Stop, Thief!

Stop, Thief!

by Robert Kalan, Yossi Abolafia

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Ilene Cooper
This short, circular tale, which can also be used as a beginning reader, shows that what goes around comes around--in this case, literally. A gray squirrel is digging up an acorn, but the red squirrel who steals it says the nut has come from his tree. "Stop, thief!" squirrel #1 cries as squirrel #2 runs off. But the acorn is not in the possession of squirrel #2 very long--a crow picks it out of his hand and flies away. And so it goes as other animals--a turtle, a fox, a beaver, a big dog--all take their turns grabbing the acorn. Eventually, it lands right back with the gray squirrel; but on the very last, textless page of the book, there's the red squirrel grinning down at him, ready to start the whole process again. Abolafia's watercolor art, accented with ink, is a step ahead of most cartoon-style art, filled as it is with energy and laughs. Lots of fun for preschoolers, who may also see a bit of themselves in characters so willing to grab what they want to be theirs.

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HarperCollins Publishers
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First Edition
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4 Years

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