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Star Trek Reader's Reference To The Novels

Star Trek Reader's Reference To The Novels

by Alva Underwood

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Research continues in this sixth effort to collect information from the novels of 1990-1991. Associate with new aliens like Obo, a Belandrid who's a wiz at mechanics, the ;At. who appear to be "warm stone;" Midgwins, Kaldorni, and Dombraatu, now extinct. Meet new villians like Harnessad Dreem seeking revenge on Spock, the blue-eyed Klingong assassin


Research continues in this sixth effort to collect information from the novels of 1990-1991. Associate with new aliens like Obo, a Belandrid who's a wiz at mechanics, the ;At. who appear to be "warm stone;" Midgwins, Kaldorni, and Dombraatu, now extinct. Meet new villians like Harnessad Dreem seeking revenge on Spock, the blue-eyed Klingong assassin Klass, and old ones who confront Enterprise. Visit new worlds: Zebulon-Theta with no life forms larger than coyotes; Hellsguard a Romulan laboratory; Lahit a homeworld of three distinct sentient beings; Octavius Four; and Kalajia Seven. Expand your knowledge about Captain Pike's first contact; John C. Kirk, a World War II fighter pilot; Captain Kirk's dishonorable discharge from StarFleet; and the adventures of Scotty, Sulu and Chekov in their distant past. Read biographies of Christopher Pike, his Number One, and Janice Rand. Discover Sarek's first name and Spock's full name. Read about Sulu's babies, Uhura's participation in Pan-American games, and Kirk's three wives. Study the Klingong game, similar to chess with a deadly version and be concerned with Kirk's disembodiment. Learn more about plat tow (7 pages) and pon far (5 pages). Meet the diversity of sentient representative in Enterprise's crew. And discover the secret Vault beneath StarFleet Command Headquarters. Enjoy the latest collected informationg about the continuing missions.

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STAR TREK Reader's Reference to Eleven Novels: 1990-1991

By Alva Underwood


Copyright © 2009 Alva Underwood
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-2273-0

Chapter One


A.345-34019-1 dr.1 (PD)-On the Richter Scale of Culture this is roughly first-level Bronze Age (Terra). SEE Richter Scale of Culture.

A-3 Interface Module (R)-Part of the component of a ship's computer that enables the computer to be accessed by voice. Although Daystrom and others had been working on this improvement, the complete module was created by Zyo, and all the parts placed in Number One's cabin. SEE Zyo; Number One.

A&A (PD)-Anthropology and archaeology. SEE Carolyn Palamas.

Abbot, Sessai (HH)-This Japanese teacher at a Seikenji monastery taught the great military leader Tokugawa. SEE Tokugawa.

Abdelnaby (L)-Transporter chief on Pike's Enterprise who beamed a security team to the Bridge of the Merkaan flagship, and they took control. Once, on shore leave, he took Spock to a saloon where the drinks were quite strong and warned him they "sneak up on you like an Aldebaran horned serpent."

Abe, Dr. (HH)-Director of an archeological site at a Japanese Seikanj monastery where the stone on which Sulu had scratched his name and Oneko's in the 1600s lay buried.

Aberdeen (DO)-Terran city located in Scotland, British Isles

Abin (L)-A planet where theMerkaan actions were not approved by Seemal Tezlin. SEE Seemal Tezlin.

Academy applications (PD)-At the present time StarFleet receives more than 12,000 applicants yearly from qualified beings, all seeking to attend the Academy.

Achernar (PP)-This tall thin Romulan businessman, rescued by the Enterprise following the failure of his ship's stabilizer, knew about Hellguard and Saavik. He stole Tahn's hidden treasure then negotiated for 25% of it after he " found" it. After Scotty and his engineers repaired his ship, Spock released him and his ship, but not the cargo. SEE Tahn.

Achernar's cargo (PP)-After rescuing Achernar's ship, Spock inventoried its contents which consisted of ceremonial Vulcan chalices, bloodstones from the Klingon Empire, kegs of Romulan wine, cases of Romulan ale, two ancient Orion sculptures believed to be long-lost religious relics, and bottles of Glenlivet scotch. All of these items are considered illegal by the Federation. Following repairs to the ship, Spock refused to return the items, intending to turn them over to the trade authorities.

acid berries (L)-Plant native to Octavius Four producing berries high in acid. Enterprise crewman Owens called Kirk's attention to them, and Kirk used them to form hand and toe holds in the side of the canyon cliff, creating a means of their escaping the canyon.

