Stone (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club, #7)

Stone (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club, #7)

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by Jayne Blue
I was a lone wolf. I left my club to keep the heat off of them. I disappeared to save them and preserve the freedom I needed like air.
My freedom depended on the open road, on being away from civilized people, and on avoiding the law. But that was impossible now. Something has stepped in to pull me out of the ether and into the light. The moment I saw


I was a lone wolf. I left my club to keep the heat off of them. I disappeared to save them and preserve the freedom I needed like air.
My freedom depended on the open road, on being away from civilized people, and on avoiding the law. But that was impossible now. Something has stepped in to pull me out of the ether and into the light. The moment I saw the sun reflected in her hair and her ass filling out those little white shorts I knew I was going to have her. My fate was connected with hers and so was my body and soul. To save her I may have to save a town and end my precious freedom.

He was nothing like any man I'd ever seen. I wanted Stone to touch me, take me, make me his.
Gold Cross was a mecca for bikers but they were posers. Stone was different. There was a danger about him that lurked beneath the surface. He was the real deal. He'd done and seen things that the posers of Bike Week pretended at. I had bigger problems than the way Stone made me feel. I was trapped in Gold Cross. Trapped by the past and trapped by a debt I struggled to pay. Stone made me forget it all with a look, with his strength, and with my fantasies of what it would be like to be his. Forgetting it all could get me in a lot of trouble. His kiss lighted me on fire. I knew I couldn't get enough of Stone. I wanted to give him forever but I knew forever wasn't mine to promise. My first love could be my last.

***This is a standalone, full-length romance novel involving the men of the Great Wolves M.C. Each book is interconnected and part of a series, but they can be read in any order and DO NOT contain cliffhangers. They DO contain dark themes and elements***

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Great Wolves Motorcycle Club , #7
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Stone (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club, #7) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
You here? Good? No?
Anonymous 8 months ago
Only because of grammar, punctuation errors. Some sentences made absolutely no sense. Otherwise a good read.
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
Book exchanged for an honest review~ Stone Calder is a Great Wolf MC member that has to go on the run to protect the club. Stone doesn't want to go but doesn't have any choice in the matter either. Stone heads towards Gold Coast, Florida. Stone running low on cash needs to recharge as well as get his Harley fixed too. Stone approaches the bank only to see the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on. Kara Ross is trying to keep her head above water. She's in debt up to her eyeballs and only needs a little time to make her dreams come true. Even if Kara has to put up with Kevin Potter. Kara is out of options and turns to Stone for help. Stone keeps witnessing shakedowns that bother him inspite of telling himself not to get involved. Whose responsible for the shakedowns? Can Kara come up with the money needed? Will Stone get involved? Your answers await you in Stone. I'm really love this series! Stone is total badass alpha male with a deep passion. Kara is the kind of female character that I much admire when reading books. The story and characters were real, honest, compelling, raw, intriguing, and down to earth too. Definitely can't wait for the next book in this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved Stone.
Roch3373 More than 1 year ago
*I received this ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review* STONE(Great Wolves Motorcycle Club #7) by Jayne Blue Wow another awesome read. I loved the storyline, it was exciting and enjoyable. It was full of drama, suspense, and action and kept me glued to the pages. Stone and Kara are great characters. Stone is rough around the edges sexy and really sweet, practically a perfect guy. Kara is young but she's strong and fiery really lovely. I love the Great Wolves guys, they are so awesome and it was nice to catch up with them. I love this series and this book is no different, it fit in perfectly with the other books. I do however feel that there are moments in the book that felt a little rushed, but overall a very entertaining read!
Racycarr More than 1 year ago
I received this for a honest review. I am so loving this series. This makes the 3rd book I have read in this series and it has been so great. Do not worry if you have not read any books in this series for it works fine as a standalone. Stone was part of the Great Wolves MC. He was on the run for murdering a very bad man that the public thinks was a good man. This had to be fate stepping in because on this journey he meets the woman of his dreams. He would of never crossed Kara Ross’ path if he would not of been on the run. I guess you can say Kara should be thankful that she met Stone. Stone was this perfect bad boy. Handsome, rough around the edges, and believed in doing what was right. She saw pretty quickly that he was one that respected those that deserved his respect. Kara was having issues with a banker by the name of Kevin Potter. Kevin was this sleaze ball that had not respect for others. Kevin wanted two things, he wanted Kara’s island and he wanted Kara. Kara hated that she had to play nice with Kevin. Kevin was always touching her inappropriate and trying to kiss her. This did not set well with Stone seeing a woman treated like such.. Kara has some serious trust issues. She wonders how much she can really trust Stone. This has to hurt Stone on some level but I love the respect he shown Kara. Things will get hot and heavy between Kara and Stone. Stone will learn how innocent Kara really is. This small town needs a savior. They are being bullied by Kevin. There is some muscle going around slapping elderly around. Stone is not liking what he is seeing but he must keep a low profile. Will this town get the help they are needing? The thing I love about biker books is the bikers look at their MC as family. They are brothers and will do whatever to protect their own. Not only that but they will also help the town they are in. They try to keep crime down to a level. You see how much the MC really took care of Stone in this book. This was truly an awesome story.
SimplySarahReviews More than 1 year ago
Stone Calder, member of the Great Wolves M.C., is on the run for murder and trying to protect the club. Gold Cross, Florida home of sun, sand, and old time bikers seems like the perfect place to hide. Kara Ross, Fish and Wildlife worker, has lived in Gold Cross her whole life searching for buried treasure on Ross Island, with her now deceased father. In debt to Kevin Porter, like many town residents, and unable to stop his unwanted advances, Kara turns to Stone. Will the pair be able to find the treasure in time and save the town? Can they have something more out of their arrangement? Will Stone ever be able to wear the M.C. patch again? Loved this book, especially the ending. Well developed plot and characters. Though their relationship happened suddenly, I really liked this couple; they made a great pair. I loved Kara's strength and hoped that she could help with the town's debt. She never gave up! Stone though gruff, alpha male on the outside, was really a soft sweetie, at times. I just can't get enough of these M.C. bikers. Great romantic, adventure that is a must read in the Great Wolves M.C. series! - Sarah