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Starcraft: Speed of Darkness (Starcraft Series #3)

Starcraft: Speed of Darkness (Starcraft Series #3)

4.2 25
by Tracy Hickman

Far in the future, 60,000 light-years from Earth, a loose confederacy of Terran exiles is locked in battle with the enigmatic Protoss and the ruthless Zerg Swarm, as each species struggles to ensure its own survival among the stars — war that will herald the beginning of mankind's greatest chapter or foretell its violent, bloody end.
All Ardo Menikov ever


Far in the future, 60,000 light-years from Earth, a loose confederacy of Terran exiles is locked in battle with the enigmatic Protoss and the ruthless Zerg Swarm, as each species struggles to ensure its own survival among the stars — war that will herald the beginning of mankind's greatest chapter or foretell its violent, bloody end.
All Ardo Menikov ever dreamed of was to live in peace on the verdant colony world of Bountiful. But when the vicious Zerg Swarm attacked the colony and annihilated his loved ones, Ardo was forced to wake from his dream and accept the brutal realities of a war-torn galaxy. Now a confederate marine, charged with defending the worlds of the Terran confederacy, Ardo must come to terms with the painful memories of his past — and the unsettling truths that may dominate his future.

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Pocket Books/Star Trek
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Starcraft Series , #3
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4.20(w) x 6.70(h) x 0.80(d)

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Chapter 1: Downfall


That was his word for it, that rare, perfect day that warms the soul with a golden glow of joy. There was peace in a golden day.

Some days were gray, hung with leaden clouds and rain punctuated by brilliant flashes of burning white and rolling thunder. Other days were a vibrant cold blue arching over the frost-encrusted domes and sheds of the settlement. Some days were even red — the evening sky painted by the dust in the spring winds before the crops had gotten their own hold on the soil. Some days even extended into the night with a velvety cobalt blanket across the sky.

He liked those autumn nights when he could leave his world behind by staring up into that rich darkness. God had put pinpricks in the dome of the night, he imagined, so that His light could shine through. As a child he had searched the stars, hoping to see through to the other side and catch some glimpse of this Creator. He had never stopped looking, even though he had reached his nineteenth birthday and had thought himself too mature for such things.

Each day held different colors for him. He had experienced them in all their hues. Each held a memory and a place in his heart. Yet none in his experience could compare to a golden day. It was the color of the wheat fields that rolled like waves across the low hills stretching out from his father's homestead. Golden was the warmth of the sun on his face. Golden was the glow he felt within him.

Golden was the color of her hair and the sound of her voice.

"You're dreaming again, Ardo," she whispered playfully. "Come back to me. You are much too far away!"

He opened his eyes. She was golden.

"Melani, I'm right here." Ardo smiled.

"No, you aren't." She pouted — a formidable weapon in getting her way. "You're off dreaming again and you've left me behind."

He rolled onto his side, propping his head up on one elbow so that he could get a better look at her. She was just a year younger than he. Her family had arrived back when Ardo was nine years old, another group in a long line of religious refugees that fell from the sky to join with other Saints in Helaman Township.

Refugee survivors had been gathering from nearly all the planets of the Confederacy back then — reluctant pioneers of the stars. Many devout religious groups had been among the first to be outlawed by the United Powers League on Earth back in '31. It was not a new story to Saints and Martyrs. Throughout humanity's history, those who did not understand the faithful had driven them from place to place and home to home. That they should be driven from planet to planet, then star to star, was beginning to sound painfully repetitious in their Heritage classes. Now, exiles once more, families of the faithful were scattered among the ill-fated transports of the ATLAS project, and when that mission ended in such cataclysmic failure, those families who survived searched desperately for their brothers and sisters. When communication was finally established between worlds, the Patriarchs chose an outlying region on a world they called Bountiful for their new home. Soon, Orbital Dropships were landing at the Zarahemla Starport daily. The newly arrived families would then make their way to the outlying settlements as best they could. Arthur and Keti Bradlaw, with their wide-eyed daughter, were one of five families that arrived that day. Ardo had joined his father as the entire township came out to welcome the new families and get them settled.

Ardo could not remember much about Melani then, although he had been vaguely aware of the stick of a girl who seemed awkward, lonely, and shy. He first took real notice of her when her fourteenth year brought some rather remarkable changes. The "stick girl" seemed to burst into his awareness like a butterfly unfolding from its chrysalis. Her features held a natural beauty — body painting and makeup were frowned upon by the Patriarchs of the township — and it had been Ardo's great good fortune to have been the first to approach her. His heart and soul fell into her large, luminescent blue eyes.

