State of Trance: Year Mix 2007

State of Trance: Year Mix 2007

by Armin van Buuren

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Release Date:
Cloud 9 Holland

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Disc 1

  1. Intro: The Seven Deadly Sins And The Seven Heavenly Virtues
  2. Faxing Berlin
  3. Light The Skies
  4. Not Alone Tonight
  5. David
  6. Invincible
  7. Till The Sky Falls Down
  8. Wouldn't Change A Thing
  9. The Sound Of Goodbye
  10. Another Day On The Terrace
  11. Falling
  12. Fall To Pieces
  13. Reasons To Forgive
  14. For You
  15. The Truth
  16. Mr. White
  17. Mexico Can Wait
  18. Need To Feel
  19. Carry Me Away
  20. Roadkill
  21. Air Conditionné
  22. Finished Symphony
  23. Kalopsia
  24. I Am
  25. Cause You Know
  26. Summer Blush
  27. Shapes
  28. Suru
  29. Metaphorique
  30. Reflect
  31. Fly Away
  32. Firefly
  33. One Wish
  34. Arguru
  35. King Of My Castle
  36. What You Need
  37. Anthem
  38. One Night In Tokyo
  39. The Horzizon
  40. Waiting Here For You
  41. Daydream
  42. Megashira
  43. Silently
  44. Body Of Conflict
  45. The Sunlight
  46. Formentera What

Disc 2

  1. Ascent
  2. Rush Hour
  3. Always A Fool
  4. Home
  5. Big Sky
  6. Oceanic
  7. One More Night Out
  8. Bulldozer
  9. Mustang
  10. Heaven Scent
  11. Buzz
  12. Frozen
  13. Fly To Colors
  14. SMile
  15. Apologies
  16. The Fall
  17. Who Will Find Me
  18. Not The Ende
  19. Saved Again
  20. Why
  21. Tears Of Hope
  22. Quicksand
  23. Feels Like Home
  24. 11 Days
  25. Louvre
  26. Destination 6
  27. How Long?
  28. This World Is Watching Me
  29. In The Dark
  30. Catch A Fall
  31. Platinum
  32. Platitude
  33. The Space Perspective
  34. Beauty Hides In The Deep
  35. No In Between
  36. Whatever
  37. Kaktus
  38. Riff
  39. Back To Where The Skyline Awaits You

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Armin van Buuren   Primary Artist

Technical Credits

Jacques Prévert   Composer
Talla 2XLC   Composer
Dubfire   Composer
Nenes   Composer
Roger P. Shah   Composer
Claus Ter Hoeven   Composer
D. Lanni   Composer
Adrian Broekhuyse   Composer
M. Eloranta   Composer
Sam   Composer
Ralph Barendse   Composer
S. Ketelaar   Composer
Peter Kriek   Composer
Ariaan Olieroock   Composer
Tenishia   Composer
W&W   Composer
Fadi Wassef Naguib   Composer
C. Lejon   Composer
David Kolodziej   Composer
S. Mitiska   Composer
R. Unger   Composer
M. Schossow   Composer
D. Tropeano   Composer
V. De Moor   Composer
M. Foyle   Composer
I. Zielinski   Composer
T. McGuinness   Composer
S. Helstrip   Composer
J. Mansnerus   Composer
J. Steur   Composer
G. Huinink   Composer
James O'Callaghan   Composer
G. Bissen   Composer
S. Pucello   Composer
R. Walters   Composer
A. Britton   Composer
D. Richardson   Composer
H. Thomas   Composer
P. Kirtley   Composer
S. Bossems   Composer
D.J. Waakop Reijers-Fraaij   Composer
P. Scott   Composer
N. Warren   Composer
S. Patterson   Composer
S. Jones   Composer
M. Duderstadt   Composer
J. Wisternoff   Composer
B. Cohen   Composer
D. Duderstadt   Composer
Sander Van Der Waal   Composer

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