Acquisitor (L)-Someone who procures something on request. A title accorded to Hamesaad Dreem for a second time. SEE Hamesaad Dreem.

Acting Starship Captain (PP)-Kirk's designation given by Admiral Nogura at the time of Kirk's return to the Bridge during the V'jer incident.

Adams, Emiko (Gw)-Enterprise ensign assigned to the Geology Lab. Her friends declare she is a pack rat.

Admiralty (FFS)-Located in San Francisco, the Headquarters for StarFleet Command is a tall tapered building with a transparent aluminum dome to protect it from weather and winds while providing recreation facilities including tennis and basketball courts, jogging and running tracks, and a swimming pool. Kirk's office, located here, was one floor above Admiral Nogura's.

Advanced Strategic Board (RE)-Klingon military group that plans military maneuvers and approves or disapproves of maneuvers of the commanders. Thought Admirals compose this board. SEE Thought Admiral.

Aeolus (EU)-StarFleet scout ship on which Second Officer Kirk served for a few months. He and Cecilia Simons had a brief affair which nearly led to the destruction of the ship. SEE Cecilia Simons.

Aetavis spengleris (Gw)-Sulu kept a native Iolos Six plant in his quarters.

Aiello, Pat (DO)-This big cheerful dark-haired woman was a night nurse in Enterprise's Sick Bay. She sent a weight-pillow to McCoy on Bridge duty.

Air Cobra (HH)-This airship, considered to be one of the finest produced in the United States in 1941, was used for strafing runs. Its initial flight took place in April 1939, clocking a performance best below 17,000 feet. By the time production ended in August 1944, some 9,584 ships were build. Of these 4,773 were allotted to Russia.

Ai River (HH)-Located in Japan.

Aklein (DO)-Klingon female commander of the task force at Flyspeck, presently using the Irik as her flagship. This young soft-voiced Klingon with reddish-gold hair confronted McCoy about the missing Klingon personnel. SEE Flyspeck, Irik.

Aktaz (RE)-Klingon; Engineer on Hakkarl.

Akunas, Thetas Farnahas Credic (Gw)-An Argellian member of the Xenological Institute team sent to Elcidor Beta Three. He sported Midgwin tattoos on his back and upper arms and was described as a "small and quick-moving gnome." He assisted the Midgwins in determining the cause of their plague and helped effect a cure.

Alariins (DO)-These creatures native to Sirius B III have been declared to be theriomorphs. McCoy compared the Ornaet of 7212 Muscae IV to the Alariin. SEE Ornaet.

Alcatraz Island (FFS)-An island located in San Francisco Bay, Terra. In its history it has been many sites. It once was a lighthouse, an army garrison, a military prison in 1907, and in 1934 the site of a federal prison for civilian prisoners, and then abandoned in 1963. For a time it was occupied by Sioux Indians before becoming part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in 1972 open to the public as a facility where visitors become "prisoners" and re-live prison conditions.

Aldebaran horned serpent (L)-This animal, native to the planet Aldebaran, is known for its sneaky actions which may be hunting instincts. Abdelnaby made reference to this animal to Spock during a shore leave they spent in a saloon.

Aldrin, Edwin (Buzz) (PD)-The second human to walk on Terra's moon, exited from the Apollo luna module on July 20, 1969 to accompany Neil Armstrong in exploring the moon's surface.