The nimbus of her long, shining hair played softly in the warm breeze drifting over the wheat fields. The wind carried the distant hum of the mill and the faint scent of the bread at the bakery.


"I may be off dreaming, but I'll never leave you behind," he said to her, smiling. The wheat rustled about the blanket where they lay. "Tell me where you want to go. I'll take you there!"

"Right now?" Her laugh was sunshine. "In your dreams?"

"Sure!" Ardo pulled himself up to kneel on the heavy blanket he had spread out for them. "Anywhere in the stars!"

"I can't go anywhere." She smiled. "I have a test in Sister Johnson's Hydroponics class this afternoon! Besides," she said more earnestly. "Why would I want to go anywhere else at all? Everything I want is right here."

Golden. Who could ever leave on such a golden day?

"Then let's not go anywhere," he said eagerly. "Let's stay here...and get married."

"Married?" She looked at him, half bemused and half questioning. "I told you, I have Hydroponics class this afternoon."

"No, I mean it." Ardo had been working himself up for this for some time. "I've graduated, and things are working out really well on Dad's agraplots. He said he was thinking of giving me forty acres at the far end of the homestead. It's the sweetest place, right up near the base of the canyon. There's a spot there next to the river where...where...Melani?"

The girl with the golden hair did not hear him. She sat up, her blue eyes squinting toward the township. "The siren, Ardo!"

Then he heard it, too. The distant wail, rising and falling across the fields.

Ardo shook his head. "They always sound it at noon..."

"But it isn't noon, Ardo."

The sun was eclipsed in that instant. Ardo leaped up, wheeling around toward the darkened sky. His mouth fell open as the lengthening shadow surged across the yellowed fields of wheat. Ardo's eyes went wide with the rush of fear. Adrenaline roared into his veins.

Enormous plumes of smoke trailed behind fireballs roaring directly toward him from the western end of the broad valley. Ardo quickly reached down and pulled Melani to her feet. His mind raced. They had to run, find shelter...But where could they go? Melani screamed, and he realized that there was nowhere to go and noplace safe to hide.

The fireballs seemed so close that both of them ducked. The flames arched over them, the thunderous sound of their fury quickly drowning the distant warning siren. The shadow of their wake covered the entire valley. Five enormous columns crossed overhead, their fingers reaching over Ardo and Melani toward the clustered buildings of Helaman Township. Then the fireballs wheeled as one, lifted over the township, and descended in roiling flames into Segard Yohansen's instantly ruined fields, about a mile past the center of Helaman.

Ardo shook — whether from fear or excitement he could not tell — but at least his stupor had ended. He clasped Melani's arm and began pulling at her. "Come on! We've got to get into the town before they shut the gates! Come on!"

She needed no further urging.

They ran.

He could not remember how they got into town.

The golden day had turned a muddy brown fading to gray from the smoke that still coated the sky overhead. It was an oppressive color, slate and cold. It seemed so out of place here.

"We've got to find my Uncle Dez," he heard himself say. "He has a shop in the compound! Come on! Come on!"

Ardo and Melani struggled to move through the center of the township, now crowded with refugees. Helaman originally had been nothing but an outpost in the far reaches of Bountiful. Its town center was the original fortress compound with the defensive wall encompassing the main buildings. Since then, the town had grown well beyond those central walls. Now more than ten thousand people called Helaman their home — and nearly all of them had poured into the safety of the old fortress compound.

He could just see the sign "Dez Hardwarez" across the packed central square.

The rattle of automatic weapons clattered suddenly from the perimeter wall. Two dull explosive thuds resounded, followed by even more chattering machine guns.

A cry arose from the crowd in the square. Ardo felt more than heard the fear in the seething mob. Shouts rang out, some strident and others calming. The smoke overhead cast an oppressive veil over the surging mob.

"Please, Ardo!" Melani said, "I...Where do we go? What do we do?"

Ardo glanced around. He could taste the panic in the air.

"We just need to get across the square," he choked out, then, seeing the look in her eyes. "We've done it hundreds of times."

"But, Ardo — "

"It isn't any farther than it was before. Just a little more crowded, that's all." Ardo looked at the tears welling up in those beautiful blue eyes. He squeezed her hand tightly. "Don't worry. I'll be right here with you."

Somehow, they were halfway across the square when it came.

