Steel Guitar Swing

Steel Guitar Swing

by Cecil Campbell

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Release Date:
Jasmine Music


  1. Won't You Sometimes Dream of Me?
  2. Left All Alone With a Broken Heart
  3. Put Some Meat on Them Bones
  4. Steel Guitar Hop
  5. It's Gonna Come Home to You
  6. Who's Blues Are You Now?
  7. Please Don't Call in Any Help
  8. Midnight Boogie
  9. North Carolina Skies
  10. Talk, Talk, Talk
  11. I Don't Know Why I Should Cry Over You
  12. Steel Guitar Swing
  13. She's Got the Cutest Eyes
  14. Time Will Tell
  15. Catawba River Blues
  16. Campbell's Steel Guitar Special
  17. I'll Keep on Loving You
  18. I'm a Hen Pecked Man
  19. Southern Special
  20. Tennessee Border
  21. No Where, No Time, No Place
  22. All My Natural Life
  23. Last Night I Cried
  24. Beaty Steel Blues

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