Star Spangled Rhythm [Smithsonian]

Star Spangled Rhythm [Smithsonian]


This four-CD set covers more than 80 years of American musical theater and Hollywood musicals, interspersed with a comedy bit or two. That's necessary for a collection like this, which starts with George M. Cohan and Bert Williams in the middle of the first decade of the 20th century and ends with the mid-'90s revival of Showboat.See more details below


This four-CD set covers more than 80 years of American musical theater and Hollywood musicals, interspersed with a comedy bit or two. That's necessary for a collection like this, which starts with George M. Cohan and Bert Williams in the middle of the first decade of the 20th century and ends with the mid-'90s revival of Showboat. Anyone likely to be interested in it is just as likely to own at least some of what's here. Most, though not all, of the major bases are covered -- the works of Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Rodgers & Hart, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Freed & Brown, Lerner & Loewe, Wright & Forrest, and Meredith Willson. There also a lot of prime historical artifacts, such as early 20th century recordings of legends like Cohan ("I Want to Hear a Yankee Doodle Tune"), Al Jolson ("That Haunting Melody," "My Mammy"), and Marilyn Miller ("Look for the Silver Lining"), and period stars such as Nora Bayes ("Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly") and Joe Weber and Lew Fields ("The Contract Scene" from Pousse Cafe), most of which show up on disc one. The accompanying booklet is reasonably thorough, although the notes emphasize the theatrical works rather than the careers of many of the performers represented, which is unfortunate, since many of the artists were major figures in their time who are otherwise unrepresented in the current CD catalog. There are gaps, to be sure -- no Kiss Me, Kate or Silk Stockings among the Porter works, and the representation of almost all of the major composers except Sondheim is very sketchy at best. Additionally, the attention paid to Hollywood musicals is slightly distracting, especially given that they don't exactly get a full treatment either. This box is a handy beginning for anyone just discovering musicals, and the early 20th century rarities on disc one may attract more serious fans, who will have to decide how much of their collections they want to duplicate in order to get them.

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Disc 1

  1. I Want to Hear a Yankee Doodle Tune
  2. Nobody  - Bert Williams
  3. The Contract Scene
  4. Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?
  5. That Haunting Melody
  6. I've Gotta Go Back to Texas  - Charles King
  7. Sweethearts
  8. Napoleon  -  Charles Adams Prince Orchestra
  9. You'd Be Surprised
  10. Second Hand Rose  -  Rosario Bourdon & The RCA Victor Orchestra
  11. Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean  - Ed Gallagher
  12. Say It with Music  - Rosario Bourdon
  13. Love Will Find a Way
  14. Song of the Vagabonds  - Dennis King
  15. Sometimes I'm Happy  - Charles King
  16. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
  17. Lover, Come Back to Me  - Evelyn Herbert
  18. My Mammy
  19. I'm the Last of the Red Hot Mammas  -  Ted Shapiro and His Orchestra
  20. Broadway Melody  - Charles King
  21. You're Always in My Arms
  22. Look for the Silver Lining  - Marilyn Miller
  23. Thanks/Buckin' the Wind  -  Nat Finston & The Paramount Studio Orchestra

Disc 2

  1. By a Waterfall  - Ruby Keeler
  2. I Love Louisa  -  Leo Reisman & His Orchestra
  3. Porgy's Lament and Finale  -  Decca Symphony Orchestra
  4. Red, Hot and Blue  -  Fairchild and Carroll and Their Orchestra
  5. Let's Face the Music and Dance
  6. I've Got a Feelin' You're Foolin'
  7. Indian Love Call  -  Nat Shilkret & His Orchestra
  8. Animal Crackers in My Soup
  9. Texas Tornado
  10. It's Love I'm After
  11. Someday My Prince Will Come  -  Leigh Harlin Orchestra
  12. My Ship
  13. Just One of Those Things
  14. To Keep My Love Alive  - Vivienne Segal
  15. Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
  16. The Trolley Song
  17. I Can Cook Too  -  Leonard Joy & His Orchestra
  18. If I Loved You  - Eileen Christy

Disc 3

  1. Doin' What Comes Natur'lly  -  Franz Allers & Orchestra
  2. The Heather on the Hill  - David Brooks
  3. Allegro  - Robert Reeves
  4. Papa, Won't You Dance with Me?  -  Milton Rosenstock & Orchestra
  5. Wish You Were Here  -  Jay Blackton Theatre Orchestra
  6. Singin' in the Rain  - Gene Kelly
  7. Never Never Land  -  Louis Adrian & Orchestra
  8. Gesticulate  -  Franz Allers & Orchestra
  9. Windfloweres  -  Hugh Ross Theatre Orchestra
  10. Wouldn't It Be Loverly?  -  Franz Allers & Orchestra
  11. America  -  Max Goberman & Orchestra
  12. Ya Got Trouble  -  Herbert Greene & Orchestra
  13. A Little Brains, a Little Talent
  14. Some People  -  Milton Rosenstock & Orchestra
  15. The Night They Invented Champagne  - Betty Wand
  16. If I Were a Rich Man  -  Milton Greene Theatre Orchestra
  17. All I Need Is One Good Break  -  Harold Hastings & Orchestra
  18. Before the Parade Passes By  -  Shepard Coleman Theatre Orchestra
  19. Do-Re-Mi  - Charmian Carr
  20. Bosom Buddies  -  Donald Pippn & Orchestra
  21. Wilkommen  -  Joe Grey and Company
  22. Aquarius  -  John Morris Orchestra
  23. The Ladies Who Lunch  -  Harold Hastings & Orchestra
  24. Chain of Love  -  Claibe Richardson Orchestra
  25. Waiting for the Girls Upstairs  - John McMartin
  26. Send in the Clowns  -  Harold Hastings & Orchestra
  27. Cabaret  -  Jack French Orchestra
  28. One  -  Cast
  29. Roxie  -  Stanley Lebowsky Theatre Orchestra
  30. Ease on Down the Road  -  Charles H. Coleman Theatre Orchestra
  31. A Little Priest  -  Paul Gemignani Theatre Orchestra
  32. Sophisticated Lady  -  Mercer Ellington & His Orchestra
  33. I Am What I Am  -  Donald Pippn & Orchestra
  34. Last Midnight  -  Paul Gemignani Theatre Orchestra
  35. Sue Me
  36. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man  - Lonette And Company McKee

