Stories from the Marshall Islands: Bwebwenato Jaan Aelaoan Kein

Stories from the Marshall Islands: Bwebwenato Jaan Aelaoan Kein

by Jack A. Tobin

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University of Hawaii Press, The
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Pali Language Texts Series
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5.91(w) x 9.06(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Stories of Beginnings
1The Beginning of This World11
2Story about Borraan37
3Story of the Heaven Post Men48
4The Origin of Tattooing49
5The Origin of the Irooj (Chiefs) of the Marshall Islands51
7The Story of Liwatuonmour and Lidepdepju54
8About a Woman Named Loktanur56
9The Story of Loktanur62
10Story about Jebwa63
11About a Young Man of Jalooj: Story about Anidep67
12A Young Man Who Saw Jebro76
13Origin of the Banana Plant on Arno Atoll81
14Coconut Drifting onto the Sandbar: The Beginning of Coconut Trees83
15Story about the Beginning of Pandanus in the Atolls of the Marshalls87
16The Story of Bob (Pandanus)89
17A Fairy Tale (Inon)90
18Stories of Ronlap and Rondik91
19Story about Ellep in the Days of Long Ago98
20Story about Ellep Island104
21Story about Jebat Island105
22Story about the Atoll of Wotto in the Olden Days106
23The Story of Labokjanwut109
24Laio, the Demon Who Stole from the Atoll of Majro110
25How the Large Inlet on Wotto Island Was Formed112
26The Beginning of the Appearance of Navigation in These Atolls113
27The Reason the Kapinmeto People Know Navigation: Story of the Beginning of the Knowledge of Navigation116
28Story about Weather: The Way the Old People in the Marshall Islands Used (Forecast) Weather126
29About the Ikid (Song-story) of the Lorro and Likakoj128
30The Ikid (Song-story) of Lainjin131
Stories About Animals
31Our Mother Forever, Our Father and the Father of Others143
32Story about Inedel150
33Story about Living Things (Animals) in the Marshalls151
34The Tattler and the Triton: A Parable about the Coming of the Missionaries to Epoon157
35The Story of Lijebake160
36Story about a Kakwoj164
37Loppeipaat (Low Tide)167
38Two Women171
Stories About Evil Spirits an Flying Women
39Story about a Woman on Kole Island178
40Story about a Mejenkwaad184
41Mejenkwaad Story from Anewetak192
42Mejenkwaad Stories194
43A Mejenwaad on Arno195
44Mejenkwaad Story and Lomkein Story196
45Story of Lomkein197
46Story about Lomkein204
47Story of Two Brothers on Jalooj205
48About a Woman Who Had Ten Boys207
49Story about Eleven Boys213
50Story about Two Epaton Women219
51About a Woman Who Had a Boy Child222
52About a Man Named Jemerkinene232
53A Story of Two Men in Ratak, on Wojja Atoll, Island of Majjen239
54Story about a Young Majeej Girl244
55The Girls from Ep247
57Story about Lorro258
58Two Jalooj Women (Lorro)267
59A Lorro Story from Arno Atoll269
60A Lorro Story from Anewetak Atoll270
Other Stories
61About a Woman on Ujae Named Libwiner271
62The Story of Laninlur279
63About a Chief on Epaton, Kuwajleen280
64Story about Two Young Men at Woja, Aelonlaplap288
65Story about a Boy Named Deelelpo Japo296
66Story about Nooniep303
67Nooniep Stories from Anewetak Atoll308
68Stories about Etao309
69Maui on Majeej, and Wonenak Stories312
70Maui on Majeej314
71The Chant of Mile: Fishing Up from the Bottom of the Sea315
72About a Woman Who Was on Rondik317
Historical Events
73The Big Typhoon That Devastated the Marshall Islands321
74Epoon History: The Voyage to Banep (Ocean Island)322
75The War between the Ri-Mwejoor and the Lajjidik and Raarno323
76Bwebwenato in Arno: Arno History325
77Ralik History: About the Chiefs329
78Ralik History: The War on Epoon330
79The Conquest of Pikinni Atoll by Laarkelan333
80Early History of the People of Wujlan Atoll336
81Anewetak Atoll History: Warfare with Invaders338
82Story about Kidu in Lojet (Dog of the Sea)341
83The War between Launa and the Woleai People343
84Story about the War between the Marshallese People and the Woleai People345
85Story about Kabua When He Drifted to Makil353
86Story about an American Ship359
87Story about an American Ship: Further Explanation366
88The People of Majeej and the German Trader368
89Story about the Majeej Irooj370
90The History of the Church on Anewetak Atoll and on Wujlan Atoll371
App. ABiographies of Storytellers373
App. BMotifs of the Stories378
App. CWeather Forecasting and Navigation386
App. DA Note on Canoe Building in the Old Days388
App. EThe Old Marshallese Method of Counting389

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