A sheet of flame erupted beyond the fortress's outer wall. Its crimson light flashed against the blanket of smoke that hung oppressively over the town. The blood-red hue electrified the panicked crowd in the square. Screams, shouts, and cries all tumbled into a cacophony of sound, but several disembodied voices penetrated Ardo's thoughts clearly.

"Where are the Confederacy forces? Where are the Marines?"

"Don't argue with me! Get the children! Stay together!"

"It can't be the Zerg! They couldn't have penetrated so far into the Confederacy..."

Zerg? Ardo had heard rumors about them. Nightmares, so he thought, to scare children or keep outsiders from settling in the Outer Colonies. He could not remember all the whispered tales, but the nightmare was here now, and very real.

Another voice penetrated his thoughts. He turned toward her.

"Ardo, I'm frightened!" Melani's eyes were wide and liquid. "What is it? What's going on?"

Ardo opened his mouth. He could not answer her question. No words came out. There were so many words he wanted to say to her in that moment — so many words that he would regret never having said for uncounted years to come. But no words came out.

A light flared. He felt the heat on his back. He turned, holding Melani behind him.

The eastern wall had been breached. The old rampart was being pulled down from the other side, dismantled before Ardo's eyes. It seemed as though a dark wave was breaking against the breach, an undulating silhouette. Then details lodged in his mind: a gleaming purple carapace, red-streaked ivory claws sliding from a colonist's limp body, the arching, snakelike bodies writhing across the broken stone.

It was unthinkable....The nightmare had come to Bountiful.

The shoulder-to-shoulder crowd in the square roared their deep fear and turned to run from the breach. There was nowhere to go. Zerg Hydralisks had already crested the opposite wall, cascading into the street like black drops from a greasy spill. Within moments, hideous cobralike hoods had unfolded above their razor-sharp talons. They arched their tails upward. Armored spikes exploded from their serrated shoulder sockets and darted with deadly effect into the western edge of the crowd.

Those facing the new threat suddenly tried to reverse direction, crushing back into the surging crowd behind them.

Ardo heard Melani gasp behind him. "I can't...I can't breathe..."

The mob was crushing them. Ardo looked desperately around him, trying to find a way out.

Movement overhead caught his eye. A bloated, bulbous form like a disembodied brain drifted over the colony wall. Tendrils hung like viscera beneath it, quivering with activity. It was reaching down for the center of the crowd. Ardo had heard tales in which the Zerg had captured colonists and taken them alive to a fate that could only be worse than death.

Tears flooded Ardo's eyes. There was nowhere to go and nothing left to do.

Suddenly the Zerg Overlord drifting above the colony shuddered and slid sideways. Several explosions erupted from the side of the hideous beast. The Overlord exploded in an enormous fireball. The Zerg Hydralisks entering the compound suddenly hesitated.

A wing of five Confederacy Wraith fighters ripped through the smoke overhead, the scream of their engines nearly drowning out the cries of the terrified crowd below. Twenty-five-millimeter burst lasers pulsed repeatedly as the Wraiths wheeled through the air, the bolts slamming against targets on the far side of the crumbling fortress wall.

One of the Wraiths wavered suddenly, then exploded under a hail of ground fire from the outraged Zerg.

The Zerg who had entered the compound were pressing their attack, killing some and dragging others off without apparent distinction. They had corralled the humans; now all they had to do was harvest them from the edges of the crowd inward.

A second flight of Wraiths tore through the smoke-blackened sky. Then a single Confederacy Dropship ripped through the air, spinning in a rapid breaking maneuver and descending toward the square. The downblast from the engines created an instant hurricane on the ground. Trees bent over nearly double. It was impossible to hear anything over the roar of the engines. People all about Ardo tumbled to the ground, shielding themselves from the gale.

Ardo blinked through the dust. The Dropship continued to hover but managed somehow to lower its transport ramp into the square. He could see the silhouetted figure of a Confederacy Marine beckoning to them.

Everyone else in the square saw the Marine also. Mindlessly they charged the ramp. A human tide pulled Ardo along.

He lost Melani's hand.

"Melani!" he screamed. He tried to fight against the crushing press of the panicked crowd. His words were lost in the roar of the Dropship's engines. "Melani!"

He saw her behind him. The Zerg were pressing their attack with anger now. The Dropship was depriving them of their prize. Ardo was appalled at how quickly the large crowd had been sundered — harvested like blood-red wheat in the field. The Zerg were already nearly at Melani's side.

