Statistical Reasoning in Psychology and Education / Edition 4

Statistical Reasoning in Psychology and Education / Edition 4

by Edward W. Minium, Bruce M. King

ISBN-10: 0471211877

ISBN-13: 9780471211877

Pub. Date: 11/22/2002

Publisher: Wiley

Instructor's Manual and Workbook available.  See more details below


Instructor's Manual and Workbook available.

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Older Edition
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8.29(w) x 10.14(h) x 1.07(d)

Table of Contents

Ch. 1Introduction1
Ch. 2Preliminary Concepts13
Ch. 3Frequency Distributions, Percentiles, and Percentile Ranks25
Ch. 4Graphic Representation of Frequency Distributions45
Ch. 5Central Tendency65
Ch. 6Variability and Standard (z) Scores81
Ch. 7Standard Scores and the Normal Curve105
Ch. 8Correlation123
Ch. 9Prediction153
Ch. 10Interpretive Aspects of Correlation and Regression173
Ch. 11Probability195
Ch. 12Random Sampling and Sampling Distributions211
Ch. 13Introduction to Statistical Inference: Testing Hypotheses about Single Means (z and t)231
Ch. 14Interpreting the Results of Hypothesis Testing: Effect Size, Type I and Type II Errors, and Power263
Ch. 15Testing Hypotheses about the Difference between Two Independent Groups287
Ch. 16Testing for a Difference between Two Dependent (Correlated) Groups315
Ch. 17Inference about Correlation Coefficients331
Ch. 18An Alternative to Hypothesis Testing: Confidence Intervals341
Ch. 19Chi-Square and Inference about Frequencies365
Ch. 20Testing for Differences among Three or More Groups: One-Way Analysis of Variance (and Some Alternatives)387
Ch. 21Factorial Analysis of Variance: The Two-Factor Design for Independent Groups423
Ch. 22Some (Almost) Assumption-Free Tests443
Epilogue: The Realm of Statistics467
App. A: Review of Basic Mathematics471
App. B: Summation Rules485
App. C: List of Symbols487
App. D: Answers to Problems491
App. E: Statistical Tables509

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