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Stalker (Danger.com Series #5)

Stalker (Danger.com Series #5)

4.9 10
by Jordan Cray

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The Internet...a world without rules, without boundaries. Where you can be anyone you want, whoever you aren't. And it's all just a click away...

Mina and Camille share everything. So why would Camille take off without telling Mina? The cops think she's just being your average flakey teenager, but Mina doesn't buy it. Camille isn't average, and she certainly


The Internet...a world without rules, without boundaries. Where you can be anyone you want, whoever you aren't. And it's all just a click away...

Mina and Camille share everything. So why would Camille take off without telling Mina? The cops think she's just being your average flakey teenager, but Mina doesn't buy it. Camille isn't average, and she certainly isn't flakey. Then Mina finds a trail of emails between Camille and some stranger. Could this be the key to Camille's disappearance?

Mina decides to investigate on her own. What she finds draws her deeper into the mind of a killer with a twisted obsession. And Camille is about to become the killer's next victim.

Different people in different places. The one thing they have in common is a new address on the Internet: danger.com. Where all your fears come true.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Bruce Adelson
This engrossing, well-paced mystery will likely keep your child in suspense while she follows the escapades of Mina Kurtz as she searches for her best friend, Camille Brentano. Camille disappears from the mall after meeting Mina there. Mina and Camille's former boyfriend, Mick, try their best to find her, enthusiastically following up a host of clues and leads. As the search continues, they also wrestle with a developing attraction for each other. Eventually, despite their best efforts, Camille's dead body is discovered along the river, sending the affected families and friends into bouts of guilt and grief. Mina, dismayed about the fight she had with her late friend on the day she vanished, discovers much about herself-loyalty, independence and a newly discovered sense of herself. This is a highly textured story of personal growth amidst the adolescent rivalries and competition that are well-known to parents across America. Camille's death further motivates Mick and Mina to find their friend's killer. Thinking there may be a connection between Camille's death and the stalking of teenage movie star Deva Winter, the two wily friends manage to enlist her assistance in their quest. Finally, Mina and Mick, convinced they have found Camille's killer, set a dangerous trap which backfires, leading them into a life-threatening situation. Part of the "Danger.Com" series.

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Simon Pulse
Publication date:
danger.com Series , #5
Edition description:
Product dimensions:
4.24(w) x 7.07(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range:
12 - 13 Years

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e-mail communication TO: MOONSTRK (Deva Winter)

FROM: BIGFAN#1 DATE: April 3 RE: Hello!

You're probably surprised to hear from me, right? You changed your e-mail address again. But I know everything about you. I know that Deva is a moon goddess in Sanskrit. You said that in that article in Le Style magazine. I like your new e-mail address. Moonstruck.

Don't be scared, Deva. I just want to be your friend. Your best friend. I know you don't have one. Remember that interview you gave to Celebrity magazine, when you said it's hard for you to make friends because you're a movie star?

I would understand when you were tired. Or if you had to cancel. I'm in show business, too. I mean, I was. But I got out of it, because Deva, I know just how hard a business it is. People can say whatever they want about you, and you just have to stand there. Like a piece of meat, downgraded from Grade A Prime to dog food, just because you put on a pound, or have a zit.

You see how I understand? That's what I wanted to say to you in court yesterday. But all those lawyers were around you. You looked so scared. Your lawyers are Iying to you, Deva. They're saying I'm dangerous, but it's not true. I d on't need to be "restrained." I'm the one who wants to take care of you.

I just want to be friends. Why is that so wrong? That's why I did what I did. I'm sorry you got-hurt. It wasn't my fault. If you just hadn't been so scared, you wouldn't have gotten hurt.

Remember in Two of Hearts how Andrew never gave up on you? He just knew that you'd love him in the end, and you did!

That's my favorite movie of yours because it's so real. Don't you see, I know wewill be friends. I won't give up on you, either.

I'll wait until you're alone, because then, no one can come between us.

Your Number One Fan e-mall communication TO: RAPnzl (Deva Winter)

FROM: BIGFAN#1 DATE: May 10 RE: Ever After A few nights in jail weren't so scary. And your lawyer didn't scare me, either, Deva. You probably don't know this, but he's paying me money to go away. And the cops have been so mean, too. So I'm going. I wanted to say good-bye. Not for forever -- I know we'll be best friends one day.

If you didn't get scared, and scream, things would have worked out. Maybe I just need to give you some time. Maybe I need to prove to you how I can take care of my friends.

I'm going away, Rapunzel. You see how well I know you? I know that you decided to become an actress when you played Rapunzel in second grade! All your e-mail addresses are so easy to figure out.

You shouldn't have rejected me like that. And you shouldn't have screamed. Now I have to find someone else. Someone to watch over, someone to take care of. Like I would for you. Then you'll see.

But don't be jealous. She'll be just like you, but she could never really take your place.

Your Number One Fan Retrieve: a://nolife.

(Journal of Mina Sterling Kurtz)

april 21 Why would someone who needs to get a life decide to keep a journal? Like I'd ever want to go back and read my 101 complaints about trig, or how seriously strange it is to live in the heart of the decaying infrastructure of the formerly industrial Northeast? otherwise known as my hometown, Mohawk Falls, in Upstate New York.

But today, I've got something to say. Sort of. Camy called and asked me if I wanted to hang out at the mall this afternoon. I looked around, just to see if the moon had turned into blue cheese. But it was daylight. The sun was still up there, sending down some watery spring rays. I said sure.

Don't think for a minute that I don't realize that this is a Mercy Date. She probably called ten of her cool friends, not to mention her ultraslick boyfriend, Mick Mahoney, to see if anyone else wanted to go. I'm the last resort. And I know that she was probably calling because I have a car, and she doesn't. She just needed a ride. So what would a nondesperate person with at least a shred of pride say? Answer: No.

