Stochastic Dynamics of Reacting Biomolecules

Stochastic Dynamics of Reacting Biomolecules

by Yuri M. Romanovsky

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Introduction to the reaction theory and cluster dynamics of enzymes1
Ch. 2Tools of Stochastic Dynamics37
Ch. 3Motion of test particles in a 2-d potential landscape103
Ch. 4Microscopic simulations of activation and dissociation125
Ch. 5Excitations on rings of molecules145
Ch. 6Fermi resonance and Kramers problem in 2-d force field181
Ch. 7Molecular scissors. Cluster model of acetylcholinesterase209
Ch. 8Dynamics of proton transfer in the active site of chymotrypsin247
Ch. 9On the damping of cluster oscillations in protein molecules263
Ch. 10Protein dynamics and new approaches to the molecular mechanisms of protein functioning285
Ch. 11Conclusions311
List of authors315

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