Ardo clawed and fought. He screamed.

Three Hydralisks grasped Melani at once, dragging her back from the edge of the crowd.

"Please, Ardo!" she wept. "Don't leave me alone!"

The mindless mob pushed him farther into the ship.

Zerg claws suddenly rang against the sides of the Dropship. The pilot had played out all the time his luck would afford. The ship responded instantly to his command, lurching upward away from the Zerg and bearing Ardo away from his home, his life, and his love.

"Don't leave me alone!" Those were her last words to him, pounding through his mind and soul, louder and louder, threatening to burst his skull...

Ardo's world went black. It would stay black for a very long time.

STARCRAFT © 2002 Blizzard Entertainment

Meet the Author

Tracy Hickman is a bestselling fantasy author as well as successful game designer. With his wife, Laura, he published a number of game designs for TSR. With his longtime collaborator Margaret Weis, he has written many Dragonlance novels including the original Dragonlance Chronicles, Dragonlance Legends, the Rose of the Prophet series, The Darksword Trilogy, and the seven-book Deathgate Cycle.

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Starcraft: Speed of Darkness (Starcraft Series #4) 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have read all the starcraft books, either in Hungarian (my mother tongue) or in English, and LOVED them. But I always sat down as though these books weren't 'serious' reading... Well now I know I was wrong. Speed of Darkness is an outstanding book even for someone who is not a SC. fan and I highly recommend it to those 'prejudiced' people like me. The book is very well written, the protagonist, Ardo is very 'down to Earth-human' with human doubts about what is right and what is wrong (in this case there is the question of what is right in God's eyes). The plot is sensational with the frequent, very naturalistic battles (because where would we be without battles) and the effective tactics the marines use (then and probably now). But behind the hard outer layer there is something more to this book than the simple slaughtering of zergs and the fight of humanity for survival(as if this wouldn't be enough!).There is the important question that comes up in every war movie: What is more important, saving our skins or saving a lot of others (those of civilians for instance), and again should we do what is easy or what is right... And finally there is the very artistic ending that curves back to the beginning of the book which I particularly liked ..., but I'm chatting to much, the rest you should find out yourselves... So buckle up and go buy the book! :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
No raynor!?!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
PLBMI More than 1 year ago
While this book has some good points, it is not worth the cost. I read this in about 2 hours and wanted a refund. The character dialogue is elementary at best. The characters are hardly developed. The ending may be the only redeeming quality of the book. Heed my advice, go to the store, pick up the book(if it is in printed format), read it there and put it back into the shelf. Fans of Star Craft the game, you are not missing out on anything.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I realized I never wrote a review of this one, this is a good read. It is more of a 'side story' yes, but it is a great book. If you enjoy the series/world of starcraft, or just enjoy action based novels this is great.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was the best out of the series. After I read the book I thought I knew Ardo my whole life. It stays true to the Starcraft video game. If you like starcraft and sci-fi this is the book for you.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book actually touched me, and that's pretty hard to do. I'm going to use a lot of girlie words so bare with me. I thought it was beautiful how it ended, and how he tied it back into how it began. Even in the midst of the horror the splendor and righteousness of the human soul shines through and brightens even the darkest hours.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was well-written and I read Book 2 first which got me hooked on this series. This is a great novel for those that are fans and those who are just Sci-Fi fans. I hope to se more StarCraft novels.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was very well done and I highly reccomend reading it. It may seem skimpy or not worth your time, but it is truly an excellent book and if you enjoy StarCraft or even just science fiction in itself you will fall in love with this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read this one first, and enjoyed it the best of the three. Speed of Darkness is Starcraft at its best: gritty, intense, dark. For the true Starcraft fan, it is a must read. Even as the Zerg crush humanity, the indominatable human spirit survives. I recommend this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this book was as good if not better then the first one of the serise it touught you a lesson of life and i also rocked as a writer i know and one day i hope to write a starcraft book this one was espacily good becuse it explained what they do to turn a criminal like arod's troop mate cutter who i strongly supect was a sirel killer into a fighting machien and it shows that change i finnshed it in a few days becuse i couldnt put it down
Guest More than 1 year ago
Like many others i am a Sc addict. For people like me i highly reccomend this books my battle.net name is CultureMisfits
Guest More than 1 year ago
