Star Quality: Once in a Blue Moon/Moon Magnetism/Moonstruck

Star Quality: Once in a Blue Moon/Moon Magnetism/Moonstruck

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by Lori Foster, Lucy Monroe, Dianne Castell

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Meet three people with a little something special whose love lives are about to turn wild, crazy, sensual, and oh-so-hot. Blame it on the moon? Sure. But who's complaining, anyway...

Star Quality
New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster Once in a Blue Moon
It's all because of that stupid blue moon. That's what Stan Tucker thinks as he walks


Meet three people with a little something special whose love lives are about to turn wild, crazy, sensual, and oh-so-hot. Blame it on the moon? Sure. But who's complaining, anyway...

Star Quality
New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster Once in a Blue Moon
It's all because of that stupid blue moon. That's what Stan Tucker thinks as he walks through Delicious, Ohio, suddenly privy to everyone's innermost thoughts, a gift courtesy of a rare blue moon. What most people have on their minds is boring-grocery lists, work woes, appointments. But not Jenna Rowan's super-private thoughts. The pretty, shy bookstore owner is having decidedly hot thoughts about Stan...naked, sweaty, not-for-primetime thoughts. Stan's lusted after Jenna for ages, but he never thought the proper lady was interested. Now that he knows, he intends to do something about it, and this time, he won't be the only one howling at the moon...

Lucy Monroe Moon Magnetism
Ivy Kendall dreads the full moon. For generations, women in her family have been extremely magnetic on that day-which was fine fifty years ago but not in the age of hard drives and cell phones. That's why the hotel manager has resisted the technological improvements her boss wants her to implement. Now, the sexy, dynamic Blake Hawthorne is coming to insist on the upgrades in person. Shoot, he'll probably fire her. Being around Blake makes her body go as haywire as a full moon, maybe even more. And as long as she's going to be out of a job soon, there's no reason not to use a little of that magnetism to her advantage, luring him into an elevator where the only electricity that will work is the kind they generate themselves...

Dianne Castell Moonstruck
For years, Julia Simon has had the worst luck, married to a man who cheated on her left, right, and center. Now, the pretty divorcee is ready for her luck to change, and it is...big time. Ever since she unknowingly performed a Blue Moon ritual, Julia's wishes seem to be coming true. So why not wish for wild, unbridled passionate sex with hunky P.I. Marc Adams? Well, because when it happens, it's so amazingly good, that's why. Now, with the blue moon due to end in three days' time, Julia can only wonder if it's just a spell or the start of a whole new life...
Be careful of wishful thinking. It just might get you everything

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Copyright © 2005

Kensington Publishing Corp.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-7582-1008-1

Chapter One Lunacy, that's what they'd call it. Pure, plain, lock-em-up-and-throw-away-the-key lunacy. And all because of a stupid moon-the second full moon in July. If anyone knew, they'd label him crazy for sure. Not that he planned to tell anyone. He'd tried that once as a kid, and everyone had had a freakin' shit fit, so no more.

But damn it, why now, when he had a full week of landscaping work, a book deadline, and a newspaper interview to get through?

As Stan Tucker walked down the clean sidewalk of Delicious, Ohio, enjoying the fresh air and bright sunshine of July, he did his best to block the voices. Not much of a problem there since most people's thoughts were boring as hell. Grocery lists, appointments, and work woes vied with guilt, jealousy, and self-pity. It amazed him that mankind didn't have more important things to think about.

He ran a hand through his hair, mussing it worse than half a day's work and uneasy breezes had already done. Dirt and noticeable sweat stains covered his shirt, and dried mud clung to his boots. But despite his occasional celebrity status, he still worked hard, and if the interviewer didn't like it, he could take a hike. His publicist would snarl and groan, but Stan just plain didn't care.

As he passed people on the sidewalk, more voices battered his already fractured senses. Stan narrowed his eyes, again tuning them out. It didn't take much effort to put their private thoughts, their personal conversations, on hold, but it bugged him that he had to bother. He'd hoped that moving to Delicious, away from the crowds and human congestion, would help. But thanks to the approach of the full moon, the second in this month, he'd become privy to the introspection of all who got close to him, and not a one of them had a thought worth hearing.

Disgusted, he shoved open the fancy, etched-glass double doors of the small bookstore, The Book Nook, owned by Jenna Rowan. The bookstore was across Jonathan Avenue and up one building from his garden center. Stan owned several acres that backed up to Golden Lake, with his home next door to the garden center. A short jaunt would take him to the town square and the fancy fountain erected by the citizens long before he'd moved in.

