Starting Out on the Internet: A Learning Journey for Teachers / Edition 3

Starting Out on the Internet: A Learning Journey for Teachers / Edition 3

by M. D. Roblyer

ISBN-10: 0131704575

ISBN-13: 9780131704572

Pub. Date: 07/26/2005

Publisher: Pearson

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Understanding URLs: How to Use Internet Addresses

Chapter 2 Navigating the Net: How to Move Around in Web Pages

Chapter 3 Starting Up Search Engines: How to Locate Information on the Internet

Chapter 4 Using Bookmarks or Favorites: How to Mark Web Pages for Later Use

Chapter 5 Evaluating Internet Information: How to Assess Web Site Quality

Chapter 6 Avoiding Internet Pitfalls: How to Recognize and Prevent Problems

Chapter 7 Downloading and Using Images: How to Obtain and Use Internet Graphics

Chapter 8 Downloading Programs and Plug-Ins: How to Obtain Needed Web Resources

Chapter 9 Internet Troubleshooting: How to Recognize and Address Common Errors

Chapter 10 Integrating the Internet into Teaching: Strategies, Examples, and Create-Your-Own Lesson Exercises

Chapter 11 Creating Your Own Web Site: The Basics

Chapter 12 Creating Your Own Web Site: Using Yahoo Geocities

Chapter 13 Creating Your Own Web Site: Using Netscape Composer

Appendix Answers to Exercise Questions

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