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The Stocked Kitchen: One Grocery List . . . Endless Recipes

The Stocked Kitchen: One Grocery List . . . Endless Recipes

by Sarah Kallio

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A revolutionary cookbook that standardizes the ingredients in your kitchen, providing one complete grocery list that can make more than 300 recipes.


A revolutionary cookbook that standardizes the ingredients in your kitchen, providing one complete grocery list that can make more than 300 recipes.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Basing their recipes on their blog, TheStockedKitchen.com, Kallio and Krastins present a collection of 300 recipes that can be created using the ingredients from one standard grocery list; several copies of the list can be torn out from the back of the book. There are no specialty items, which the authors determined were a waste of shelf space and money; rather, the list consists of standard pantry fare like bread crumbs, chicken broth, cream cheese, peanut butter, ham, and marinated artichoke hearts, which can be found in any grocery store. Recipes veer toward throwback; appetizers consist of various things (artichoke hearts, pineapple, chicken, shrimp) wrapped in bacon, layered dips, cheese balls, and rollups. Salads are customized via homemade dressings like honey apricot, BBQ vinaigrette, and salsa ranch. Main dishes include pasta bakes, pizzas, and various meat-centric entrees like blue cheese and pear chicken, flank steak rollups, burgers, tacos, and seafood nachos. Many of the desserts rely on either boxed brownie mix or yellow cake mix. This book may be helpful for people who just want to get dinner on the table, but overall, it's a limiting cooking strategy that feels especially dated in an age when there's more access to more exciting quality ingredients than ever before. (July)
Library Journal
First-time authors Kallio and Krastins have created a cookbook based on a grocery list of about 125 items. Their thesis is that recipes using only ingredients on this list will reduce grocery bills and save time. The authors also provide simple hints, such as buy canned goods by the case, look for sale items, and don't waste food. The 300 recipes are arranged by appetizers; pastas; desserts; breakfast; soups and breads; chicken, meat, and seafood; and beans, potatoes, rice, and vegetables. The recipes are simple and use some prepared foods (e.g., cake mix, frozen bread, and bagged coleslaw). The choice of meat and vegetables is limited to popular and affordable items: flank or skirt steak, ground beef, broccoli, green beans, peas, and spinach. VERDICT Recommended for readers interested in learning to cook or saving money. Busy young families will find this useful.—Christine Bulson, SUNY at Oneonta
Kirkus Reviews

A low-stress, organized approach to getting dinner on the table in busy households.

Kallio and Krastins present a new addition to the trove of quick-and-easy cookbooks. But theirs is more than a collection of short-cut recipes; it's an entire "meal creation system." The authors' innovative approach involves serving up a master grocery list that includes all the ingredients needed for the book's 300 recipes. With their list and tips for organizing your kitchen, creating a home-cooked supper is a no-brainer. The recipes are straightforward American fare and a bit on the uninteresting side (read: "kid-friendly"). But this book is designed for working parents, not wannabe chefs, and it does give busy families and new cooks an accessible alternative to take-out. One of the most useful sections is the selection of appetizers and dips, offering mix-and-match flexibility. The book abounds with timesaving suggestions, like how to quickly thaw frozen bread dough and how to present a dinner party with minimal effort. It even offers a glossary for the food novice: "Lemons—tart, yellow citrus fruit." The meal creation, however, seems to lie solely in women's hands, though the authors do mention that the master list will make it easier for poor old hubby to navigate the aisles of the supermarket.

A pragmatic cookbook with none of the idealism of beautiful photographs or exotic ingredients—or even, for that matter, men in the kitchen.

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start with the list

We’ve all had that moment during the day when we ask, with a knot in our stomach, “What am I going to make for dinner?” We stand in our kitchens having a conversation with ourselves (hopefully, silently): I don’t have anything to make.… What I planned for doesn’t sound good.… I don’t have any time to cook, let alone get to the store.

We are all searching for a way to make the process easier. Many of us get discouraged into prepackaged complacency, which doesn’t satisfy any real cravings. (We’ve never heard anyone say, “You know what sounds good? Powdered milk with dehydrated broccoli!”) Bookstores contain a myriad of cookbooks touting catch-phrases like “quick and simple” or “cheap and easy.” The recipes may be quick, but they often require us to purchase random ingredients that we need a pinch of and then will never use again. We have, in the past, cluttered our pantries, refrigerators, and cupboards with hundreds of dollars’ worth of cookbooks and specialty items like red pepper paste. We were still left missing an easy-to-use, versatile, and effective system for getting dinner on the table. This is why we created The Stocked Kitchen.

The Stocked Kitchen is the first complete meal creation system with only one standard list of groceries. If your kitchen is “stocked” with these ingredients, you will always have what you need to create any of our recipes. These recipes have been used for all our own dining needs, including meals for drop-in guests, special occasions, and every-night dinners for our families. This system encompasses all parts of the meal creation process from shopping to storing to cooking to serving. The results are delicious, “guestworthy” meals made from real, basic ingredients. We have proved The Stocked Kitchen system works. It has reduced our grocery bills, our stress levels, our trips to the market, and our food waste. We create more delicious meals while removing the handcuffs of preplanning. It is so simple—“Start with the list”—but once you’ve incorporated it into your life, you will see how powerful The Stocked Kitchen philosophy can be. One grocery list, endless recipes!

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Meet the Author

Sarah Kallio grew up in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, and graduated from Michigan State University. She is a tenacious redhead who loves to laugh, and is filled with creativity and passion. She currently lives in Grand Haven, Michigan, with her husband and two gorgeous girls. Find out more about Sarah, Stacey, and The Stocked Kitchen at TheStockedKitchen.com.

Stacey Krastins grew up in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, and graduated from Michigan Technological University. She is a determined, organized perfectionist with a generous heart. She currently lives outside Denver, Colorado, with her husband and two handsome boys. Find out more about Sarah, Stacey, and The Stocked Kitchen at TheStockedKitchen.com.

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