Thanks to the apple trees growing wild around the lake, the town's structures had some whimsical names, including the Garden of Eden Salon, Johnny Appleseed Museum, and Granny Smith's Apothecary. Old Orchard Inn, a charming but outdated B&B and restaurant, used the apple trees on their lot for daily fare offered to the guests. In the afternoon you could smell the scents of cooking applesauce, apple pie, and apple cider.

Stan appreciated the novelty of Delicious as much as the laid-back, easy pace.

The second he entered The Book Nook, chilled, conditioned air hit his heated face and the scent of fresh cinnamon got pulled deep into his lungs. Stan liked The Book Nook, every tidy shelf, polished tabletop, the scents, the colors ... and the proprietor. Yeah, he especially liked her.

As usual, his gaze sought out Jenna, and he found her toward the back aisle, stocking new books on a shelf. Today she wore her honey blond hair twisted into a sloppy loop, clipped at the back of her head with a large gold barrette.

He soaked in the sight of her, making note of her long floral dress and flat leather sandals. He'd known Jenna about six months now, ever since he'd moved to Delicious to escape the chaos of Chicago. Thanks to him, her bookstore had become a tourist attraction, not that she gave him any special attention for it.

Jenna treated everyone, young and old, male and female, with a sort of maternal consideration that never failed to frustrate him. He wanted her, but she saw him only as a friend.

In nature and appearance, Jenna was the sweetest thing he'd ever met, caring and protective of one and all. He liked the fact that she was near his age, close to forty. She'd been widowed about three years now, yet she never dated, never gave any guy-especially not him-more than a friendly smile and platonic attention. With just the smallest encouragement from her, he'd make a move.

But she never encouraged him.

When he released the door, the bell chimed, and Jenna glanced up. Dangly earrings moved against her cheek, drawing attention to a dimple that formed when her mouth kicked up on one side. "Hello, Stan. All ready for your interview?"

She straightened, and the dress pulled taut over her sumptuous behind and thighs. Unlike younger women he knew, Jenna had a full figure meant to attract men. Feeling strangely intense, Stan strode toward her and for a moment, only a single moment, he forgot to bar the thoughts bombarding his brain.

Like a clap of thunder, Jenna's nervousness struck him, but at the same time, giddy excitement rippled ... and clear as a bell, he saw what she saw: him naked, sweaty, fucking-

Staggered, Stan drew up short. Her thoughts were so incredibly vivid that his jaw clenched and his stomach bottomed out on a rage of sexual desire.

Watching him, Jenna licked her lips and smoothed her skirt with visible uneasiness. "Stan? Are you all right?"

Incredible. She looked innocently concerned when Stan knew good and well what she'd been thinking. About him.

Why had she never let on?

As he continued to stand there, staring hard, absorbing her wanton musings, she laughed. "What is it? What's wrong?"

Her thoughts were so evident to him, he saw them with the same color and clarity of a moving picture. Her stomach was quivering, deep inside her, down low ... Jesus. Out of self-preservation and to prevent a boner, Stan attempted to block her thoughts. Muscles tight, he took a step back, distancing himself physically as well as mentally.

It didn't help. Sensation continued to roll over him with the effect of a tactile stroke. "Nothing's wrong." Except that he was suddenly turned on and they were in a public place and he had an interview to do any second now.

Her smile faltered. Her gaze skimmed down his body, over his crotch, then jerked upward again. "It's probably the heat, then."

He hadn't suffered an unwanted erection since his teen years!

As casual and natural as ever, pretending she hadn't noticed the bulge in his jeans, she breezed out of the aisle and strode past him. Buttons marched up the front of her dress, from the hem to a scooped neck, and she'd left several undone all the way to her knees. With her long stride, the dress fanned out around her, showing smooth, shapely calves and a sexy ankle bracelet. "Would you like something to drink? I've just made lemonade. Or we have tea, of course."

Lemonade? No, he wanted her. Right now. Maybe on the counter or up against one of the book aisles. Watching the sensual sway of that sweet behind, he almost missed her panicked thought. Oh, God. Did he see me looking at him?

