Standards and Public Policy

Standards and Public Policy

by Shane Greenstein

In this volume, leading researchers focus on applied questions at the forefront of standards policy.See more details below


In this volume, leading researchers focus on applied questions at the forefront of standards policy.

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List of figures     vii
List of tables     viii
List of contributors     x
Introduction   Shane Greenstein   Victor Stango     1
Standard setting in markets: the browser war   Timothy F. Bresnahan   Pat-Ling Yin     18
Competition through institutional form: the case of cluster tool standards   Richard N. Langlois     60
The economic realities of open standards: black, white, and many shades of gray   Joel West     87
Coordination costs and standard setting: lessons from 56K modems   Shane Greenstein   Marc Rysman     123
Promoting e-business through vertical IS standards: lessons from the US home mortgage industry   Charles W. Steinfield   Rolf T. Wigand   M. Lynne Markus   Gabe Minton     160
Intellectual property and standardization committee participation in the US modem industry   Neil Gandal   Nataly Gantman   David Genesove     208
Manipulating interface standards as an anticompetitive strategy   Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason   Janet S. Netz     231
Delay and de jure standardization: exploring the slowdown in Internet standards development   Timothy Simcoe     260
Standardization: a failingparadigm   Carl Cargill   Sherrie Bolin     296
Standards battles and public policy   Luis M. B. Cabral   Tobias Kretschmer     329
Switching to digital television: business and public policy issues   Norbert Maier   Marco Ottaviani     345
Should competition policy favor compatibility?   Joseph Farrell     372
Index     389

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