Stories from Nicaragua

Stories from Nicaragua

by Sergio Ramirez

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
In ``Charles Atlas Also Dies,'' a young Nicaraguan befriends a U.S. Marine captain, part of the force that hunted Sandino in the '20s and '30s, and with the American's help, travels to New York to visit his hero, Charles Atlaswhereupon he is told that Atlas is an invention, then learns that he exists but is terminally ill. ``To Jackie with All Our Heart'' is the tale of a Nicaraguan who convinces his country club to buy the Queen Elizabeth as a place to stage a welcoming banquet for Jackie Onassis, who, despite the assurances of a U.S. friend, does not arrive. (``Every dawn brings us renewed hope that this will be the day for celebration.'') In other stories, the author's Nicaraguan characters enjoy an easy-going conviviality while suffering occasional, unpredictable pain, as in the baseball story, ``The Perfect Game.'' The vice-president of Nicaragua, Ramirez shows great skill at depicting the allure and pitfalls of developed countries for some third-world people. (February)
Library Journal - Library Journal
As vice-president of Nicaragua, Ramirez is of that rare breed, the statesman/writer (viz. Franklin, Mao, Neruda) that has cropped up throughout history. This elegant collection gives us a strong sense of what it is like to live in a small nation that dwells in the shadow of a larger one. The United States is present throughout, viewed with awe and fear as the source of baseball, fashion, scientific instruments, and snow. ``To Jackie with All Our Hearts'' is a deadpan narrative of Nicaraguan social climbers with nowhere to climb and their ludicrous attempt to rendezvous with Jackie Onassis's yacht in a poignant quest to validate their elite status. These ironic and charming stories, like Ramirez's novel To Bury Our Fathers ( LJ 1/85), should reach readers through their considerable merit, not merely through curiosity about their author. Rob Schmieder, Boston

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