Stories of the Flood

Stories of the Flood

by Uma Krishnaswami

A collection of nine flood (creation) myths from around the world retold for children. Ages 6-12  See more details below


A collection of nine flood (creation) myths from around the world retold for children. Ages 6-12

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Gisela Jernigan
Although most of us are very familiar with the story of Noah and the Ark, this collection of folk tales presents nine other flood stories from a variety of traditions, including Indian, Hawaiian, and Liberian, in a picture book format. The tales are each two or three pages long and feature characters like sea-folk, giant fish, and a gentle Moon Goddess. A colorful, large drawing plus two smaller illustrations enhance each story. A short introduction discusses elements that the tales have in common, and also some of their differences.
School Library Journal
Gr 3-6-Nine multicultural stories that share the theme of a worldwide flood. Whether viewing it as a punishment for bad behavior or simply as a part of the natural cycle of life, these tales conclude with a sense of hope that, despite tragedy, the Earth will continue to florish. Simpler than Virginia Hamilton's retellings of ancient myths, the stories are short and readable with few obscure words. Unfamiliar terms are generally explained in the text. The selections range from ``Utnapishtim,'' an ancient Sumerian version of ``Noah's Ark,'' to ``The Story of the Moon,'' a Liberian tale with feminist overtones, and they include both the well known (e.g., ``Deucalion and Pyrrha'') and the more obscure. Asia, North America, Africa, and Oceania are all represented; however, there are no stories from either South America or Europe. Furthermore, while the culture of origin is identified for each tale, there are no notes as to the background of the myths. Although the stories are clearly adaptations, there is no mention of the original sources; thus, their accuracy is questionable. There is one full-page, full-color drawing to highlight the climactic moment of each story, as well as small icons at the beginning and end of each tale. All are detailed examples of styles of art traditionally found in the cultures represented. While this book could serve as a useful introduction to comparative mythology, it will not please purists who require accurate documentation.-Nancy Menaldi-Scanlan, LaSalle Academy, Providence, RI
Janice Del Negro
Nine flood myths from as many cultures are simply retold in this attractive collection. Tales from China, Hawaii, ancient Sumeria, and other areas are presented in large type with accompanying watercolors and decorations. Although the text is straightforward, it has an appropriately formal feel that captures the mythical origins of the tales. The picture-book format, illustrated by Birgitta Säflund, is handsome, with none of the babyish look that might put off older readers. The content is sophisticated, yet the treatment of the tales makes them accessible 20to a wide audience. No specific sources are provided, but the brief introduction discusses the commonality of flood stories across cultures and throughout history, helping make the book applicable across age groups and curricula.

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Rinehart, Roberts Publishers, Inc.
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8.26(w) x 10.28(h) x 0.42(d)
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6 - 12 Years

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