The State of Western European Studies

The State of Western European Studies

by Taylor and Francis

ISBN-10: 0866563547

ISBN-13: 9780866563543

Pub. Date: 01/28/1984

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Covers the broad spectrum of issues and topics in Western European studies.  See more details below


Covers the broad spectrum of issues and topics in Western European studies.

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Taylor & Francis
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Collection Management Series
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Table of Contents


  • Introduction
  • Part One: The State of Western European Studies: Trends in Scholarship and Publishing
  • The Council for European Studies
  • Research Trends in Western Europe: The Collapse of Boundaries
  • British Studies: The Years Ahead
  • Interviews With Leading Political and Administrative Figures: A Contribution to Contemporary Political History
  • Perspectives on Book Publishing in the German Democratic Republic
  • Some Additional Comments on Book Publishing in the GDR
  • Le Livre, L’Edition et la Librairie en France Aujourd’hui
  • Part Two: Collection Development for Western European Studies
  • Sustaining European Studies in the 19802: A Sterling Example
  • The RLG French Literature Collection Assessment Project
  • Old Books in New Covers: Reprints Revisited
  • The Scandinavian National Bibliographies as Tools for Research and Book Selection
  • Modern Italian Studies and Research Libraries in the United States
  • Outguessing History: Collecting Sources Today for the Scholars of Tomorrow
  • Part Three: Bibliographic Control of European Materials
  • Access to Official Information in Britain and France: A Study in Contrasts
  • Library Cataloging Practices as Related to Western European Materials
  • Cataloging of Spanish Civil War Materials: The Herbert R. Southworth Collection
  • The Eighteenth Century Short Title Catalogue: Its Origin and Use as a Bibliographic Tool
  • Renaissance Bibliography in the Electronic Age: Recent Work on a Computer-Produced Annual Bibliography of Studies on Early Modern Europe
  • Medieval Studies and North American Research Libraries
  • Afterword: Organizing for Western European Studies: The Pioneering Stage
  • Appendixes

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