Good evening, ladies and germs. Meet the Most Desperate Girl in the Universe? Mina Kurtz.

Okay. I can handle not being Miss Popularity at school. Truly. I'm not interested in being yet another mallster who devotes hours to contemplating shoes. But I do miss something that I could only confess here -- I miss having a best friend. I miss Camy.

Oops -- Camille. Ever since Camy got cool, she decided her nickname was "babyish." And she rolls her eyes every time I use it. For a while, after she dumped me, I liked yelling, "Hey, Camy!" down a crowded hall at school, just-to rock her world.

Camille Brentano and I met in second grade, when Camy moved to Mohawk Falls. She was wearing the same color OshKosh overalls as I was, so it was fate. We were inseparable for our whole entire childhoods, and most of high school. We threw mud balls at Jeremy Tulchin together, and we slept over at each other's houses and wore the same jammies as we ate chocolate chip cookies we had baked together.

We even looked a little alike -- we both have dark hair and green eyes -- except Camy was always a little plump and I was a skinny runt. People thought we were sisters. We both liked that, because neither of us have a sister. I have three older brothers, and Camy was an only child until her father remarried. Then she got two of the worst stepsisters in the world.

In high school, we watched as other girls bought lipstick and went out on dates. We studied and watched TV while other girls went shopping. For our junior prom, we split a pepperoni pizza and Camy made a batch of brownies.

Then Camy went away last summer, before our senior year started. Her mom rented a house at the beach. When she came back, she'd lost fifteen pounds and had a great haircut. She'd even had a summer boyfriend. She didn't look like me anymore.

She had that mysterioso thing called "style," like she'd stepped out of an MTV video. Something happened that I call the "cool jump." She had moved from the nerd column to the cool column in one huge leap. She was the star of Mohawk Falls High. And she was now "Camille" instead of Camy.

At first, it was totally swell to hear about her dates, and who called her on the phone, and all that stuff. But soon, the cool kids started including her when they went to hear their favorite bad garage bands, or to their stupid parties where someone's parents were out of town and the house got trashed. And I was most definitely not invited. Not that I'd go.

I made sure that Camille knew I had the utmost contempt for that bunch. I practiced my zingers when I was alone in my room, and then I'd let them fly and wait for her to laugh. But after a while, she didn't. So naturally, I just pumped up the volume.

Pretty soon, our friendship hit a dead end sign head-on at ninety miles an hour.

Then this winter, Camille hooked up with the coolest guy at school -- Mick Mahoney, who is in the loudest and most tuneless of the local bands. That launched her even further into Social Orbit. She even got a tattoo in the shape of a butterfly because he plays in the Dead Butterfly Band. Isn't that just too gag-me sweet?

Camy and I were over, to use one of the New Camille's favorite words. So when she called me to go malling, I should have laughed and said, "Excuse me, did you dial the right number?" Or I should have sniffed and said, "Like, I have a million major plans that don't include you." Considering what happened after, I definitely should have done anything but what I did.

But I went.

Copyright© 1998 by Jordan Cray

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Stalker 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Stalker takes you on a wild ride through the mind of a mentally disturbed young woman who deseratley wants the attention of her favorite movie actresss but when her attemtps to kidnapp the star fail she takes the next best thing this book keeps you guessing and suprises watch you from around the corner
Guest More than 1 year ago
k so i read this book when i was in 4th grade and thought it was awesome!!!!!! so now that im older im looking foward to reading it again and understanding all of it
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was is so eye catching and thrilling it kind of spooked me at night while i was reading it,i have to say i never wanted to put the book down its like i wanted to keep turing the pages,its kind of surprising for some people that know me because reading isnt the first thing on my list. now i am making a report on "Stalker" for my language arts teacher Mrs. Hutsell! PS Shout outs to DVS!Also im going to try to enter that contest and write about Stalker my favorite book!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wow! This book was totally awesome! I coudn't even stop reading it! This is definitly a must read page turner! I would suggest it for kids ages 10 and up because it's really detailed!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read this book at school and this is the best book i've ever read! When my teacher said to stop reading i couldn't put it down!
Guest More than 1 year ago
ok, i mean ive read a lot of boooks and ill have to say this is the best one its even better then lord of the rings and thats hard to beat... i loved this book soooooooo much that i read it 4 times o yea im talking a bout the stalker book... anyway thanx for sych a great book to read
Guest More than 1 year ago
At my old school they usto make us read and I hated it. But then one day while I was at the book fair I say the first book Gemini. I couldn't put the book down. I read the book within hours and went back to the book fair to get another one. Now I have read all of them except 6 and 8 which I am purchasing this weekend. I think these books are phenomanal and I would reccomend all teenagers to read this book. If you like mystery and suspense this is the book for you.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was the first book i read from him and i was in to it. i am also reading shiver which is also pretty amasing also i hope jordan cray keeps writing more of these books
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was excellent. It keeps you in suspense the whole time. This series is extremely brilliant.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Danger.com #5 is a good book. I have not finish it yet but it's good so far.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I found this book very good. Anyone would love to read this book. I know, I know, your probably saying not everyone would read this book, but I know for sure. I am very picky about my books when it comes to ratings. If you say 'I don't really have time to read this book,' trust me, you definetly do. It only took me 2 days to read. If you would like to ask me questions about the book please e-mail me. I would be happy to anwser.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I think that this book is one of the best it keeps you into it then it truns soooo good you never know if its the stalker or anything and when they find out all that stuff in the car about the stalker it is so cool and real. I think that everyone should try this book!I've only read like 4 good books my hole life and this is the top one!