Still Dying 2 (Dying Days, #2)

Still Dying 2 (Dying Days, #2)

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by Armand Rosamilia, Mark Tufo, Patrick C. Greene, Tim Baker

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Zombie Anthology

Nine authors… Ten stories… nothing but zombie horror!

Dying Days creator Armand Rosamilia invited eight incredible authors to set foot in his world, and the results are creepy and the anthology a page-turner. Enter this zombie apocalypse… if you dare.

How Me And Bozy Became Dads

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Zombie Anthology

Nine authors… Ten stories… nothing but zombie horror!

Dying Days creator Armand Rosamilia invited eight incredible authors to set foot in his world, and the results are creepy and the anthology a page-turner. Enter this zombie apocalypse… if you dare.

How Me And Bozy Became Dads by Patrick C. Greene

A road side inmate clean-up crew find themselves caught in the middle just as a plague takes hold of the city. Small time hoods Randall and Bozy find freedom—which just became worse than imprisonment.

Gator Aid by Frank Edler

Can a popular Floridian tourist trap survive and thrive as an attraction during the end of civilization?

The Trap Line by Sean Slagle

Spencer, his sister, and her boyfriend have been hiding safely in a hunting cabin since the beginning of the apocalypse. But all of that changes when another family of survivors shows up.

Dying Days: Television by Armand Rosamilia

What's more important than television, even during the end of the world?

Flight 509 by Jaime Johnesee

A man is stuck on a plane during the ZA and has no clue how to get out alive.

The Old Man And The Apocalypse by A.D. Roland

He just wanted to live out the rest of his days in peace. With the walking dead stumbling around his retirement community, it wasn’t too easy to do that, but he’d managed. An unexpected visitor reminds him, though, that sometimes life isn’t just about waiting to die. 

The Happiest Kingdom On Earth by Brent Abell

Two men trying to stay alive in a zombie ravaged world find a group of survivors who have taken refuge in Florida’s premiere tourist attraction and find out how high the price of admission can be to stay in the “Happiest Kingdom on Earth”.

Dying Days: Stew by Armand Rosamilia

Stew and his dog Orion are just trying to scavenge in a restaurant when things get tricky. Can they survive a zombie attack and find hot dogs for Orion?

Lucifer's Revenge by Mark Tufo

A monsignor reluctantly finds himself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Dying Days: Angel by Tim Baker

Angel Godwin must escape her own home or be taken by zombies

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Still Dying 2 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Only three of the stories were decent; the rest were craptastic drivel. I only got it because Markk Tufo wrote one of the stories (one of the decent ones). If I could return it and get my money back, I would.
NJMetal More than 1 year ago
STILL DYING 2 is an anthology based in Armand Rosamilia's DYING DAYS world with contributions from nine separate writers. This marks the first time Armand Rosamilia has opened up an anthology in his zombie ravaged world to other writers. The result is a well rounded reading experience marked by different approaches, moods and characters that seasoned veterans to the Dying Days series have become accustomed to. The beauty of this series is that because it does open up the point of view of Rosamilia's world it become very accessible to newcomers to the Dying Days world as well. NOTE: I am a contributing writer to this anthology and as such I won't comment on my story only the stories by others. (It goes without saying mine is the greatest ever.) WINK! How Me And Bozy Became Dads by Patrick C. Greene: A great story to open with. This takes place on a roadside in a quite ville in Somewhere, USA. It features a roadside clean up crew of local prisoners. A group of characters set in a story that questions roles, tropes and alignments. Not typical stuff for the zombie genre necessarily. The Trap Line by Sean Slagle: Dark. I don't just mean dark, I mean DARK. Though I found some parts of this story a bit ambiguous it finished strong with lots of action and a somewhat unexpected outcome. Did I mention this one is dark? Dying Days: Television by Armand Rosamilia:  The first of two by the man responsible for all this madness. This one is whimsical and unabashedly points fingers at the reality TV shows that inundate our daily lives. Flight 509 by Jaime Johnesee: A compelling adventure of zombies in the sky. A real page turner. I was waiting for Sam Jackson to pop up from somewhere back in coach and proclaim, "I've had enough of these mother loving zombies on this Monday to Friday plane!" This one gets dark too, but not Sean Slagle dark, that a special kind of dark. The Old Man And The Apocalypse by A.D. Roland:  Another gripping tale that really makes you care about the characters in a short amount of time. I really thought this was going to go in one direction but it ends in a way I didn't see coming and it helped add a bit of a smile at the end. The Happiest Kingdom On Earth by Brent Abell: Zombies in the happiest place on Earth? I was sold on the premise alone. Though not the exact park we are all thinking of, it serves as a very close cousin in layout and feel. This story features a very cool villain. I did want more of a whirlwind adventure around the pseudo-kingdom with zombies and kinda got robbed of that expectation. Alas it was an unfair expectation and the story line that played out still stood up well. Dying Days: Stew by Armand Rosamilia: Offering number 2 from the egomaniac Rosamilia is a short piece more true to the Dying Days series. Character-centric with a feeling of being a small part of a bigger story. Lucifer's Revenge by Mark Tufo: My personal favorite in this collection. It features a priest, a sword, a few zombies and a mission from God. This really felt like a big set up for a future push of the main Dying Days story and I can't wait to see if my prediction holds true. Tufo is just a solid writer, he reads like Brian Keene if Keene stayed with zombies the whole way. Dying Days: Angel by Tim Baker: What I liked best about Tim Baker's closing story was to see a truly "Tim Baker" piece in a Dying Days world. Baker has collaborated twice with Armand on Dying Days stories but this one I really felt the true Tim Baker voice speak out all it's own. And it works, a crime thriller writer can survive in the end of days. So there is the break down. Each story draws elements from the already well established Dying Days world keeping them all solidly grounded in Armand Rosamilias world. Fans of the series won't be disappointed and should find all the stories true to the cannon. Zombie fans in general will still find ten great stories of many varieties and with enough rotting hungry corpses to feed your hunger.  My self-serving recommendation: GET STILL DYING 2 today and indulge your need for zombies!