He soaked in her response to him-and knew that he'd have to have her. Soon. Tonight if he could manage it. Hell, if she'd shown even the slightest interest, they'd already be intimately involved. But she hadn't. She kept her attraction to him private, so private that if it weren't for the blue moon, the second full moon this hot July, he still wouldn't have a clue.

She glanced over her shoulder, innocence personified. "Stan?"

Oh, she was good. "Tea." He drew a calming breath and said belatedly, "Thanks."

How should he proceed? They weren't teenagers. Hell, at forty, it had been a long time since he'd done any serious flirting. Before leaving Chicago, he'd known several women who wanted no more than he did-a good time with someone safe, and no commitments.

When they wanted him, they let him know. Or vice versa. There was no mind reading, no guessing, no need to use his rather rusty skills at wooing.

But that was before he'd moved to Delicious. Before he'd met Jenna. Before he'd even really known what he wanted.

Now he knew.

Jenna was different from other women, certainly different from the women he'd been with in the past. She was the commitment type. She'd been married, and by what he'd heard from the gossiping denizens of Delicious, her marriage had been a very happy one.

Watching while she poured tea into a tall glass of ice, Stan cautiously approached. Jenna always kept fresh drinks and cookies for the neighbors who visited her store. Book shopping at The Nook was more like visiting a favored relative, one who pampered you and made you feel special.

Everyone spoke to her, spilling out ailments and troubles or sharing news good or bad. And when Jenna listened, you got the feeling she really cared. When she said, "How are you?" she meant it.

Did she care about him?

If he kept listening to her very sexual thoughts, he'd end up climbing over the counter to show her just how hot the reality would be. Knowing she wouldn't like that, he tried distracting himself. "Where's the reporter?"

Jenna drew a deep breath, and no way in hell could he not notice that. Even nearing the big Four-Oh, she still had one of the best racks he'd ever seen. Her breasts were heavy, but suited her sturdy frame. She wasn't a frail woman, but rather one with meat on her bones. Shapely in the extreme, sexy as hell.... His gaze zeroed in on her chest and got stuck there.

"He, ah, ran to the drugstore to buy new batteries. He should be here in just a few minutes."

Stan's gaze lifted and locked with hers. Sensation crackled between them. His awareness of her as a sexual woman ratcheted up another notch. Even without hearing her thoughts, what she wanted from him, with him, would be obvious to any red-blooded male. Heat blazed in her eyes and flushed her cheeks. A pulse fluttered in her pale throat. Her lips parted ...

Amazing. A mom of two, a quiet bookworm, a woman who remained circumspect in every aspect of her life-and she lusted after him with all this wanton creativity.

Not since the skill had first come to him when he was a kid of twelve, twenty-eight years ago, had Stan so appreciated the strange effect the blue moon had on him. It started with the waxing Gibbous, then expanded and increased as the moon became full, and began to abate with the waning Gibbous. But at midnight, when the moon was most full, the ability was so clean, so acute, that it used to scare him.

His parents didn't know. The one time he'd tried to tell them they'd freaked out, thinking he was mental or miserable or having some kind of psychosis. He'd retrenched and never mentioned it to them again.

When he was twenty and away at college, he signed up for a course on parapsychology. One classmate who specialized in the effects of the moon gave him an explanation that made sense. At least in part.

According to his friend, wavelengths of light came from a full moon and that affected his inner pathogens. With further studies, Stan had learned that different colors of lights caused varying emotional reactions in people. It made sense that the light of a full moon, twice in the same month, could cause effects.

In him, it heightened his sixth sense to the level that he could hear other people's tedious inner musings.

Now he could hear, feel, Jenna's most private yearnings, and for once he appreciated his gift. Nothing tedious in being wanted sexually. Especially when the level of want bordered on desperate.

She needed a good lay. She needed him.

He wanted to oblige her. Damn, did he want to oblige her.

Casually, Stan moved closer to her until he invaded her space, and her alarm thumped louder with every beat of her heart. He left himself wide open to her, relishing each tingle she felt, absorbing each small shiver of excitement-and letting it excite him in return. He no longer cared that he had a near-lethal erection.

Reaching out, he brushed the side of his thumb along her jawline, up and over her downy cheek, tickling the dangling earrings that suddenly seemed damn sexy. "Maybe you need the iced tea," he murmured, his attention dipping to her naked mouth. Jenna never wore lipstick, and he liked the look of her soft, full lips glistening from the glide of her tongue. Oh, yeah, he liked that a lot. "You feel ... warm, Jenna."