Alice in Wonderland (L)-Terran novel by Lewis Carroll. Vina put her paper copy in storage before leaving on a deep-space assignment. SEE Vina.

alien bases (PD)-Located on Talin's moon beneath a rocky over-hang which sheltered drone ships composed of the same material as the aliens and Talin's moon. Base was not detected by the FCO Outpost. SEE One.

alien boxes (PP)-The Enterprise came upon a Romulan ship, floating in Federation space. It was boarded by Spock, McCoy, and Scotty who discovered its crew of young men dead. After ascertaining that no threat existed, Kirk had the ship tractored, on StarFleet orders, to a Terran drydock there to be examined in detail. While the boarding party were inspecting the ship, they found four boxes, deemed alien in construction and unknown in content and operation. Spock's report described each container as a "three-dimensional six-sided object with two sides of unequal length, approximately sixty by forty-five by thirty point five centimeters. A regular polyhedron, which ... contains a luminescent, electromagnetic field ... the outer layer primarily silicon, but heavily shielded, ... a tricorder does not penetrate it ... cool, seamless surface, heavy ... with multiple flow of colors across its surface ... with no controls of any kind." McCoy described it as being a "clear box. Only pretty thing on this flea trap. It's got colored lights inside it, making spiral patterns...." The containers were found in four different locations: on the Bridge, in command quarters, on the second level corridor, and in Engineering. On Kirk's order they were left where they were found, to be taken along with the ship to Terra for complete investigation. Kirk was primarily interested in the ship, not its contents. At Terra, two boxes were removed. One was sent to the Exo-Science Lab at StarFleet Headquarters and one to Life City in the Mojave Desert. At Life City, the box, opened in a small laboratory, released a substance that consumed all oxygen in the immediate area. When the second box was opened at the Exo-Science Lab, StarFleet Headquarters, all of the oxygen was consumed from floor 1 to 69 in fourteen seconds, killing Richards at the front entrance desk and scientists Janet Goldman and El-dorn Rakir in the Exo-Science Lab, among others. Extensive research was conducted by Kirk, trapped in the Vault of StarFleet Command, Admiral Nogura at his home office, and Spock on the Enterprise in orbit. A team composed of Dr. Ayla Renn and Ensign Maxim Kinski working from Dr. Reen's office in the Administration Building, Room 2103, began the investigation. On Nogura's orders, Spock removed the investigating team from the Romulan vessel, sealed the ship, and posted guards. No one knew until later that a box had been sent to Life City and had caused the deaths of all who were inside. SEE Life City. One thing learned immediately was that the box at the science lab had been opened by repeated exposure to high-beam infrascan. After several tests by Reen and Kinski no microorganism of any kind was discovered. Repeated tests finally revealed isotopes of elemental silicon. When exposed to oxygen or sub-microns of normal silicon it reacted too rapidly for most instruments to record the process of a gaseous, silicon-based organism. Subsequent investigations and testing revealed a few airborne particles of silicon or oxygen would trigger the near-instantaneous reaction that eliminates all oxygen in the exposed area. What forms from this reaction are complex chains of molecules similar to genes. The flashing multi-colored lights entice study of the box which releases its content when photosensitized (detonated) under high-density beams of light. While the substance remains in the container, it is dormant. Spock learned from Saavik that millions of the boxes were to be found on Hellguard. Nogura ordered Spock and Saavik to Hellguard where they discovered boxes being guarded by the old Romulan whom Saavik, as a child, had slashed his face leaving it permanently scared. Over the years he had gone mad. They also learned that Hellguard had been the laboratory where the substances of the boxes had been created as part of experiments conducted upon Vulcans captured from several ships. SEE Vulcan ships. After the destruction of the underground cavern and subsequently the planet, McCoy learned that Saavik, who had been exposed to the contents, had not suffered any ill effects though she had been covered with a fine mist of dust when beamed aboard ship. When asked by McCoy, she told him the cavern had been filled with the dust and that's how she came to have it on her. He and his staff analyzed the dust and discovered the antidote, FeS4 commonly called fool's gold, iron pyrite by Terrans, resided in the dust of Hellguard. The alien substance still lingering in StarFleet Headquarters was neutralized by introducing circulating FeS4 through the ventilation system. Further study of the Romulan ship revealed the coolant break was deliberately set, killing the crew but establishing the means of getting the ship and its boxes to Terra where it was expected the boxes would destroy StarFleet Command, cause planet-wide havoc, weaken the Federation, and leave much of space open to Romulan influence and conquest.

Alpha Majoris I (EU)-Home world of the Mellitus, a species able to change appearances. SEE shapeshifter; Mellitus.

Alt (R)-Humanoid Calligarian; Master of the Status.

AmaNdebele kwaZulu (RE)-Uhura, who was fluent in this her birth language, frequently employed its curses, few of which have been translated into Standard.

