is Protection for Hire! And while that book is still my FAVORITE book by her, Stalker in the Shadows is a close second!! One thing I really liked about Stalker in the Shadows was the characters - particularly Shaun O'Neil. There was so much to his character that he quickly became a favorite of mine in this novel. The story was so suspenseful and it had many twists - I found myself trying to figure out who the stalker was, but as the characters were introduced, I kept switching and in the end it was a SHOCKER! There wasn't anything in this novel that I think would offend anyone - no swearing, etc. It was a wonderful read that I absolutely loved and if there is another book in the Sonoma Series, I will definitely want to read it! *I received a complimentary copy of Stalker in the Shadows from the author to review. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion - which I've done. All opinions expressed are my own.*
cherylp59 More than 1 year ago
As the title suggests, Stalker In The Shadows tells the tale of Monica Grant, a young nurse meeting resistance to her plans to open a free children's clinic in the form of death threats and a series of sinister photos of her from a stalker. But Monica isn't going to roll over and give up just because somebody wants her to and, enlisting the help of Shaun O' Neill, former Border Patrol guard, to look after her, the pair try to uncover who is stalking and threatening Monica, especially when it transpires that this same person may be the murderer of Shaun's sister several years before. I love the interplay between the characters and the blossoming romantic interest despite their determination not to give in to it. Outwardly vulnerable Monica has hidden inner strength and apparently strong Shaun, who dedicated his whole career to protecting people, has an inner vulnerability so the two complement each other perfectly. Despite the evil stalker, it's a feel-good novel highlighting people's positive attitudes in the face of adversity and trusting in things turning out for the best. It's a short book - only 215 pages - and I raced through the whole thing in two days, unable to tear myself away from the events unfolding on the page ! The Love Inspired Suspense novels are only on bookstore shelves for 30 days maximum so grab it quick before it's too late.
HollyMag321 More than 1 year ago
This the third installment featuring the Grant sisters. Stalker in the Shadows features the youngest Grant girl, Monica, self-proclaimed wild child. Although she has faithfully cared for her father since his stroke she dreams of something bigger, a free health clinic for children. Following a charity banquet she starts receiving threatening letters encouraging her to abandon her cherished project. Her knight in shining armor, former border patrolman, Shaun O¿Neill, has his own agenda in finding Monica¿s stalker. He is looking for his own redemption to quiet the demons which taunt him. He is determined to find the stalker before he can hurt Monica. This book is true Love Inspired Suspense in every sense of the word, there is love story, excellent suspense, and a line of redemption. From the onset there is an attraction between Shaun and Monica, yet each, for their own reasons, does not want to act on their feelings. The author does a great job of creating suspense in many of the scenes. If she gave any clues in the book who the stalker was, I missed them. She kept me guessing until the end. Although, the main characters are Christians through the story both Monica and Shaun have to examine their lives, their pasts as well as their current motives. One of the things I love about the Love Inspired books is at least one of the characters ends the story a better person than they were at the beginning. If you¿re a fan of Love Inspired you should enjoy the story. Camy Tang¿s writing is solid and engaging. Her characters are very real and easy to identify. Although, this deals with the youngest of the three Grant sisters this book stands independently, you won¿t feel lost if you haven¿t read the other two. I received this book from the author, but the opinions reflected in this review are my own.