Still Of The Night: A Millennium Tribute To Whitesnake

Still Of The Night: A Millennium Tribute To Whitesnake


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Disc 1

  1. Still of the Night  - Kelly Keeling
  2. Crying In the Rain  - Richard Kendrick
  3. Ain't No Love In the Heart of the City  -  Loaded Gun
  4. Fool For Your Lovin'  - Derrick LeFevre
  5. Don't Break My Heart Again  -  Quatermoc
  6. Slide It In, Pt. 1  -  Loaded Dice
  7. Sweet Talker  - Chris Catena
  8. Bad Boys  - Richard Kendrick
  9. Straight For the Heart  - Charlie Bonnett
  10. The Deeper the Love  -  Wicked Sins
  11. Walking In the Shadow of the Blues  -  D.O.A.
  12. Give Me All Your Love Tonight  -  Dark Arena

Disc 2

  1. Love Ain't No Stranger  -  Leaving Eden
  2. Queen of Hearts  - Chris Catena
  3. Call On Me  -  Noise Disorder
  4. Ready To Rock  -  React
  5. Slow & Easy  -  Ranfa
  6. Slide It In, Pt. 2  - Chris Heaven
  7. Children of the Night  -  Skycreamers
  8. Young Blood  -  Electric Earth
  9. Is This Love  -  Rekkening
  10. You're Gonna Break My Heart Again  -  Vena Cava
  11. Victim of Love  - Miss Willis
  12. Here I Go Again  - Sonny Kane

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Curtis Johnson   Drums
Jason McMaster   Vocals,Background Vocals
Micky Moody   Guitar
Eric Singer   Drums
Steve Blaze   Guitar,Keyboards
Chuck Wright   Bass
Kelly Keeling   Vocals,Background Vocals
Rick Ferrusi   Percussion,Drums
Jake Brown   Synthesizer,Bass,Drums,Rhythm Guitar,Hammond Organ
Martin Klemm   Keyboards
Frank Matra   Bass,Keyboards,Vocals
Richard Kendrick   Bass,Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Soloist
Andy Ryan   Drums
Chris Catena   Vocals,Background Vocals
Rose Reiter   Vocals,Background Vocals
Derrick LeFevre   Vocals,Background Vocals
Daniel Rogers   Guitar
Rob Hovey   Drums
A.J. Caruso   Keyboards
Daniel Cummings   Bass
Danny Jones   Bass
Draken   Percussion,Drums
Tommy Scalisi   Guitar,Background Vocals
Lyris Karlsson   Bass
Eric Morris   Bass
Peter Gottlieb   Guitar,Vocals
Eve   Vocals
Alex Schuchard   Rhythm Guitar
Bernie Mardsen   Guitar
Eric Gynan   Guitar,Vocals
Rodrigo Bruno   Vocals
Lucas Paiva   Guitar
JP Salgado   Bass
Renato Sanchez   Guitar
Renan Gianullo   Drums
Mischa Marmade   Keyboards,Vocals
Uffe Andersson   Background Vocals
Isidoros   Drums
Spyros   Bass Guitar
Sakis "Chucky"   Guitar
Nir Beer   Vocals
Akis   Rhythm Guitar
Donald Shickle   Vocals
Roland Edger   Vocals
Marty Johney   Guitar
Sonny Kane   Vocals

Technical Credits

Steve Blaze   Producer
Jake Brown   Executive Producer
Martin Klemm   Engineer
Richard Kendrick   Producer,Engineer,Digital Editing,MIDI Programming
Marcio Gianullo   Producer
Rob Hovey   Engineer
Jonas Beijer   Producer
Cesar Torres   Layout
Mischa Marmade   Engineer
React   Producer
Caio Monfort   Engineer
Ole Larsen   Band Photo

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