Her breaths came fast and uneven. "I've been ... working."

And fantasizing. About him.

Lazily, Stan continued to touch her. "Me, too. Out in the sun all day. It's so damn humid, I know I'm sweaty." His thumb stroked lower, near the corner of her mouth. "But I didn't have time to change."

Her eyelids got heavy, drooping over her green eyes. Shakily, she lifted a hand and closed it over his wrist-but she didn't push him away. "You look ... fine." Downright edible. She cleared her throat. "No reason to change."

Stan's slow smile alarmed her further. "You don't mind my jeans and clumpy boots?" He used both hands now to cup her face, relishing the velvet texture of her skin. "They're such a contrast to you, all soft and pretty and fresh."

Her eyes widened, dark with confusion and curbed excitement, searching his. He leaned forward, wanting her mouth, needing to know her taste-

The bell over the door chimed.

Jenna jerked away so quickly, she left Stan holding air. Face hot, she ducked to the back of the store and into the storage room, closing the door softly behind her.

Well, hell. He'd probably rushed things, Stan realized, aware of her exaggerated embarrassment. But holding back had been impossible. Especially with her desire so clear to him-giving permission to his desire, leaving the way wide open for some mutual satisfaction.

With her in another room and the reporter looming, Stan's focus on Jenna was diluted. He caught the garbled mental intrusion from the reporter and blocked it.

Teeming with frustration, he readjusted himself within the confines of his stiff jeans and then faced the reporter, who luckily had his attention on his recorder as he snapped in batteries. "Sorry I'm late," he called out without looking up. "Batteries died."

The sooner he got the interview over, the sooner he could get back to Jenna. Stan strode forward. "No problem, but let's make it quick, if you don't mind. I have a lot to do today."

From behind her counter, Jenna Rowan watched Stan on the pretense of listening to the interview. Stan might be a renowned landscaper, author of several best-selling gardening books, and an expert businessman now featured on the local radio station every Saturday morning, but it was his colorful past that made him a favorite among the media.

For years, Stan Tucker had wavered in and out of trouble. As a much younger man, he'd narrowly missed spending time in jail. He'd been married and divorced, a celebrated playboy, and now ... he planted flowers.

Jenna sighed softly. She had no doubt Stan could retire comfortably, but his extreme energy level forced him to always do something, to be active, in the sun, sweating, working his muscles ...

Oh, she knew what he could do with her-if only he were interested. How he'd use that energy in bed teased at her senses every time he got near. To call Stan handsome would be very misleading. He was far too raw, too rough, to be termed anything so pretty. He could appear cruel-wow. Like he did now, glancing at her with those fierce eyes as if he knew her thoughts and didn't like them one bit.

Hands shaking, Jenna pretended to straighten the paperwork behind her counter. In truth, she couldn't seem to keep him off her mind. Maybe the idea of turning forty next month had caused her hormones to go on a rampage. Or maybe three years of celibacy was three years too long. Whatever the cause, she wanted sex. Hot, gritty, sweaty sex.

With Stan.

She craved it, aching with the need at night in her lonely bed, unable to sleep. Whenever she daydreamed, which lately seemed to be all the time, it was Stan Tucker she saw. In his prime, he had thick but natural muscles and undeniable strength. His light brown eyes looked almost golden at times. Working in the harsh sunshine had streaked his brown hair that was usually unkempt and so sexy she wanted to touch it.

She wanted to touch him.

All over. Both of them buck naked ...

With a clatter, Stan suddenly shoved back his chair. Pulled out of her current fantasy, Jenna jumped.

Stan stared at her, all that severe attention startling her while the reporter simply waited in stunned silence.

Stalking toward her, Stan leaned in, close enough that she could feel his breath and smell the rich musky sweat of his skin. God, he was so male ...

Voice rough edged, almost desperate, he whispered, "Jenna, honey, do you think you could find something to do in the back? Or better yet, go take your lunch break."

He wanted rid of her?


Excerpted from STAR QUALITY by LORI FOSTER LUCY MONROE DIANNE CASTELL Copyright © 2005 by Kensington Publishing Corp.. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Lori Foster is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of many contemporary romances.

