Stand-in Pronouns Save the Scene!

Stand-in Pronouns Save the Scene!

by Pamela Hall, Gary Currant

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Children's Literature - Deborah Zink Brooks
From the "Grammar Slammin'" series of books that animates the various parts of speech, this pronoun explosion teaches the concept of replacing the main nouns with a smaller word. On a Hollywood set—make that Hollyword set—a pair of temperamental stars decides to disappear in the midst of filming their big movie. The harried director flies into a tizzy and dashes to the Pronoun Crew to find stand-ins for his main actors. "He" and "She" quickly stand in for the stars, but it is only a temporary solution as they decide to depart as well. The chaos continues as the producers must dig deeper into the Pronoun Crew, drafting "We" and "They" for the parts. It is a dreadful day on the set for the poor director. The climax is a frantic scene with all the characters returning to reclaim their parts, clamoring to be heard. Predictably, there are lots of "Me" and "I" shouted at this point. Naturally, the director quits. Zany scenes of Hollywood glitz in this clever delivery of the concept of replacing the primary nouns with a pronoun. Excellent choice to reinforce the concept after a grammar lesson on pronouns. Perfect for independent or small group work in the classroom. Reviewer: Deborah Zink Brooks

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Magic Wagon
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Grammar's Slammin' Series
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7.50(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range:
5 - 8 Years

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