Stand by Me

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Sometimes the person you most need is the one least like you.

Kathryn Davies is a bright young woman from a prominent Phoenix family. But after making a leap of faith at a Christian music fest, dropping out of med school, and moving to inner city Chicago, her family all but disowns her.

When Kat discovers SouledOut Community Church, she longs to become a part of the multicultural church family. But her ...

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Stand by Me

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Sometimes the person you most need is the one least like you.

Kathryn Davies is a bright young woman from a prominent Phoenix family. But after making a leap of faith at a Christian music fest, dropping out of med school, and moving to inner city Chicago, her family all but disowns her.

When Kat discovers SouledOut Community Church, she longs to become a part of the multicultural church family. But her tendency to immediately say whatever she’s thinking steps on the toes of nearly everyone she meets—especially Avis Douglass.

Avis has a strong faith, is the principal of one of Chicago’s highest performing elementary schools, and is a founding member of SouledOut. But the country’s economic downturn has thrown both her and her husband’s jobs in question. And Avis hasn’t heard from her youngest daughter in months—an estrangement that gnaws at her every day. Where is God in this?

Kat’s flamboyant zeal for living a “radical” Christian life is a stark contrast to Avis’s more reserved faith. But in God’s timing, the two women discover they need each other in ways neither of them expected.

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Editorial Reviews

Romantic Times TOP PICK!
“In Jackson’s superlative novel in the new SouledOut Sisters, the plot and characters remain fresh and vibrant, shining spiritual truth from each page.”
CBA Retailers + Resources
“Readers will enjoy the antics of Kat and her open-mouth-insertfoot ways, and watching God orchestrate His will in the lives of the people of the SouledOut Community Church.”
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781595548641
  • Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
  • Publication date: 3/13/2012
  • Series: A SouledOut Sisters Novel Series
  • Pages: 400
  • Sales rank: 780,994
  • Product dimensions: 5.40 (w) x 8.30 (h) x 1.10 (d)

Meet the Author

Neta Jackson’s award-winning Yada books have sold well over 500,000 copies and are spawning prayer groups across the country. She and her husband, Dave, are also an award-winning writing team with over 2.5 million in sales. They live in the Chicago metropolitan area where the Yada storis are set.
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Read an Excerpt

stand by me

A SouledOut Sisters Novel
By neta jackson

Thomas Nelson

Copyright © 2012 Neta Jackson
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-59554-864-1

Chapter One

Chicago, three years later

The earrings. A slight panic rose in her chest as Avis searched the jewelry box a second time. Where were the ruby earrings Peter had given to her as a wedding present? They went perfectly with the wine-colored moiré silk dress lying on the bed, and she'd already told Peter she was going to wear them.

Avis Douglass sucked in a deep breath and blew it out slowly. Think, Avis, think. They couldn't be lost! She'd only worn them a few times since their wedding six years ago. The deep red brought out a rosy glow in her dark chocolate skin. But ... ruby earrings weren't exactly de rigueur for an elementary school principal in her fifties. She'd had a few kids at Bethune elementary—just a few, but still—who wouldn't have thought twice about ripping them out of her ears.

Besides, she liked to save them for special occasions. like this weekend.

Their sixth anniversary.

A smile tickled her lips, and Avis sank into the upholstered rocker beside the queen bed, forgetting the earring hunt for a moment. Six years. Amazing. Second marriage for her. First for Peter. Old college friend of Conrad's who'd never married. looked her up after Conrad died of pancreatic cancer, and one thing led to another ...

She closed her eyes and rested her head on the back of the rocker, careful not to disturb the twists piled on top of her head after her visit to Adele's hair and Nails that morning. Peter would be home soon—he often put in five or six hours at the office, even on Saturday—but she still had time to get dressed. The tiny smile broadened. Her man had turned out to be a class-A husband—well, mostly—in spite of "baching it" for several decades. She was proud of the way he'd built Software Symphony from a grassroots startup to the thriving business it was today, in spite of the obstacles he'd had to climb over as an African-American male. He treated his employees well—black and white—giving them opportunity to advance, even get more training if needed. He took his involvement seriously as a board member of Manna house, and under his guidance the women's shelter had operated in the black for the past few years.