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Fred Astaire   Track Performer
Barbara Cook   Track Performer
Bing Crosby   Track Performer
Judy Garland   Track Performer
Gene Kelly   Track Performer
Ethel Merman   Track Performer
Liza Minnelli   Track Performer
Gregory Hines   Track Performer
Allegro Jazz Ensemble   Track Performer
Eubie Blake   Track Performer
Lena Horne   Track Performer
Jolson   Track Performer
Sophie Tucker   Track Performer
Eddie Cantor   Track Performer
George M. Cohan   Track Performer
Nelson Eddy   Track Performer
Julie Andrews   Track Performer
Mary Martin   Track Performer
Bernadette Peters   Track Performer
Elaine Stritch   Vocals
Fanny Brice   Track Performer
Nancy Walker   Track Performer
Angela Cartwright   Track Performer
Dorothy Collins   Track Performer
Gertrude Lawrence   Track Performer
John Raitt   Track Performer
Gwen Verdon   Track Performer
Louis Jourdan   Track Performer
Alfred Drake   Track Performer
Leslie Caron   Track Performer
Noble Sissle   Track Performer
Jack Cassidy   Track Performer
Duane Chase   Track Performer
Glyn Johns   Track Performer
Nicholas Hammond   Track Performer
Lisa Kirk   Track Performer
Jeanette MacDonald   Track Performer
Hugh Martin   Track Performer
Heather Menzies   Track Performer
Zero Mostel   Track Performer
Eleanor Powell   Track Performer
Robert Preston   Track Performer
Faith Prince   Track Performer
John Steel   Track Performer
Debbie Turner   Track Performer
Betty Wand   Track Performer
Bert Williams   Track Performer
Shirley Temple   Track Performer
Nathan Lane   Track Performer
Angela Lansbury   Track Performer
James Morris   Track Performer
Marion Bell   Track Performer
Adriana Caselotti   Track Performer
Reid Shelton   Track Performer
Bea Arthur   Track Performer
Glenn Kezer   Track Performer
Nora Bayes   Track Performer
Elizabeth Brice   Track Performer
Louise Groody   Track Performer
Ruby Keeler   Track Performer
Christie MacDonald   Track Performer
Helen Morgan   Track Performer
Peerless Quartet   Track Performer
Walter B. Rogers   Track Performer
Nanette Fabray   Track Performer
George Hearn   Track Performer
Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra   Track Performer
Bebe Daniels   Track Performer
Ralph Blane   Track Performer
Victor Baravalli   Track Performer
John Battles   Track Performer
Eva Jessye Choir   Track Performer
Jack McCauley   Track Performer
Joe Weber   Track Performer
Alexis Smith   Track Performer
Lew Fields   Track Performer
Ed Gallagher   Track Performer
Billy B. Van   Track Performer
Victor Light Opera Company   Track Performer
Gene Nelson   Track Performer
Priscilla Gillette   Track Performer
Decca Symphony Orchestra   Track Performer
Henry Calvin   Track Performer
John McMartin   Track Performer
Vivienne Segal   Track Performer
David Brooks   Track Performer
Dennis King   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Leonard Bernstein   Arranger
Jane Sapp   Contributor
André Previn   Director
Paul Smith   Director
Ralph Burns   Arranger
Ray Heindorf   Director
Leonard Joy   Director
Don Pippin   Director
Robert Russell Bennett   Arranger
Milton Ager   Composer
Franz Allers   Director
Dwight Blocker Bowers   Liner Notes
William David Brohn   Arranger
Billy Byers   Arranger
Shep Coleman   Director
Paul Gemignani   Director
Herbert Greene   Director
Lennie Hayton   Director
Irwin Kostal   Arranger,Director
Philip J. Lang   Arranger
Jerome Moross   Arranger
Sid Ramin   Arranger
Milton Rosenstock   Director
Teddy Royal   Arranger
Conrad Salinger   Arranger
Michael Starobin   Arranger
Edward Strauss   Director
Jonathan Tunick   Arranger
Harold Wheeler   Arranger
Jack Yellen   Composer
Roger Edens   Arranger
George Stoll   Director
Bruce Talbot   Executive Producer
George Bassman   Arranger
Hershy Kay   Arranger
Charles Adams Prince   Director
Walter B. Rogers   Director
Arthur Kay   Arranger
Max Goberman   Director
Milton Greene   Director
Robert Ginzler   Arranger
Jim Tyler   Arranger
Louis Adrian   Director
Stanley Lebowsky   Director
Jay Blackton   Director
Rosario Bourdon   Director
Victor Baravalli   Director
Jeffrey Huard   Director
Albert Sendrey   Arranger
Fred Werner   Arranger
Alexander Smallens   Director
Hugh Ross   Director
Claibe Richardson   Director
Amy Henderson   Liner Notes
John Morris   Director
Don Walker   Arranger
Salvatore Dell'Isola   Director
Robert Wright   Composer

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