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Step by Step Phonics: Makes Reading and Spelling Easy

Step by Step Phonics: Makes Reading and Spelling Easy

by Laurie Lee Lee Bell, Sandy Pack (Editor)
Laurie Lee Bell's quest to find the best materials available for her first grade class led to the development of Step by Step Phonics. In addition to becoming fluent readers, students who use the program also develop excellent writing and spelling skills. This long awaited program is steadily advancing literacy across our nation.

Step by Step Phonics is a


Laurie Lee Bell's quest to find the best materials available for her first grade class led to the development of Step by Step Phonics. In addition to becoming fluent readers, students who use the program also develop excellent writing and spelling skills. This long awaited program is steadily advancing literacy across our nation.

Step by Step Phonics is a 40 unit program with specific teaching instructions day by day, week by week, for one school year. It begins by teaching letter names, sound/symbol association, and has a progressive format. Each week's unit teaches five words which follow one phonics pattern and five sight words which don't sound out. Students practice reading, writing, and spelling the words in each unit. The words were taken from established high frequency sight word lists. Practice sentences, which gradually increase in difficulty, allow students to gain early reading success. Entertaining, original poems reinforce the phonics patterns, while providing additional reading practice.

Step by Step Phonics is invaluable with its time saving, reproducible blackline masters. In addition to teaching the program in class, many teachers have used it as the homework plan for the entire school year. Though originally designed for primary students, many upper grade teachers, parents, and literacy tutors have successfully used the program for individuals reading or spelling below grade level.

Vickie L. Boutiette, 1998 North Dakota Teacher of the Year
"In the past few years, I had been looking for a program that would incorporate patterning, sight words, and reading practice all in one. I found this program in Step by Step Phonics. I don't have to hunt for extra materials, everything is right at hand. The program works and the children enjoy it."

Virgie Dikkers, Lifelong Educator
"I am a retired teacher who started teaching in a country school in Minnesota in 1926. In the first three grades, I used the Beacon readers. They had a fantastic system of phonics. No child had trouble learning to read the primer by Christmas, and the first grade reader by the end of the year. Step by Step Phonics reminded me of that method."

Dave (Doc Kirby) WTBF Radio Station
"Once upon a time in American education, everyone learned to read using "phonics" that is, sounding out letters and letter combinations. Reading was considered easy, and the system worked, so people became literate. Then, educators jumped on a different bandwagon in search of the perfect system, and phonics was abandoned by public education. The result was a growing illiteracy in America. This new book for school or home use rediscovers the excellent phonics reading system. It's time to get back to the basics of using phonics to teach reading and this is the right text for you."

Debra Benvenuto, Parent
"My daughter Amanda has been using Step by Step Phonics since she entered first grade. By the end of the first period, she was already reading. I can't say enough good things about the program. It is fun and easy to understand. I see a difference between my oldest daughter, Jennifer, who was taught by traditional methods, and Amanda who was taught Step by Step Phonics. Amanda learned in three months what Jennifer spend her whole first grade year learning. I recommend this program to anyone interested in teaching their child to read. I am looking forward to using this program to teach my two younger children to read."

Katrin Bath-Teal, First Grade Teacher
"As a new first grade teacher, Step by Step Phonics has become an integral part of my daily instruction. It is easy to follow, effective and the children really enjoy it. The integration of reading, writing, and spelling makes it exceptionally effective in helping my students."

Gniselda Duran, Parent
"My family is very thankful and grateful to the Step by Step Phonics program for the great progress that Bianca has had. In six weeks, she has learned how to read. Anyone who wants to learn to read in a short time, I strongly suggest Step by Step Phonics."

Nancy Green, Second Grade Teacher
Step by Step Phonics gave me an excellent and clear framework to guide my students with, and allowed me to present English phonics to them in a very easy format. Every one of my students has benefited from the use of the program in my class. The program has been my number one line of attack in helping my second graders become better readers. My students scored very well in last year's standardized testing. My husband teaches Spanish speaking primary classes and he also has been able to use the program to help his students."

Lisa Lewis, Parent
"I purchased the Step by Step Phonics program for my daughter. She has improved her spelling abilities and it has also motivated her to read more, which is very rewarding. As a parent with no teaching skills, I appreciate this program. It gave me the opportunity to teach my child and know that I was doing it correctly."

Lea Joy Shortlidge, Sixth Grade Teacher
"Step by Step Phonics is well organized and a must for the child who needs phonemic strategies or simply a review of phonics concepts on a daily basis. It is easy for a teacher to see success after only a few lessons. As an upper grade teacher, I've found the program easy to implement in small group sessions, as a center activity, or on a one-to-one basis. Step by Step Phonics is a complete program and...an asset to any classroom curriculum."

Ruth Martin, University of California, Riverside, Education Course Extension Instructor
"Our education problem is not slow learning on the part of the children, but the 'philosophical war' that keeps educators locked either in a whole language or phonics framework. Author, Laurie Lee Bell refuses to "fight in the war" and has joined the best of both frameworks and developed an early intervention program that will substantially reduce the numbers of children likely to need extended help in the future. She has organized an integrated reading, writing, phonics, and spelling system that will free children to become self-sufficient readers and writers. I recommend this outstanding resource to other educators."

Roslyn Gladney, Parent
"I am very impressed with how well my son Frederick has learned to read and write with the Step by Step Phonics program. He reads everything and so fast. He sounds out the word if he doesn't already know it. I feel this program is a blessing."

Robert Schumacher, First Grade Teacher
"My first graders this year are already reading and writing as much as my first graders were doing at the end of the year last year. The only thing that I changed in my teaching was the addition of the Step by Step Phonics program. This program goes back to the basics, back to what worked in the past."

From the Author

I am thankful for each life my program has changed. Parents--the time you spend with your children now, to teach them to read, is the best investment you will ever make. Because many teachers do not stress phonics, I made the program easy for you to use at home. Teachers--you will enjoy the success your students achieve plus find this balanced literacy program will save you a great deal of planning time. My vision is to help create a reading America through my simplistic but effective method. I welcome e-mail, especially when it involves helping our children and their future. My e-mail address is phonicspro@aol.com. I will look forward to hearing from you.

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James A. Cox
Step by Step Phonics explains to educators and parents precisely how to teach the reading and writing process to children ages 6 and older. The program's core lies in 40 weekly units, each containing systematic, integrated, reading, writing, and spelling practice. Laurie Lee Bell's an experienced first grade teacher who has combined the best of both "whole language" and "phonics" frameworks into a compendium of systematic weekly plans that are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for both the traditional classroom teacher and the home schooling parent. (James A. Cox, Editor, Midwest Book Review)

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