Star Wars Collection

Star Wars Collection


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Disc 1

  1. Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare
  2. Star Wars (Main Title)
  3. Princess Leia's Theme
  4. Here They Come!
  5. "The Empire Strikes Back" the Asteroid Field
  6. Yoda's Theme
  7. The Imperial March
  8. Return of the Jedi: Parade of the Ewoks
  9. Luke and Leia
  10. Fight with the Fighters
  11. Jabba the Hut
  12. Darth Vader's Death
  13. The Forest Battle
  14. Finale

Disc 2

  1. Star Wars (Main Title)
  2. Yoda's Theme
  3. Princess Leia's Theme
  4. The Imperial March
  5. Ewok Celebration
  6. Han Solo and the Princess
  7. Jaba the Blues
  8. Luke and Leia
  9. Cantina Band
  10. May the Force Be with You

Disc 3

  1. Main Theme from "Star Wars & Leia's Nightmare"
  2. The Battle of Gall
  3. Imperial City
  4. Beggar's Canyon Chase
  5. The Southern Underground
  6. Xizor's Theme
  7. The Seduction of Princess Leia
  8. Night Skies
  9. Into the Sewers
  10. The Destruction of Xizor's Palace

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lanny Morgan   Saxophone
Brian Kilgore   Percussion
Joe La Barbera   Drums
Joel McNeely   Conductor
Terry Trotter   Piano
Utah Symphony Orchestra   Track Performer
Tom Warrington   Bass
Trotter Trio   Track Performer
Royal Scottish National Orchestra   Track Performer
Edmund Cord   Cornet
Varujan Kojian   Conductor
Gene Pokorny   Tuba
Christopher Bell   Choir Master

Technical Credits

Bruce Kimmel   Producer
George Korngold   Producer
Bruce Leek   Engineer
Joel McNeely   Liner Notes,Orchestration
Tom Null   Producer
Robert Townson   Producer,Liner Notes
Terry Trotter   Arranger
Geoff Foster   Engineer
David Slonaker   Orchestration
Chris Kuchler   Executive Producer
Drew Struzan   Paintings,Cover Art
John Bell   Orchestration
Kenji Hata   Illustrations
Ben Burtt   Text

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