American Branch of the Royal Shakespeare Company (FFS)-This acting company dedicates itself to producing and staging Shakespeare plays. Klingon G'dath studied English projection and diction similar to the training Shakespearian actors experience.

Anab (FFS)-This fine-boned woman, whose full name is Anab Saed, has creamy brown features enhanced by dark close cropped hair. In the novel The Lost Years she was identified as a Somalian female native to Terra. She and Kevin Riley married for one and a half years then chose not to renew their marriage contract. Presently she serves on the Starhawk.

Anacarthaginia (L)-Probably a planet. Captain Pike made reference to the captain of the Telemakhos, telling him that he knew the "best watering hole on Anacarthaginia."

Analects of a Warrior (Gw)-A Klingon text.

Andoria-designed simulator program (RE)-On the advice of Sulu and Chekov, HarbTanzer took this program, originally developed for helm training for StarFleet atmosphere-capable customs cutters, and created an arcade game called Space Cadet.

Andorians (PD)-Identified as a humanoid race, Andorians are now members of UFP. Johnson (Worlds 22) declares Andorians were the third intelligent race to be contacted by the Federation. However, other historians disagree. CONSULT Goldstein and Goldstein. Native to the planet Andor,or Andoria as Okuda and Okuda (Encyclopedia 12) declare, Andorians have an internal skeleton and a limited exoskeleton that adds strength and protection to the limbs and torso (Johnson Worlds 22). Adults are generally white-haired with pastel eye coloring. Other interesting features include intensity-sensitive rods in the retina, fully functional dual antennae (Trimble 126), and a well developed auditory ability. Johnson (Worlds 22) writes that the race is incapable of discerning color through their eyes but that the "dual antennae house auditor receptors and a complex matrix of light-sensitive cones." Furthermore, he describes their vision as quadriscopic resulting in superior depth perception and notes they also hear on a wider range of frequencies with their nondirectional antenna. A notable characteristic is the position of the head. When bowed and slightly tilted, the Andorian is "listening" intensely. Quite possible the antennae extended toward the speaker provides a better reception of the infrared wavelengths coming from the speaker and allows for additional "reading" of the speaker beyond the vocalization. In addition to this, Johnson (Worlds 22) writes that an antennae tilted toward someone is a gesture of respect while a chin tilted upwards signals disrespect. To the surprise of the xeno-anthropologists who read the initial reports, Andorians "do not have veins in their circulatory systems, relying when necessary on intramuscular injection" (*WGD; Trimble 126). Johnson (Worlds 22) includes the notation that all Andorians are ambidextrous. Several sources indicate that "an Andorian accent sounds like "a soft lisp" (*GT; *JB; Trimble 126). A Vulcan mission documented in Jean Lorrah's novel, The IDIC Epidemic, reveals Andorians cannot be resuscitated but whether this is physiological or of a religious nature is not known. The leading Federation historian declares their history of savage warriors and repeated conquests indicate they are "a violent race though ruled by reason" adding that their "strength and fighting ability [are] masked by soft voices and slender builds" (Trimble 126). Johnson's Worlds includes the note that "once [these emotions are] released, Andorian savagery and fighting ability is almost unequaled." Furthermore, he writes that Andorians, known to have few sympathies, do admit to being a violent race who "place high value on family relationships and obligations, [that] often [place] them above public duty." This strong sense of family duty accords family and family obligations and relationships the highest attention, even to the exclusion of public duty (22-23). They also have an obsessive habit of paying debts. In 2267 as UFP members, they assigned a diplomatic delegation to the Babel Conference (Okuda and Okuda Encyclopedia 12; *JB). Several Andorians presently serve on StarFleet spaceships and in administrative offices of StarFleet Command. Discovered after many years of contact is the fact that Andorians had no lawyers for a thousand years, seeing no need for them until Andor became a member of the UFP (Reeves-Stevens). The supreme deity of Andor is known as Great Mother Andor (Lorrah Murders). An interesting footnote reveals their population is falling and they fear they will become extinct (Lorrah Murders).


Excerpted from STAR TREK Reader's Reference to Eleven Novels: 1990-1991 by Alva Underwood Copyright © 2009 by Alva Underwood. Excerpted by permission.
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