Stealth Fighters and Bombers

Stealth Fighters and Bombers

by Don Berliner

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Since the Persian Gulf War of 1991, the advent of stealth aircraft has changed the face of modern combat. Designed and manufactured in such a way that they deflect or absorb radar waves, stealth fighters and bombers have provided an "invisible" way to deliver the destructive potential of modern smart bombs. Planes such as the B-2 bomber, the F-117A Nighthawk and the F-22 Raptor symbolize these advancements in military science. It is the evolution of such stealth planes that is the subject of this book. Each chapter of this concise and illustrated work deals with a different aircraft and its use. Technical details regarding the range, armament, usage, and traits of each plane are provided. Some background regarding the training necessary to fly stealth aircraft is also included. All in all, readers with an interest in flight technology or weaponry will find this book to be of interest. However, one cautionary note¾there is a tendency within the text to lose sight of a politically balanced perspective. For example, in the introductory chapter the author notes that the Iraqi people should have felt gratitude toward the pilots of stealth aircraft who bombed them with greater precision than more conventional planes. This type of opinionated rhetoric detracts from an otherwise informative account of the evolution of stealth planes. One in the "Aircraft" series. 2001, Enslow, $18.95. Ages 10 to 14. Reviewer: Greg M. Romaneck

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Aircraft Series
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