Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae / Edition 30

Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae / Edition 30

by Daniel Zwillinger

ISBN-10: 0849324793

ISBN-13: 9780849324796

Pub. Date: 12/26/1995

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

The 30th edition still provides you with all of the usual tools. As always, the handbook covers numbers, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, special functions, numerical methods, probability, and statistics; along with many new topics, such as control theory and design theory. This is an excellent reference handbook for modern mathematics, filled with tables,

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The 30th edition still provides you with all of the usual tools. As always, the handbook covers numbers, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, special functions, numerical methods, probability, and statistics; along with many new topics, such as control theory and design theory. This is an excellent reference handbook for modern mathematics, filled with tables, formulae, equations, and descriptions.

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Taylor & Francis
Publication date:
Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications Series
Edition description:
Older Edition
Product dimensions:
6.46(w) x 9.56(h) x 1.64(d)

Table of Contents

ANALYSIS Constants Types of Numbers. Representation of Numbers. Decimal Multiples and Prefixes. Roman Numerals. Decimal Equivalents of Common Fractions. Hexadecimal Addition and Subtraction Table. Hexadecimal Multiplication Table. Hexadecimal-Decimal Integer Conversion Table.
Special Numbers Positive Powers of 2. Negative Powers of 2. Powers of 16 in Decimal Scale. Powers of 10 in Hexadecimal Scale. Special Constants. Factorials. Important Numbers in Different Bases. Bernoulli Numbers and Polynomials. Euler Numbers and Polynomials. Fibonacci Numbers. Powers of Integers. Sums of Powers of Integers. Negative Integer Powers. Integer Sequences. de Bruijn Sequences.
Series Definitions. General Properties. Convergence Tests. Types of Series. Summation Formulae. Improving Convergence: Shanks Transformation. Summability Methods. Operations with Series. Miscellaneous Sums and Series. Infinite Series. Infinite Products.
Fourier Series.
Special Cases. Alternate Forms. Expansions of Basic Periodic Functions.
Complex Analysis Definitions. Operations on Complex Numbers. Powers and Roots of Complex Numbers. Functions of a Complex Variable. Cauchy-Riemann Equations. Cauchy Integral Theorem. Cauchy Integral Formula. Taylor Series Expansions. Laurent Series Expansions. Zeros and Singularities. Residues. Principle of the Argument. Transformations and Mappings. Bilinear Transformations. Table of Transformations. Table of Conformal Mapping.
Real Analysis Relations. Functions (Mappings). Sets of Real Numbers. Topological Space. Metric Space. Convergence in R. Continuity in R. Convergence in Lp. Convergence in L2. Asymptotic Relations.
Generalized Functions ALGEBRA Elementary Algebra Basic Algebra. Progressions. DeMoivre's Theorem. Partial Fractions.
Polynomials Quadratic Polynomials. Cubic Polynomials. Quartic Polynomials. Quintic Polynomials. Tschirnhaus' Transformation. Polynomial Norms. Galois Group of a Polynomial. Other Polynomial Properties.
Number Theory Congruences. Chinese Remainder Theorem. Continued Fractions. Diophantine Equations. Greatest Common Divisor. Least Common Multiple. Farey Sequences. Möbius Function. Prime Numbers. Prime Numbers less than 100,000. Prime Numbers of Special Forms. Prime Period Lengths. Factorization Table. Factorization of 2m-1. Magic Squares. Totient Function.
Vector Algebra Notation for Vectors and Scalars. Physical Vectors. Fundamental Definitions. Laws of Vector Algebra. Vector Norms. Dot, Scalar, or Inner Product. Cross or Vector Product. Scalar and Vector Triple Products.
Linear and Matrix Algebra Definitions. Types of Matrices. Conformability for Addition, Multiplication. Determinants. Matrix Norms. Singularity, Rank, and Inverses. Systems of Linear Equations. Other Matrix Transformations. Linear Spaces and Linear Mappings. Traces. Generalized Inverses. Eigenstructure. Eigenvalue Diagonalization. Matrix Exponentials. Quadratic Forms. Matrix Factorizations. Theorems. Kronecker Products or Tensor Products. Kronecker Sums. The Vector Operation.
