Step on It: Best of the Ska Parade

Step on It: Best of the Ska Parade


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Cd Baby


  1. The Ska Parade Metal Theme
  2. Badminton On A Rope
  3. Game Show
  4. Turning Japanese/New Wind
  5. Martha
  6. The Long
  7. Brass Man  -  Meal Ticket
  8. The Best of Love
  9. Hey Mr T
  10. Dirty Rats
  11. Double Dutch Bus Ska Intro/Double Dutch Bus Ska
  12. Date Rape  -  Sublime
  13. Skybolt X-66
  14. The Ska Parade Polka
  15. Mr. Pitiful
  16. Solid as a Rock
  17. Matando El Diablo  -  Tremors
  18. Shot In The Dark
  19. Don't Buy The Swag Bag  -  Mudsharks
  20. Club Ska Parade Theme  -  See Spot
  21. Heart And Soul  -  See Spot
  22. Ice Cube, Korea Wants A Word With You
  23. Long Shot Kick de Bucket
  24. The Skas Parade Promo
  25. Dub Medley  -  Sublime
  26. Ska Parade Promo
  27. Maria Elena
  28. Ska Parade

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Conrad Janis   Track Performer
Meal Ticket   Track Performer
Let's Go Bowling   Track Performer
Roland Alphonso   Track Performer
Jerky Boys   Track Performer
Skankin' Pickle   Track Performer
Voodoo Glow Skulls   Track Performer
Sublime   Track Performer
Jump with Joey   Track Performer
Unsteady   Track Performer
One Eye Open   Track Performer
Albino Brown All-Star Coalition   Track Performer
Tremors   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Earl Robinson   Composer
Edwin DeShazo   Engineer
Dawn Agard   Composer
Sydney Crooks   Composer

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