Star Trek: The Manga, Volume 1

Star Trek: The Manga, Volume 1

by Chris Dows, Jeong-mo Yang, Joshua Ortega

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KLIATT - George Galuschak
This manga features five tales of the Starship Enterprise by a number of different writers and artists. There is also an excerpt from Constellations, the latest Star Trek anthology from Pocket Books. In "Side Effects," the Enterprise is drawn into a wormhole where the crewmembers meet a woman who can infect them with a strange virus that makes them zombie-like robots. At the end of the story she escapes through the wormhole, where she becomes Captain Picard's problem. In "Anything But Alone," Captain Kirk and company. beam down to a strange planet that will be familiar to watchers of the TV series—the inhabitants wear funny clothes and are hiding a terrible secret. "�Til Death" is my favorite story of the bunch. The men and women of the Enterprise are enlisted in a war of the sexes when they find a pair of sarcophagi with the remains of a man and woman. In "Oban," a cute reptilian critter transforms into a raving beast that wreaks havoc amongst the crew's redshirts. "Orphans" combines the best of Star Trek and manga tradition: the Enterprise battles giant robots. The stories here are all faithful to the spirit of the groundbreaking Star Trek series. Be aware that in some of the tales the art is a bit uneven. This contains comic book violence, monsters and very mild sexuality. (Captain Kirk uses his patented James T. Kirk moves on a comely doctor). If you have Star Trek fans in your library, this manga is a must.
Library Journal - Library Journal
Three companies (Gold Key, Marvel, and DC Comics) have previously published licensed comics based on the original 1960s Star Trek series, but here Tokyopop boldly goes where no manga publisher has gone before. This OEL manga (original English-language book in manga format) features five comics adventures of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and the crew of the Enterprise, each by a different creative team and featuring mangaesque artwork. The results are mixed but usually enjoyable. The Enterprise is drawn through a wormhole to a laboratory orbiting a black hole, discovers a colony of a spacefaring race thought extinct, and transports a peace offering with a deadly secret between two enemy planets. The most disappointing story, in which an ancient gender war spills onto the Enterprise, is ironically by the book's only Star Trek veteran, DC writer Mike W. Barr-but he's saddled with unappealing artwork. In the book's best mix of anime and Trek tropes, the Enterprise encounters a group of giant robot raiders piloted by teens, and Kirk espouses nonviolence. Though not outstanding, this deserves some audience beyond the no-doubt small group of fans who love Star Trek and manga both; recommended for most collections, for teens and adults.-S.R. Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

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Star Trek: The Manga Series , #1
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7.40(w) x 4.96(h) x 0.73(d)
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10 - 18 Years

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