Abstract Algebra Basic Concepts. Groups. Rings. Fields. Finite Fields. Homomorphisms and Isomorphisms. Matrix Classes that are Groups. Permutation Groups. Primitive Normal Polynomials. Tables.
DISCRETE MATHEMATICS Set Theory Propositional Calculus. Tautologies. Truth Tables as Functions. Rules of Inference. Deductions. Sets. Set Operations and Relations. Venn Diagrams. Paradoxes and Theorems of Set Theory. Predicate Calculus.
Combinatorics Sample Selection. Balls into Cells. Binomial Coefficients. Multinomial Coefficients. Arrangements and Derangements. Catalan Numbers. Partitions. Stirling Numbers. Stirling Cycle Numbers. Bell Numbers. Tables.
Graphs Notation. Basic Definitions. Constructions. Fundamental Results. Tree Diagrams.
Partially Ordered Sets Combinatorial Design Theory t-Designs. Balanced Incomplete Block Diagrams (BIBDs). Difference Sets. Finite Geometry. Steiner Triple Systems. Hadamard Matrices. Latin Squares. Room Squares.
Inclusion/Exclusion Communication Theory Information Theory. Block Coding. Finite Fields. Binary Sequences. Morse Code. Source Coding for English Text.
Costas Array Difference Equations The Calculus of Finite Differences. Existence and Uniqueness. Linear Independence - General Solution. Homogenous Equations with Constant Coefficients. Nonhomogenous Equations with Constant Coefficients. Generating Functions and Z Transforms. Closed Form Solutions for Special Equations.
Discrete Dynamical Systems and Chaos Chaotic One-Dimensional Maps. Logistic Map. Julia Sets and the Mandelbrot Set.
Operations Research Linear Programming. Duality and Complementary Slackness. Linear Integer Programming. Branch and Bound. Network Flow Methods. Assignment Problem. Dynamic Programming. Shortest Path Problem.
GEOMETRY Coordinate Systems in the Plane Substitutions and Transformations. Cartesian Coordinates in the Plane. Polar Coordinates in the Plane. Homogenous Coordinates in the Plane. Oblique Coordinates in the Plane.
Symmetries or Isometries Formulas for Symmetries: Cartesian Coordinates; Homogenous Coordinates; Polar Coordinates. Crystallographic Groups. Classifying the Crystallographic Groups.
Other Transformations of the Plane Similarities. Affine Transformations. Projective Transformations.
Lines Distances. Angles. Concurrence and Collinearity.
Polygons Triangles. Quadrilaterals. Regular Polygons.
Circles Conics Alternative Characterization. The General Quadratic Equation. Additional Properties of Ellipses, Hyperbolas, and Parabolas.
Special Plane Curves Algebraic Curves. Roulettes (Spirograph Curves). Spirals. The Peano Curve and Fractal Curves. Classical Constructions.
Coordinate Systems in Space Cartesian Coordinates in Space. Cylindrical Coordinates in Space. Spherical Coordinates in Space. Relations between the Coordinates in Space. Homogenous Coordinates in Space.
Space Symmetries or Isometries Formulae for Symmetries in Cartesian and Homogenous Coordinates.
Other Transformations of Space Similarities. Affine Transformations. Projective Transformations.
Direction Angles and Direction Cosines Planes Lines Polyhedra Cylinders Cones Spheres Surfaces of Revolution - The Torus Quadrics Knots up to Eight Crossings Differential Geometry Curves. Surfaces.
Angle Conversion CONTINUOUS MATHEMATICS Differential Calculus Maxima and Minima of Functions. Vector Calculus. Matrix and Vector Derivatives.
Differential Forms Integration Definitions. Properties of Integration. Inequalities. Convergence Tests. Substitution. Partial Fraction Decomposition. Integration by Parts. Special Functions Defined by Integrals. Variational Principles. Line and Surface Integrals. Contour Integrals. Continuity of Integral Antiderivatives. Asymptotic Integral Evaluation. Moments of Inertia for Various Bodies. Table of Semi-Integrals. Tables of Integrals.
Table of Indefinite Integrals Elementary Forms. Various Algebraic Forms. Forms Involving Trigonometric Functions. Forms Involving Inverse Trigonometric Functions. Logarithmic Forms. Exponential Forms. Hyperbolic Forms. Bessel Functions.
Table of Definite Integrals Ordinary Differential Equations Linear Differential Equations. Solution Techniques. Integrating Factors. Variation of Parameters. Green's Functions. List of Green's Functions. Transform Techniques. Named Ordinary Differential Equations. Liaponuv's Direct Method. Lie Groups. Types of Critical Points. Stochastic Differential Equations.
Partial Differential Equations Classification of PDEs. Named Partial Differential Equations. Well-Posedness of PDEs. Green's Function. Quasi-Linear Equations. Exact Solutions to Laplace's Equation. Solutions to the Wave Equation. Separation of Variables. Transforming Partial Differential Equations.
Eigenvalues Integral Equations Definitions. Connection to Differential Equations. Fredholm Alternative. Sipecial Equations with Solutions.
Tensor Analysis Definitions. Algebraic Tensor Operations. Differentiation of Tensors. Metric Tensors. Results. Examples.
Orthogonal Coordinate Systems Control Theory SPECIAL FUNCTIONS Trigonometric or Circular Functions Definition of Angles. Characterization of Angles. Relation between Radians and Degrees. Circular Functions. Other Trigonometric Functions. Periodicity Relations. Symmetry Relations. Signs in the Four Quadrants. Functions in Terms of the Angles in the First Quadrant. Circular Functions of Special Angles. Definitions in Terms of Exponentials. Fundamental Identities. Angle Sum and Difference Relations. Double Angle Formulae. Multiple Angle Formulae. Half Angle Formulae. Powers of Circular Functions. Products of Sine and Cosine. Sums of Circular Functions. Evaluating Sines and Cosines.
Circular Functions and Planar Triangles Right Triangles. General Plane Triangles. Solution of Triangles.
Inverse Circular Functions Definition. Fundamental Properties. Principle Values. Fundamental Identities. Functions of Negative Arguments. Relation to Inverse Hyperbolic Functions. Sum and Difference of Two Functions.
Spherical Geometry and Trigonometry Right Spherical Trianges. Oblique Spherical Trianges. Table of Trigonometric Functions.
Exponential Functions Exponentiation. Definition of ez. Derivative and Integral of ez. Circular Functions in Terms of Exponentials.
Logarithmic Functions Definition of a Natural Log. Special Values. Logarithms to a Base Other than e. Relation of the Logarithm to the Exponential. Identities. Series Expansions for the Natural Logarithm. Derivative and Integration Formulae.
Hyperbolic Functions Definitions. Range of Values. Series Expansions. Symmetry Relations. Interrelationships among the Hyperbolic Functions. Relation to Circular Functions. Hyperbolic Functions in Terms of One Another. Sum and Difference Formulae. Multiple Argument Relations. Sums and Products of Functions. Half-Argument Formulae. Differentiation Formulae.
Inverse Hyperbolic Functions Range of Values. Relations among Inverse Hyperbolic Functions. Relations with Logarithmic and Circular Functions. Sum and Difference of Functions.
Gudermannian Function Orthogonal Polynomials Hermite Polynomials. Jacobi Polynomials. Laguerre Polynomials. Generalized Laguerre Polynomials. Legendre Polynomials. Tschebysheff Polynomials. Table of Jacobi Polynomials. Spherical Harmonics. Table of Spherical Harmonics.
The Gamma Function Recursion Formula. Singular Points. Special Values. Definition by Products. Properties. Asymptotic Expansion.
The Beta Function Error Functions and Fresnel Integrals Series Expansions. Properties. Relationship with Normal Probability Function. Special Values. Asymptotic Expansion.
Sine, Cosine, and Exponential Integrals Sine and Cosine Integrals. Alternative Definitions. Limits. Representations. Asymptotic Expansion. Exponential Integrals. Logarithmic Integral. Representations.
Polylogarithms Definition. Singular Points. Integral. Generating Function. Special Values. Functional Equations for Dilogarithms.
Hypergeometric Functions Pochhammer Symbol. Preparations. Definition. Properties. Polynomial Case. Special Cases. Special Values. Integral. Functional Relations. Differential Equation. Properties. Recursion Formulas.
Legendre Functions Differential Equation. Definition. Polynomial Case. Singular Points. Relations. Special Case. Recursion Relations. Integrals. Relations between the Associated and Ordinary Legendre Functions. Orthogonality Relation.
Bessel Functions Differential Equation. Singular Points. Relations. Series Expansions. Recurrence Relations. Behavior as z Æ 0. Integrals. Fourier Expansion. Auxiliary Functions. Inverse Relations. Asymptotic Expansions. Zeros of Bessel Functions. Asymptotics of the Zeros. Half Order Bessel Functions. Modified Bessel Functions.
Elliptic Integrals Definition. Elliptic Integral of the First, Second, and Third Kinds. Complete Elliptic Integral of the First and Second Kind. Complementary Integrals. Relations. Extensions of the Range of f Definition. Properties. Periods of the Elliptic Functions. Series Expansions.
Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients Integral Transforms: Preliminaries The Fourier Integral Transform Existence. Properties. Inversion Formula. Poisson Summation Formula. Shannon's Sampling Theorem. Uncertainty Principle. Fourier Sine and Cosine Transforms.
Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)
Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
The Laplace Transform Existence and Domain of Convergence. Inversion Formulas. Convolution.
The Z-Transform Properties. Inversion Formula. Convolution and Product.
The Hilbert Transform The Hankel Transform Tables of Transforms Multidimensional Fourier Transforms PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS Probability Theory Introduction. Multivariate Distributions. Random Sums of Random Variables. Transforming Variables. Central Limit Theorem. Averages over Vectors. Inequalities. Geometric Probability. Classic Probability Problems.
Probability Distributions Discrete Distributions. Continuous Distributions.
Queuing Theory Markov Chains Transition Function. Transition Matrix. Recurrence. Stationary Distributions. Random Walks. Ehrenfest Chain.
Random Number Generation Methods of Pseudorandom Number Generation. Generating Nonuniform Random Variables.
Control Charts Statistics Descriptive Statistics. Statistical Estimators. Cramer-Rao Bound. Order Statistics. Classic Statistics Problems.
Confidence Intervals Confidence Interval: Sample from One Population; Samples from Two Populations.
Test of Hypotheses Hypothesis Tests: Parameter from One Population;
Parameters from Two Populations; Distribution of a Population; Distributions of Two Populations.
Sequential Probability Ratio Tests Linear Regression Linear Model y=b0 + b1x +Œ. General Model y=b0 + b1x1 + b2x2 +...+ bnxn +Œ.
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
One-Factor ANOVA. Unreplicated Two-Factor ANOVA. Replicated Two-Factor ANOVA.
Probability Tables Critical Values. Table of the Normal Distribution. Percentage Points: t-Distribution; Chi-Square Distribution; F-Distribution. Cumulative Terms: Binomial Distribution; Poisson Distribution. Critical Values: Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test; Spearman's Rank Correlation.
Signal Processing Estimation. Filters. Matched Filtering (Weiner Filter). Kalman Filtering. Walsh Functions. Wavelets.
SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING Basic Numerical Analysis Approximations and Errors. Solution to Algebraic Equations. Interpolation. Fitting Equations to Data. Numerical Linear Algebra. Gaussian Elimination. Nonlinear Systems and Numerical Optimization.
Numerical Integration and Differentiation Numerical Integration. Numerical Differentiation. Schemes for the ODE: y' = f(x,y). Explicit formulas for the PDE: aux + ut = 0. Implicit formulas for the PDE: aux + ut = S(x,t). Schemes for the PDE: F(u)x + ut =0. Schemes for the PDE: ux=utt. Numerical Summation. Programming Techniques.
FINANCIAL ANALYSIS Financial Formulae Definition of Financial Terms. Formulae Connecting Financial Terms. Examples.
Financial Tables Option Pricing MISCELLANEOUS Units SI System of Measurement. Dimensional Analysis/Buckingham pi. Units of Physical Quantities. Conversion: Metric to English/English to Metric. Temperature Conversion. Miscellaneous Conversions. Physical Constants.
Calendar Computations Leap Years. Day of the Week for Any Given Day. Number of Each Day of the Year.
AMS Classification Scheme Greek Alphabet Professional Mathematical Societies Electronic Mathematical Resources Computer Languages Fields Medals Biographies of Mathematicians ASCII Character Codes

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