Steve Wozniak: The Man Who Grew the Apple

Steve Wozniak: The Man Who Grew the Apple

by Martha E. Kendall

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Children's Literature - Mary Sue Preissner
This biography, complete with a glossary and index, takes its information from the subject himself, his friends and family and may serve as an inspiration to today's youngsters to pursue their interests and dreams. Wozniak, by his own admission was a class clown, short, shy, lacking in social skills. He loved math, reading, and his seat at the back of the classroom. He received encouragement from teachers and family to pursue his varied interests. While he excelled in Little League, running and swimming, electronics began to consume his time. That proficiency led to a position with an electronics firm while still in high school. His curiosity grew and grew, ultimately leading to the development of the Apple computer. Today Steve continues his interest in computer development, enjoys spending time with his family and helping at the local school to provide computers for students and share his enthusiasm for learning. The text is interspersed with black and white photographs from all aspects of Steve's life. Italicized words in the text are the glossary entries.
School Library Journal
Gr 6 UpThe story of the whiz kid of the Silicon Valley who built a computer when he was 11 and developed the revolutionary Apple just 15 years later. Today, the man is a multimillionaire, volunteer computer teacher, and doting father. This biography, written with the cooperation of Wozniak and family, paints a positive picture of the electronics genius, although unflattering characteristics surface from time to time. A self-proclaimed ``computer nerd,'' the subject spiced up his school days by plotting and executing electronics-related practical jokes. He set off fire alarms by remote control and created a bomb scare, for which he landed in jail; his pranks, some illegal or nearly so, continue to this day. Paralleling this personal profile is the phenomenal history of the Apple Computer Company. Smooth writing, a wealth of anecdotes, and illuminating quotes add to the success of the portrait. Average-quality black-and-white photographs appear throughout. A lengthy glossary offers aid to readers lacking computer savvy. Since this is the age of the ubiquitous Apple, Wozniak's story will find an audience.Pat Katka, San Diego Public Library
Chris Sherman
Kendall's entertaining biography of Steve Wozniak, the eccentric genius who revolutionized personal computing, is sure to fascinate readers. It is obvious that Kendall admires Wozniak's expertise and accomplishments, and her amusement at his antics and pranks definitely creeps into her writing. She provides detailed information about his early years, his collaboration with Steve Jobs and the creation of the first Apple computers in Jobs' garage, Wozniak's decision to "retire" from Apple, his philanthropy, and his many hobbies. The book is filled with anecdotes that paint a vivid portrait of an extraordinarily gifted but nerdy boy-genius who may never really grow up. Black-and-white photographs illustrate the volume, which also contains a glossary.

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