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Star Quality 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 75 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a fabulous collection of three of my favorite romance authors. It was such a bonus that it concerned the paranormal in a very fun, almost Bewitched sort of sensibility. Lori Foster's story was wonderful for the trademark way her characters love each other and make appropriate moral choices around minor children. Lucy Monroe writes sex scenes with a whole new attitude and twist and I love it! I also adore her heros. I had read The Real Deal in the last couple of months though so I had some idea her story would be great. I adored Dianne Castell's story it was warm, loving, and funny in a big way. The cloakroom, the boathouse, the greenhouse, the roof! It was hilarious! And the dialogue was that snappy, fast paced talking that was so fun in the old t.v show Moonlighting. I loved the way this woman writes. You really won't go wrong with this purchase.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you have never read an anthology, then this is a great first one. Three absolutely terrific stories by three great authors. The premise of different things that can and do happen during a blue moon is awesome. We all know that strange things happen during a full moon and that's what happens here except it's a blue moon so that just gives it a little more kick. Lori Foster's story has a hero who can read minds and that is made stronger by the blue moon so he is able to read the mind of the shy bookstore owner and finds out that she is having fantasies just as hot as his have been about her. Lucy Monroe's about a heroine who becomes very magnetic during a full moon and who's magnetism becomes even stronger with the blue moon tries to explain to her boss why she has been resisting upgrading the hotel where she works. How they work things out is a fun and sensuous read. Dianne Castell's story about a divorcee who needs a change of luck get's it when she inadvertently does a Blue Moon ritual and suddenly her wishes start to come true. When she wishes for some wild, steamy sex with the handsome PI who helped with her divorce, she gets a bit more than she thought she would. With the waning of the blue moon she's wondering if she'll lose what she's just found, or if it might lead to forever. All of these stories made me smile, I only have one complaint. I want more:)
Guest More than 1 year ago
Star Quality is an anthology by Lori Foster, Lucy Munroe and Dianne Castell. First up is 'Once In A Blue Moon' by Lori Foster. This sensual story is about Stan Tucker who's ability to read minds is enhanced during a blue moon, and what happens when he discovers that the widow owner of the Book Nook, Jenna Rowan, is having hot x-rated thoughts of him. Jenna is a person who he has wanted to make a play for and this turn of events plays into Stan's plans as he is taken back to find out how she feels. Now Stan fully intends to act on them. Next is 'Moon Magnetism' by Lucy Munroe who pens a very sensual story indeed. Ivy Kendall is the hotel manager who has not done the upgrades that her boss, Blake Hawthorne has wanted. She has a magnetism problem around anything electronic when there is a full moon. Only when Blake arrives on the scene the magnetism between the two of them is nothing like Ivy has experienced before. Watching things heat up between the two is an enjoyable read to say the least. Diane Castell's story 'Moonstruck' rounds out this anthology. This is a heart warming, funny read about second chances, wishes coming true and real happenings between recently divorced Julia Simon and Marc Adams the P.I. Julia is only left wondering if this magnificent happening between them is just the effects of the moon or the real, lasting chemistry. Dianne has written a light, whimsical, sexy story that warms the heart. I am sure that this book has something for everyone and the anthology has been a real pleasure to read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Star Quality is a fun and sexy anthology about what happens when there is a second full moon in one month (The Blue Moon.) These stories take place in a small town in Ohio called Delicious. ***** Once in a Blue Moon is written by Lori Foster. I always buy a story penned by Ms Foster because I know I will love it. This Story is about Stan who can hear people¿s thoughts especially during the full moon called the Blue Moon. He hates the voices until he hears Jenna¿s thoughts. And they are about hot sheets and him. Stan has had thoughts about Jenna for a long time and now he can act on them. **** Lucy Monroe has always entertained me with her sensual stories. And Moon Magnetism is one. Ivy Kendall has a problem with the full moon. During the full moon cycle she zaps hard drives, computer chips and stops watches. So she is not happy when her boss comes to town to update the B and B she manages. Blake Hawthorne does not understand why Ivy is fighting the new technology he wants to install. When he puts his foot down Ivy gave notice to quit. Which is fine with Blake because he does not have sex with employees. And he wants Ivy. **** Moonstuck is by Dianne Castell. Ms Castell always makes me laugh. Newly divorced Julia Simon wishes come true for real. So she wishes for a blue moon of wild and hot sex with P.I. Marc Adams. Will it last past the blue moon? This story is full of fun happenings with other wishes Julia makes. All three stories are wonderful stories of fun and passionate love that a little mystical pull of a blue moon helps along.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the first book I read on my nook and it was so good that I actually finished it in one day....... I Highly Recommend this book..... enjoy
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago