Standardizing and Harmonizing Terminology: Theory and Practice

Standardizing and Harmonizing Terminology: Theory and Practice

by Sue Ellen Wright

ISBN-10: 0803119844

ISBN-13: 9780803119840

Pub. Date: 01/28/1994

Publisher: American Society for Testing & Materials

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American Society for Testing & Materials
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STP Series
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Table of Contents

The Semantic Valence of Terms - A Systematic Treatment of Multi-Meaning Terms9
Resolving Term Disputes with Weighted Onometrics25
Content Analysis of Definitions53
The Representation of Concept Systems63
Distinguishing between Terms and Meanings of Terms77
Bringing Aristotle into the 20th Century - Computer-Assisted Definition Construction in a Terminological Knowledge Base83
Presentation of Multilingual Vocabularies102
A Construction Industry Terminology Database Developed for Use with a Periodicals Index115
A Semantic Analysis of Russian Terms and Descriptors for Civilian Nuclear Power Plant Fluid System Valves126
Exchange of Standardized Terminologies Within the Framework of the Standardized Terminology Exchange Network (STEN)141
SGML Representation of Concept Systems - Identifying, Tagging and Retrieving Term-Concept Structures in Textual Context157
Creating a Data Element Dictionary for Computer-Aided Terminology Work169
Implementing the Terminology Interchange Format187
Roundtable Discussion - Concerns in Terminology Harmonization203

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