But those things made him a good man. What made Peter a good husband was not only that he was crazy about her—she wanted to giggle like a girl every time he called her "my queen"—but his unflappable steadiness. A man she could count on. His thoughtfulness about little things and helpfulness around the house went a long way too. Avis chuckled. At least he'd learned to fold his own laundry and do the dishes while he was baching all those years!

In fact, the only time they'd ever had a serious disagreement was over the girls.

Her girls. He didn't have any kids.

Not that they'd had any problems with Charette, her oldest, who was married and living in Ohio. Or Natasha, the youngest, still single, working in D.C. as an advocate with the Center for law and Social Policy. No, their only tension had been all the drama her middle daughter, Rochelle, dumped into their laps. like last Valentine's Day ...

* * *

"Can't believe it's almost one o'clock!" Avis giggled as Peter unlocked the front door and they slipped into the darkness of their third-floor condo. "Makes me feel like a teenager tiptoeing home after curfew."

Peter took her warm winter coat and threw it over the back of a chair. "Except now I get to spend the night." He chuckled. "Come here, beautiful." He pulled her close, and she felt his warm lips pressing gently on hers.

She wove her arms around his neck, breathing in the faint, cool smell of his aftershave. The evening still glowed in his eyes. He'd brought her a dozen red roses and then taken her to dinner and dancing in Uptown. On the way home they'd stopped at a vantage point where they could see the lake, shimmering in the clear February night. Moonlight had tickled the water out beyond the icy buildup along the lake Michigan shoreline.

Breathtaking, even in winter. But thank God for the car heater! The outside temperature hovered around zero.

Avis wiggled out of his embrace and headed for the bedroom. Using the matches she kept in her bedside table drawer, she lit several candles around the room—but when she turned around, she burst out laughing. Peter was leaning against the door frame, arms folded, one of the long-stemmed red roses held between his teeth.

"You're nuts, you know that." Still laughing, she slid the ruby earrings out of her ears and turned her back to him. "Here, help me with this dress." The red silk dress was one of his favorites. But instead of unzipping the dress, he slid his arms around her again from the back and nuzzled her neck.


The loud door buzzer in the other room made them both jump. Avis gasped. "who could that be at this hour!" She started for the intercom beside the front door.

Peter spit a sharp retort under his breath and then called after her, "whoever it is, tell them to butt out and come back tomorrow."

The buzzer rang again, loud and insistent. Somebody had a lot of nerve—at one o'clock in the morning! Avis pressed the Talk button. "who is it?"

"Mom? Mom, it's me! And Conny! Please, let us come up!"

Rochelle! Avis pressed the button that released the door down in the lobby, her heart suddenly beating faster. What was Rochelle doing out this late at night? with six-year-old Conny at that! The girl must've lost her mind!

"Don't tell me ..." Peter's voice behind her was flat. More than flat. Annoyed.

Avis opened the door, stepped into the hallway, and peered over the banister. She could hear Rochelle's and Conny's footsteps thumping up the carpeted stairs of the three-flat, and then their heads appeared as they trudged up the last flight. Conny, bundled in a hooded parka, dragged behind his mother, pulled by her grip around his wrist.

"Rochelle! what in the world—?! Conny, come here, baby." Avis bent down and wrapped her arms around her grandson. "It's all right, sweetie, Grammy's here." She slid the hood of the parka back and kissed the top of his loose, curly hair.

Rochelle brushed past her into their front room. Avis followed with Conny and shut the door.

Peter had turned the living room light on and stood facing them, arms crossed, frowning. "There better be a good explanation for this, Rochelle. Do you have any idea what time it is?"

Rochelle ignored him and turned to her mother. "I'm sorry, Mom. I—I lost my apartment and ... and just didn't know where else to go. I came by earlier, but you weren't here. Where were you guys? you never stay out this late!"

Avis saw Peter shake his head in disgust. "We were out, Rochelle," She said evenly. "You should have called. We had our cell." Taking off Conny's coat, she helped the little boy lie down on the black leather couch. "What do you mean, you lost your apartment?"

Rochelle flopped down in the matching leather armchair. "I told you a couple weeks ago I lost my job. I've been looking, honest I have, but it's a zoo out there! Everybody's cutting back, letting people go, not hiring." She hunched forward, elbows on her knees, her thick black hair full and wavy around the honey brown skin of her face, not quite looking at her mother. "We just need a place to stay until I figure out what to do. Or ... or if I could borrow some money for the rent, I'm sure I could get my apartment ba—"

"No." Peter's sharp retort left Rochelle's mouth open.

Avis winced. Oh, Peter, let her finish. This wasn't just about Rochelle, but Conny too.

Rochelle jumped up, eyes flashing. "I'm not talking to you, Peter Douglass! I'm talking to my mother." She turned to Avis. "Mom, please. I need some money for my meds. I'll pay you back as soon as I—"

"I said no!" Peter took three strides and stood between Rochelle and Avis. "This begging has got to stop, Rochelle. This is your third apartment. We gave you money for first and last month's rent. And you have a Medicaid card for the meds. We can't keep bailing you out."

"Peter—" Avis started.

"I lost the bloody card!" Rochelle's voice rose. "Or someone stole it ... I don't know. But it takes weeks to get another one, and I need the meds now. You know that." Again she turned imploring eyes on her mother. "At least let us stay here till I find another apartment."

Avis cast a pleading look in Peter's direction. Rochelle did need her antiretroviral drugs—three times a day—to treat the hIV she'd contracted from her philandering husband. Ex-husband now. Dexter not only had played around but had become abusive. Avis shuddered. The past five years had been a series of crises getting Rochelle and Conny out of that mess, into a shelter, into a treatment program, finding an apartment, then a series of jobs that never seemed to work out ... and now this.

Peter just stood there, arms crossed, shaking his head. "It's not going to happen, Rochelle."

With a screech the girl darted around her stepfather and ran toward the hall. Avis thought she was running for the bathroom and started to follow, but Rochelle ran past the bathroom, into the master bedroom, and slammed the door. Hurrying down the hall after her, Avis heard the lock turn.

"Rochelle. Rochelle, open the door."

"I'm not leaving!" she yelled. "I don't have any place to go!" loud sobs erupted behind the locked door.

Avis could feel Peter's presence behind her. Turning, she put a hand on his chest and pushed him firmly back down the hall and into the front room, out of earshot. "Peter. It's one o'clock in the morning! we can't turn them out now. Think of Conny." Think of Rochelle too. No way did she want her daughter—still young, vulnerable, not well—out on Chicago streets at this time of night.

"And let her think her tantrum is working? No way."

Avis was firm. "Peter. let them stay the night. Just for the night. We can talk about what to do in the morning."

Her husband threw up his hands. "All right. All right. Just for the night. But we take them to Manna house in the morning. They know her situation. They know better than we do what resources are available." Peter's shoulders slumped slightly, as if giving up. "Maybe they have room at the house of hope. That's more long-term than the shelter, and she can keep Conny with her. Why don't you call Gabby Fairbanks in the morning?"

Avis nodded, relieved. "Good idea. At least get her on the waiting list." She wasn't sure if she was grateful to Peter for backing off or angry at him for being such a stubborn lump. Still angry, she decided, and headed back down the hall.

"Rochelle?" She knocked softly. "Please open the door. you and Conny can stay the night. I'll make up the studio couch in Peter's office. But it's late. We all need to get to bed." She knocked again. "Rochelle?"

She waited. After a few long moments the lock turned and the door opened. Rochelle, red-eyed and tight-lipped, nodded but slipped past her mother and into the bathroom. Avis heard the water running in the sink ...

* * *

Avis sighed, staring at her newly manicured nails. She'd called Gabby Fairbanks at the house of hope the next morning—Manna house's "second-stage housing" for homeless moms with children—but all Gabby could do was put them on the waiting list. "And we've got two other moms ahead of her," Gabby had said. "So sorry, Avis. It might be several months."

They'd offered to keep Conny for a few days, but Rochelle wouldn't hear of it. "It's both of us or neither," she'd huffed. So they'd taken them to Manna house. But when Avis called the shelter the next day, they said she'd checked out.

Disappeared was more like it. They didn't hear from her for days. Days that turned into weeks. And when Avis tried to call her cell, all she got was "This phone is no longer in service."

"Guess she had someplace to go after all," Peter had pointed out. "we can't be jerked around by her tantrums, Avis. She's a smart girl. She'll figure it out."

Avis sighed again. Not a day went by that she didn't think about her daughter and grandson. Conny especially. Rochelle's little boy had started kindergarten this year. Avis wished she'd helped them find an apartment here in Rogers Park so he could attend Bethune elementary where "Grammy Avis" could keep a watchful eye on him. But no, Rochelle had found an apartment on the South Side and enrolled him down there. But if she'd lost that apartment ... Was she taking him to school every day?

And Rochelle used to bring him for a sleepover a couple times a month. Sweet times. But ... they hadn't heard from Rochelle for over two months now, not since that Valentine's Day fiasco—

Avis's eyes flew open with a start. That was the last time she'd worn the ruby earrings. Oh no. No, no, no. Rochelle wouldn't have ... would she? But her wild-eyed daughter had been in this very room that night, right after she'd taken off the expensive earrings.

Snatching up the jewelry box, Avis dumped the contents out on the bed, pawing through them desperately. She had to find those earrings! Surely she'd just misplaced them. She even dumped out her top dresser drawer, thinking they might have dropped in there by mistake.

No ruby earrings.

She heard the front door open. "Avis? I'm home!"

Avis quickly threw her lingerie back in the drawer and slid it into the dresser just as the bedroom door opened and Peter poked his head in.

"Hey, beautiful. I picked up the mail. Got something with a South African postmark." He dangled the envelope just out of her reach for two seconds before handing it to her. "hey, you gonna wear that red dress again? Nice. Do I have time for a shower?"

Without waiting for an answer, her husband disappeared down the hallway toward the bathroom.

Avis glanced at the return address on the envelope. Nonyameko Sisulu-Smith, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durbin, SA. It'd been awhile since she'd heard from Nony! But no time to read it now. Stuffing the envelope in her purse, she snatched the dress off the bed and hung it back in the closet. She couldn't wear the red dress, not without the ruby earrings. She needed more time to look for them. Surveying her options, she finally pulled out a black satin crepe two-piece pantsuit with flared legs and flattering cowl neckline. She'd add a royal blue pashmina scarf and blue onyx earrings and tell Peter to wear his black suit and blue tie.

But as Avis slipped the silky top over her head, a sense of dread sank into her belly, and she had to sit down on the bed, hands covering her face. How could she suspect her own daughter?! But if Rochelle had taken the ruby earrings and pawned them, it might explain why she'd been avoiding them lately.

Avis shuddered. She should have tried harder to contact Rochelle. Maybe it wasn't a tantrum but guilt that kept her away. Tomorrow ... she'd leave another message on Rochelle's cell, ask to meet her someplace so they could talk, use wanting to see Conny as an excuse to find out how they were doing, what was going on. Surely Rochelle knew it was important for Conny to have regular contact with his grandparents.

As for tonight, if Peter asked why she wasn't wearing the rubies, she'd just have to tell him she'd misplaced them somehow. Which could very well be true ... right, Lord? No way could she let Peter guess her suspicions, or this could turn out to be the worst anniversary ever.

Chapter Two

Peter had said he wanted to do something special for their anniversary—and a dinner reservation at the top of the John hancock Building was definitely a delightful surprise. The maître d' led them to a table right by the floor-to-ceiling windows in the hancock's Signature room with a panoramic view of Chicago's skyline. April's drizzle had spilled over to the first Saturday of May, but as dusk settled over the city, the clouds began to retreat and a scrap of moon peeked through. The lights sparking through the mist from every stately building along lake Michigan looked like a field of diamonds.

Avis gave up her coat at the coat check but was glad for the blue pashmina that could double as a shawl, as the air in the restaurant was a bit too cool for her taste. Peter had seemed surprised when he got out of the shower and saw the change of outfits, but she'd hurriedly confessed she couldn't find the ruby earrings, had probably put them in a "safe place"—so safe she couldn't remember where—and assured him they'd turn up when she had more time to look. He'd given her a puzzled look but said nothing more about it.


Excerpted from stand by me by neta jackson Copyright © 2012 by Neta Jackson. Excerpted by permission of Thomas Nelson. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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  • Posted March 6, 2012

    Great Story

    Since the day I picked up the first book in the Yada Yada Prayer Group series, I have enjoyed Neta Jackson’s writing. Within the first few pages, I fell in love with the characters and their stories. When she had completed the Yada Yada series, I was happy to see that she followed some of her characters in the House of Hope series. So, imagine my excitement when I realized she had decided to continue the stories of her characters and introduce some new ones in her latest series, Souled Out Series. I enjoyed reading this book just as much as I enjoyed all of the previous books. Each series reveals a little more about her most beloved characters and makes you want to delve deeper into their world. I cannot wait until book number two in this series comes out!

    A complimentary copy of this book was provided for this review. All thoughts are my own and I was not required to post a positive review.

    8 out of 9 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted June 15, 2012

    Stand by Me, by Neta Jackson Kathryn is a white woman who left m

    Stand by Me, by Neta Jackson
    Kathryn is a white woman who left medschool after many problems and recently found herself in religion by a Christian school, when she meets Avis, a black woman with a successful career as a director in the school and in life. They meet in the church and Avis to be older,judges Kathryn's character before she knows her. Women have many differences, but their paths will intersect. The author can descrive from a very real way the character flaws of each, as well as their qualities, all that defines them as women and as human beings. Both of them have family problems, but together they will try to cross these differences to be better people.
    The book helps to reflect on the kind of person we are, and really try to improve every day, being more sympathetic to the next, in order to become more human, and better people.

    5 out of 7 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted October 1, 2012

    Great book

    You will enjoy this book. It help you to realize you should never stop praising GOD even if you are going through something. And to open you heart and mind to others you never know why some people comes into our life.

    3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted October 4, 2012

    highly recommended

    I too have fallen in love with Neta Jackson series from the first series she wrote Yada Yada prayer Group to the House of Hope and was super excited to read this one. She is one of my favorite Christian authors.

    2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted June 6, 2012

    Highly Recommended-this book is a MUST read!

    Neta Jackson, does it again with another great book in her House of Hope Series. This is one of those books that keeps you totally engrossed until the end. Phenomenal writing, characters, plot and descriptions throughout. I not only feel like I know the story but rather that I am apart of it! It's GREAT!

    2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted December 7, 2012


    If you have a problem with someone plot spoiling then dont rate the book 1 star just because of some plot spoilers! Be mature people and im a 12 year oldandim saying this >:-|

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted May 12, 2012


    I have read all of Neta Jackson's book and this is the first one that was not up to her standard. It was hard to read and rambling in places. I think her effort to combine all of her other series weighed this one down. I won't give up on her and will read the next and hope it's better.

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted April 24, 2012

    Having just finished reading ‘Stand By Me’ - by Neta

    Having just finished reading ‘Stand By Me’ - by Neta Jackson which I had received through Thomas Nelson’s Booksneeze program, am none the wiser. It focuses, mainly, on two women. Avis, who is the older woman, is married and has three daughters and known for her mature faith and her reliance on listening to God more than people. And then there is Kat, the younger woman, who is a college student with a flamboyant zeal for living a “radical” Christian life. Both of these women face various domestic situations, and realize they need each other to see things through.
    I have had a very laborious task reading through this as contrary to what the cover suggests it turned out to be a very boring and hollow book. However since it was based on women and mostly dealt with their issues hopefully they can connect with it more than I could.

    1 out of 2 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted April 15, 2012


    I've read every one of Neta Jackson's fiction books, so naturally was very excited when her latest came out. Neta has a way of making me feel like I am right there in the story, I suppose because of the great detail she uses. I enjoyed this story, as I have all the others and would highly recommend it :-)

    1 out of 2 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted April 5, 2012

    Kathryn (Kat) Davies comes from a prominent Phoenix family, whos

    Kathryn (Kat) Davies comes from a prominent Phoenix family, whose father wants her to go to med school so she could practice with him. After attending a Christian music fest, Kat becomes a Christian and drops out of med school and goes into education, creating a deeper chasm within her family. Kat also starts attending SouledOut Community Church in Chicago, a mixed race community of believers.

    Avis Douglass is the principal of one of Chicago’s best performing elementary schools, an over-the-hill newlywed–second time around for her, a founding member of SouledOut Community Church, and one of its main worship leaders. Her faith and relationship with the Lord is strong. However, her estrangement from her daughter haunts her every day, though she prays diligently for her.

    Kat’s dramatic enthusiasm for living the “sold-out” Christian life clashes with Avis’ more stable, reserved faith. Therein develops the ‘grain of sand’ irritation in Avis’ shoe, so to speak. How can they develop a relationship when they are so different? Kat appears so care-free and Avis has an estranged daughter.

    Neta draws out Kat’s outspoken mannerisms that wreak havoc in Avis’ spiritual walk, wondering how she can become so unglued when this young student speaks out so brashly. Though Kat seems mostly oblivious to Avis’ feelings, the tension is heightened when Kat and her friends rent the condo below the Douglass’s, one of whom is a guy. A secret known only to Kat, Brygitta and Rochelle turns into a conundrum for Kat. New in her faith, Kat wonders how God will bring it all to pass.

    Faith, praise and prayer, especially through the Yada Yada prayer group, permeate the story line, but Neta keeps you intrigued as to how God will answer those prayers. His ways are higher than ours!

    I found the interactions between the different races at the church to be honest and sincere, as well as the characters. Avis’ thought life becomes known to the reader, which adds depth to the story. Tensions do arise, particularly after Pastor Clark’s death. The possibility of dissension and racism rear their ugly heads. How will it all be worked out? Will the church survive? The author does a wonderful job of working through all the circumstances that touch not only Avis, but her daughter and Kat in a way that melts your heart. The touch of humor helps to level out the stress and tension.

    God brings difficult people into our lives. It’s not to make our lives miserable, but to bring us to maturity. Stand by Me is a book that shows how God brings out that maturity, though we are sometimes kicking and screaming. The touch of humor levels out the stress and tension. I would summarize Stand by Me by this, “Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” Proverbs 27:17

    Special thanks to Rick Roberson The B&B Media Group, for sending me a review copy.

    1 out of 2 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted January 30, 2014

    Great read

    For anyone not familar with nata jackson writing are in for a real treat. Makes you feel you know the people she writes about. Always look foreward to more books.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted November 18, 2013

    I Also Recommend:

    Loved this book just like all the books you feel like you know t

    Loved this book just like all the books you feel like you know the people as if they were your neighbor, and things that can happen to anyone the stories are not fantasies they can be anyone's life. Already started second book.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted January 29, 2013

    I was a little caught off guard with this book. I really wasn't

    I was a little caught off guard with this book. I really wasn't expecting to enjoy the characters as much as I did. I've read a lot of reviews
     about Neta Jackson and her Yada Yada Prayer Group series. I haven't read any of those but after reading this and the way she is so
     detailed with her characters and their interaction with each other, I'm going to look into that series. Kathryn is a white woman
     who after finding herself with many problems left med school and found religion by going to a Christian school. She meets a
    very successful black woman by the name of Avis who judges Kathryn without knowing her first, as I'm sure we all can relate to.. I know
     I can. Throughout the book you read about the struggles these women go through in life and family and how their paths cross and how
     they deal with these things to become better women, better people.t really makes you think about yourself as a person and what you
    can do to improve yourself as not only a woman, in my case, but also as human being.

    Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through Booksneeze Blogger Review Program. I was
    not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. 

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  • Anonymous

    Posted January 20, 2013

    Great Christian novel!

    This is a truly wonderful, Christian novel! It helps show how the Lord can use two women, who seem to be opposite in many ways, to enrich the life if each other! This was a great book and I recommend giving it a try!

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  • Posted January 4, 2013

    Couldn't put it down - didn't want it to end

    I'm hooked! I can't wait to read more books by Neta Jackson.
    Good read!

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  • Posted December 30, 2012

    Awsome book. Hard to put it down once you start.

    Awsome book. Hard to put it down once you start.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted December 29, 2012

    This is my first Neta Jackson book and will also be my last. Th

    This is my first Neta Jackson book and will also be my last. The entire story could have been told in half the number of pages but dragged on and on. While a lesson could be learned about a diverse group of people getting along, it seemed like Avis Douglass was a bit of a racist.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted December 7, 2012

    God is love. He loves you unconditionally.

    Pass it on :)

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  • Anonymous

    Posted December 7, 2012


    Here is another book ruined by all the plot spoilers bragging how they got the book for free then revealing everything about the book. Wonder how the publishers and author would feel if they knew these ppl are costing them sales due to their over excessive plot reveals?

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  • Posted April 17, 2012

    Stand by Me by Neta Jackson is the first book in the SouledOut S

    Stand by Me by Neta Jackson is the first book in the SouledOut Sisters series, a spin-off from the Yada Yada Prayer Group series. Avis Douglass has long been the disciplinarian of Yada Yada, keeping her sisters in line like she does as the principal of a Chicago elementary school. But her life is taking some turns that leave her frustrated and distant from the Lord. When Kat Davies enters her life, Avis wants nothing to do with the do-good college student who has a whole lot of ideas about how others should live their lives that don't have much to do with reality. And Kat keeps popping up in Avis' life, attending her church at SouledOut, moving into her building, and the two women couldn't have less in common. I don't know why I keep doubting Neta Jackson. When it was announced that she was ending the Yada Yada Prayer Group series, I couldn't imagine any series being as compelling, until I met Gabby Fairbanks in the House of Hope series. When that series was ending, I was again disappointed and didn't think a series starring no-nonsense Avis would be as moving, but Jackson just keeps proving me wrong! She really throws Avis' world into confusion, allowing us to really see this strong woman of faith and see how she keeps her faith through the hard times. But Jackson keeps Avis' edge in the relationship with good-intentioned Kat. Kat is another character who at first seems unrelatable, but as I kept reading, I could see the heart of this beautiful young woman who wants to make a difference and has absolutely no idea where to begin. The relationship between these two women is thoroughly entertaining and poignant, especially when at the climax Jackson cuts through the noise and exposes the hole in Kat's heart in such a way that it opens Avis'. Jackson's writing is also a treat, and I don't know how I am going to get through the waiting until the next book is released!

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