Still in a Dream: A Story of Shoegaze

Still in a Dream: A Story of Shoegaze


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Cherry Red


Disc 1

  1. Rollercoaster
  2. Cherry-Coloured Funk
  3. Christine
  4. Baby Milk Snatcher
  5. Mercy Seat
  6. Hypnotized
  7. Arc-Lite (Sonar)
  8. Surfacer
  9. Tugboat
  10. Puppet Clouds
  11. The 3rd Time We Opened the Capsule
  12. One of Our Girls Has Gone Missing
  13. Precious Little
  14. Sight of You
  15. Ocean Run Dry
  16. Angel

Disc 2

  1. Drive Blind
  2. De-Luxe
  3. Slip So Slow
  4. Crystal Eyes
  5. Waiting for the Angels
  6. I Don’t Care If You Go
  7. Inescapable
  8. Falling Down
  9. Switchblade Smile
  10. Kaleidoscope
  11. Rave Down
  12. Slowdive
  13. Liar
  14. Sugarblast
  15. Decadence
  16. She’s My Friend
  17. Somersault Sunrise
  18. All Different Things

Disc 3

  1. Ten Little Girls
  2. Godlike
  3. Gorgeous Blue Flower in My Garden
  4. February Fourteenth
  5. Good Afternoon
  6. Chlorine Dream
  7. Gravity
  8. Translucent
  9. Suzanne
  10. Run
  11. Heaven Sent an Angel
  12. June Wilson
  13. Square Wave
  14. By Tomorrow
  15. Explosion
  16. My Deranged Heart
  17. Gong
  18. Geek Love

Disc 4

  1. Closer
  2. Mirrored
  3. In Hollow
  4. Phonefreak Honey
  5. Sunshine Smile
  6. I Don’t Mind
  7. Sugar Your Mind
  8. Winona
  9. Talkin’ ’Bout the Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues (Everyone Wants t
  10. Aruca
  11. Charming Sister Kiss Me Dead!!
  12. Starhappy
  13. Babysbreath
  14. No. 1 Fan
  15. Park the Car By the Side of the Road
  16. Chemical Tester
  17. Shine
  18. True Love Will Find You in the End
  19. Spooky Vibes

Disc 5

  1. Memory
  2. Soaring High
  3. Alive
  4. Loveblind
  5. Bronx Cheer
  6. Chelsea
  7. Plainsong
  8. Surround Sound
  9. Miss Leader
  10. Die Easy
  11. Dozen
  12. The Last Unicorn
  13. Next to Nothing
  14. Me Voy
  15. Orange Creamsickle
  16. 23 Minutes in Brussels

Album Credits

Technical Credits

J.J. Cale   Composer
Joe Walsh   Composer
Bruce Gilbert   Composer
Daniel Johnston   Composer
Steve Scott   Composer
Scott MacDonald   Composer
Swirlies   Composer
Velocity Girl   Composer
David Callahan   Composer
Martin Carr   Composer
Salli Carson   Composer
Guy Chadwick   Composer
Mark Clifford   Composer
Tom Cullinan   Composer
Andy Curtis   Composer
Stanley Demeski   Composer
Rob Dickinson   Composer
Robert Dillam   Composer
Jonathan Donahue   Composer
Steve Eagles   Composer
Sean Eden   Composer
Pete Fijalkowski   Composer
Justin Fletcher   Composer
Elizabeth Fraser   Composer
Dave Fridmann   Composer
Brian Futter   Composer
Dean Garcia   Composer
Ger Griffin   Composer
Kevin Gritton   Composer
Robin Guthrie   Composer
Toni Halliday   Composer
Justin Harwood   Composer
Howard King   Composer
Brad Laner   Composer
Paul Page   Composer
Sarah Peacock   Composer
Chris Perry   Composer
Kurt Ralske   Composer
Jim Reid   Composer
Daren Seymour   Composer
Jimi Shields   Composer
Nick Singleton   Composer
Iain Thompson   Composer
Louise Trehy   Composer
Dean Wareham   Composer
Simon Raymonde   Composer
Pete Kember   Composer
Keith York   Composer
Andrew Sherriff   Composer
Neil Halstead   Composer
Bardo Pond   Composer
Emma Anderson   Composer
Loz Colbert   Composer
Hobey Echlin   Composer
Damon Krukowski   Composer
Steve Queralt   Composer
Rudy Tambala   Composer
Naomi Yang   Composer
Will Heggie   Composer
Annette Zilinskas   Composer
Steve Zimmerman   Composer
Lovesliescrushing   Composer
Black Tambourine   Composer
Jason Pierce   Composer
Graham Sutton   Composer
John Ling   Composer
Alister Parker   Composer
Michael Ivins   Composer
Mat Flint   Composer
Gary Ramon   Composer
Wayne Coyne   Composer
Jack Rabid   Sleeve Notes
Greg Ackell   Composer
John Halvorsen   Composer
Pete Bain   Composer
Steve Hewitt   Composer
Fearghal McKee   Composer
Brent McLachlan   Composer
Graeme Naysmith   Composer
Roy Priest   Composer
David Stroughter   Composer
Julian Swales   Composer
Motohiro Yasue   Composer
Pitcher   Composer
Timothy Brown   Composer
David Baker   Composer
Mark Simnett   Composer
Harry Otten   Composer
Esther Sprikkelman   Composer
Isabel Monteiro   Composer
Russell Yates   Composer
Ben Bentley   Composer
Bethany Curve   Composer
Honey Smugglers   Composer
Jim Rodger   Composer
Jim Beattie   Composer
Scott Cortez   Composer
Mark Gardener   Composer
Will Teversham   Composer
Robert Hampson   Composer
Kurt Heasley   Composer
K.J. "Moose" McKillop   Composer
Adam Franklin   Composer
Adi Vines   Composer
Mike Mason   Composer
Danella Hocevar   Composer
Paula Kelley   Composer
Lawrence Chandler   Composer
Martha Schwendener   Composer
Kevin Cowen   Composer
Jim Harrison   Composer
Jimmy Hartridge   Composer
Graham Bonnar   Composer
Angela Conway   Composer
Patrick Fitzgerald   Composer
Colin Gregory   Composer
Colm Hassett   Composer
Ian Masters   Composer
Myles McDonnell   Composer
Jody Porter   Composer
Steve Murray   Composer
Dan Goodwin   Composer
Alex Ayuli   Composer
Thomas Lanser   Composer
Hugh Duggie   Composer
Jon White   Composer
Nick Hayden   Composer
Chris Andrews   Composer
Simon Shaw   Composer
Craig Lorentson   Composer
Jeff Townsin   Composer
Tim Wade   Composer
Roger Lavallee   Composer
Sterling Roswell   Composer
Jan P. Muchow   Composer
Sara Montejo   Composer
David Rogers   Composer
Prayers   Composer
Graham Gargiulo   Composer
Petra Roddis   Composer
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Jamie Gingell   Composer
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Petr Wegner   Composer
Dean Purnell   Composer
David Ware   Composer
Neil Taylor   Sleeve Notes
Andy Bell   Composer
Nicola Schultz   Composer
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Chris Roof   Composer
Colin O'Keefe   Composer
Nobuki Narasaki   Composer
Jonathan Pandy   Composer

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