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by Vivian Gilbert Zabel
When the joy is ruthlessly ripped from Torri's life, she has two choices: dwell in torment and regret, or pick up the pieces and live.

A nightmare invades her world, leaving her battered and torn: Her children are stolen.


When the joy is ruthlessly ripped from Torri's life, she has two choices: dwell in torment and regret, or pick up the pieces and live.

A nightmare invades her world, leaving her battered and torn: Her children are stolen.

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4RV Publishing
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6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.42(d)
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18 Years

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Stolen 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Katherineb More than 1 year ago
Stolen crafted by Vivian Gilbert Zabel is the proverbial page turner done with sensitivity and emotions that will keep you wanting more. The emotions are garnered from her own life as two of her grandchildren were taken by their father. Torri Adamson and her children go to live with her family, after she learns that her husband has married another woman. She has spent her whole married life forgiving him his predilection for other women. This bigamous marriage is the last straw. He lets her have a divorce and does not want to have anything to do with the children. He even talks the other woman into marrying him legally. As Torri picks up her life, she loses her best friend to cancer; she develops a new relationship with Jason, her best friend’s widower who provides the father role in the children’s lives. Then, her ex-husband makes a move that she cannot believe. He takes the children from her – stolen! Mrs. Zabel has captured the tension that is always connected to a crime like this. You must read it if for no other reason than to see how Torri and her family deal with the ordeal. “Abruptly halting in mid-step, she whirled to face Jason, her expression slightly out of focus with terror and tears. ‘He wouldn’t, would he? He couldn’t, hurt, really hurt them, could he?’” Vivian Gilbert Zabel has written several books and poems over the years. She always knew she would be a writer and she was right. She taught high school English and writing for twenty-seven years. She lives with her husband of 50 years, Robert, in Oklahoma and periodically surrounds herself with her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren as she writes her books and poetry.
Beverly_Stowe More than 1 year ago
My review is from an ARC of Stolen. The newspaper headlines scream CHILD MISSING. TV newscasters announce: "Children abducted, last seen with non-custodial father (or mother)." Almost daily we read or hear about children vanishing from playgrounds, while walking home from school, or disappearing from their own yards and homes. We think "how sad" and hope they will soon be found and returned home safely. But what if the child is someone you know? Even worse, what if the kidnapped youngsters are in your own family? What if they are your children? Author Vivian Gilbert Zabel has written a novel that will make you want to keep your children in sight at all times. Based on a true story, Stolen takes a look at the effect child abduction has on families. When Torri Adamson decides she's had enough of her cheating, abusive husband, she takes their young son and daughter and goes to live with her Gram and Gramps. Torri settles into her new life with her children and family. She even finds a new love. Then, the unthinkable happens, and the children disappear on a visit with their father. Will the authorities find the children? Are they well? Are they frightened? Feeling helpless, not knowing what to do, Torri can only wait and pray that the children are safe and soon will be returned to her and Jason, the man they've come to love as their father. Stolen is a touching story that will leave you in tears. (At least it did me.) Torri and Jason are characters that will stay with you long after the final page. Ms. Zabel's writing brings the scenes to life through the emotions of the characters as they face a tragedy that will take all their faith and love to survive. For those interested in learning more about this growing epidemic in America, the author adds "More Information about Stolen Children" at the end of the book, with a list of her sources as well.