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State Street

State Street

by Richard Whittingham

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Whittingham ( Joe D: On the Street with a Chicago Homicide Cop ) makes his debut as a novelist with this powerful, exciting police procedural. Sgt. Joe Morrison and his ever-hungry partner Norbert Castor call in political favors, use street snitches as eyes and ears and cover the neighborhood like Jehovah's Witnesses to track down the two men--one black, one white--who raped the retarded daughter of a mob capo. The mafioso himself refuses to cooperate, preferring his own methods of protecting his family and turf. Then a pharmacist is found robbed and drowned in a 50-gallon drum at his store. Clues point to Uptown, Chicago's worst slum, and Tommy Bates, a ``major street animal''; his whorish, drughead girlfriend, Jo Kane; and Manfred White, a black dope dealer. When his partner is shot, Morrison responds like Sam Spade in a similar situation (a man's ``supposed to do something about it''). Telling a lie within earshot of a snitch, he ensures a kind of rough justice, which brings this no-frills story to an ironic but most satisfactory end. (Sept.)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Like Marlow, Whittingham emphasizes the realistic detail of police procedure. Joe Morrison, one of Chicago's finest, is temporarily assigned to homicide when someone murders a pharmacist friend of his father. Joe taps his former contacts among the street scum for information, performs the usual door-to-doors and bar-to-bars, and plays a few tricks until he flushes out the bad guys. Alternating views of police and quarry place this squarely on target.

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