Well, I've played Starcraft since it came out and the way he described everything was as thought you ran along the surface of Mar Sara with Ardo and the other "recruits", I guess I should say. I would severely recomend this book to anyone who loves Sci-Fi even a little bit. My favorite part would have to be when Ardo falls down a hole in which a zergling is living. It plays an important part of the story that this is the first time Ardo every kills anything. He [Ardo] came from a planet that was all about peace, love, and God. Well, needless to say, the Zerg destroyed his home and took away the only girl he had ever loved. Now is when the true struggle begins, The War of the Universe....
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have read the first two books in the series also and, although they were good, they do not compare to this book. The discriptive narrative of the story and the engaging plot are more than enough for a great story, but the character development is quite good for a book of its size also. As it is so wonderfully written, I would recommend this book to any sci-fi reader.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Speed of Darkness by Tracy Hickman might be one of the greatest sci-fi action books of all time. On a scale of 1-10 I would definitely give this book an impressive 8.9, which is amazing compared to some of the other books I¿ve read. This story is about a Confederate marine, Ardo Malnikov, who is sent to Mar Sara to recover a mysterious box. The planet is being overrun by the enemy, the Zerg. The Zerg are a mutant life form created by an ancient race known as the Xel¿Naga, in an attempt to create a master species. The book tells the story of Ardo¿s marine life, and the hardships he faces with his clouded past. As a fan of the Blizzard game, StarCraft, it was definitely an excellent experience to read this book. The story itself does not feature any of the stars from the game, such as General Edmond Duke, Lt. Jim Raynor, or Sara Kerrigan, the queen of the Zerg, but nonetheless, it is an amazing story. The characters of this book are very developed, and it¿s almost as if you are on the battlefield with them. Tracy Hickman, who has written the Dragonlance Chronicles, is used to a surplus of characters, and fits each one in very well. At some times it gets confusing, but if you keep reading to the end, it will all make sense. My favorite character would have to have been Sergeant Littlefield, who is very kind to Ardo, as well as brave and caring for his recruits. He plays a very important role at the end of the book, but I don¿t want to give it away, because it is a very important part. Mr. Hickman did an excellent job displaying the characters, because each of them had his own personality. From PFC Cutter, to his very strong and determined ambiance, to PFC Windon, and her very sarcastic attitude, you understood each individual. The characters of this novel all played an important role in each scene. I had a lot of favorite scenes, but my most favorite would have to be when the Zerg mutalisks come to destroy the Command Center. Lt. Breanne, Ardo, Meredith, Marcus Jans and Sergeant Littlefield are all trapped within, and must fight their way outside to safety. Tegis, the pilot of the Vixen, is waiting for his brother Marcus to come outside, and fails to see the mutalisks coming toward him. I regret that I cannot tell you more, but I don¿t want to spoil this crucial part of the novel. If I had to change one thing in this book, it would be the ending. Although the ending was very moving, I would have rather had it differently. I can¿t say what I would like to change, because I will give away too much, but I hoped for a different finale. In a nutshell, I really did love this book. It was an exciting, heart-pounding adventure which tested your idea of reality and kept you guessing until the end. I would recommend this book to almost any child my age who likes action and adventure with a little blood and gore mixed in. The characters were excellently done, and the vivid detail Mr. Hickman used was truly awe-inspiring. It felt as if you were in the gauntlet of zerglings, or up against the mutalisk firing your gauss rifle. It was written to put you into the action, and it could not have done that better. If you were to read this book as a class, I don¿t think it would go too well, because despite its excellence, it does not have any correspondence to school life. It would be an excellent choice though, for students to read and review, without projects in between. Although you could do it as a class book, it would not be as wise because of the sci-fi fantasy genre. On the whole, this book was one of the greatest novels ever written! (i dont normally type like this, it was a school assignment, sorry for being so proper... i promise im not really like that)
Guest More than 1 year ago
Why would you want the book to be like the game, so you can read the same thing over. the creativity expressed by the author is refreshing from the monotony of those others who strictly stick to the hard beaten path. This book is different from the game, (kind of like the battletech and mechwarrior series). I sorly enjoyed this book and await the next.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is an enjoyable book for any action reader. The story takes away the big picture and tells you a smaller story about one of the men/women who fight in the war. Confusing at times but stick with it. An enjoyable title for any reader
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book is kind of confusing. It has no characters from the actual game not even karrigan or raynor. The setting is on Mar Sara during the confederacy era. I basically devour everything that has to do with Starcraft but this book has more commando style raids than actual wars. and like I said it's a story not from the game but something that the author came up with. FInally the book is good but It could have been far better.